So am two months post cutting my hair and right now I have a love -hate relationship with the TWA(teeny weeny Afro) lol, some days it’s all tamed and curls up at the slightest touch of moisture

while some days it’s hard as a rock!!

So on a good day it looks like this !
That’s after I have applied some activator gel and Shea butter .

This is how it looks when freshly washed ,(Pls pardon my front hair, it’s a growing process lol)
But for those bad hair days I got a wig, I made it with my hair dresser, I bought regular weave-ons and a black wig cap, normally people glue on their wigs but I decides to install mine by sewing it on,

And it looks like this, the parting can be worn either as a side or Center part.

Also this is the same wig I wore in my last post on the white dress I made, though it’s curled up here 🙂


Stay beautiful and stylish !
Tosyn .

6 Comments on “HAIR UPDATE!”

    • Ok, from your message seems you’ve already decided to go natural (1st step be sure that’s what you want, so no regrets) yes, there are two ways, you could either go bald, I.e completely skin your hair till your scalp is visible, or you either stop relaxers and all forms of heat, for about 5months then you could cut your hair stopping at the point where the undergrowths meets the relaxed hair, that is chopping off all relaxed ends,
      You also need a proper diet, full of proteins,to enhance good growth(e.g eggs,vegetables, sweet potatoes and lots of water) , also purchase products that r designed for natural hair, shampoos and conditioners that are sulphate free.. I could go on and on, but you just inspired me to do a post on the 411’s so watch out for my next post, thanks for stopping by. Xx

      • Thank you so much,i will keep all these in mind and would look out for the post. I am just a bit skeptical because i will be getting married next year and do not really know how i am gonna rock that look.

      • Aww, congratulations on your wedding, I know every bride wants to look beautiful on her day, So to be sincere its your wedding please don’t gamble, in as much as I like trend setters be cautious, when you go ahead and cut your hair, try on your makeup and dress to see how it looks, if you are not satisfied ,you could get a good human hair wig, that can be styled, properly ,(pls no obvious looking lacewigs lol,they are out of style) but if it looks great pls send me pictures afterwards, that would be wonderful , lol hope that helped, plus the post is up.. Thanks, congrats again .

  1. Been looking everywhere for the Jack Five gel and cantu shea butter! Please where did you get yours from? Plus, could you put up a video showing how you get your soft brush +activator gel curls. it looks so cute!

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