world-changers-not-world-chasers-2Hello there!

Welcome to Logos, a segment of the blog where we discuss faith-based issues using the word of God as the standard.

Today I had an encounter that had me in deep thoughts, I spent over an hour pondering on this issue and searching my spirit on what the word of God says about it.

It’s interesting how so many Christians want to show forth the light but using the world’s methods….. Let me explain;

I find it common practice that these days brothers and sisters in the body of Christ like to ‘purify’ what isn’t expedient in the guise of giving glory to God. Read More


Remember Zerah tees? This is one brand I love, besides it being christian owned I absolutely appreciate the quality of their tees. I did a full review HERE the first time I received their products. Overall excellence from the packaging to the shirt itself .

It reminds me of the saying  “The Christian shoemaker does his Christian duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making excellent shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship”…

I have this “Donut worry” Tee and I can’t wait to rock it!

Zerah is an upcoming Cool Christian Streetwear Brand for the young, stylish , smart and up to the minute individual. Zerah launched in 2015. Our vision is to Tell The World About Jesus and we do this by inculcating subtle scriptural references in our designs. ZerahTees was birthed due to the need for an inspirational streetwear style in response to the widespread vulgar images and text we get to see everyday. Here are a few photos from the new collectionimg_5527-1

To shop : I.G @ZerahTees || 09081152526


dsc_1160Hello there!

Happy Saturday! Today is pamper and wash day for most people, so I thought to share my wash day routine these days with you.

Normally I have my hair in plaits for the most part of the month and wear wigs, so daily  I get to moisturize my scalp and oil my edges. While this great the down side is product build up. I wash my hair every other week or once a month depending on my schedule.


I usually start my wash day process with a scalp lifter. This is just a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water ( Ratio) 1:5. So about a small cup of vinegar to 5 cups of water to dilute. dsc_1162

I put this in a tiny spray bottle, and spray my entire scalp with this. This mixture helps to lift dirt, flakes and oil build up. I leave this on for about 20 minutes and get on with other activities.


When I feel the vinegar has done its job I proceed with my Sebamed anti-dandruff shampoo, I like my scalp squeaky clean so this does the job, I have done a review about this shampoo on the blog HERE.dsc_0384

For this stage of washing I use very warm water.


Afterwards I go in with my black soap shampoo from shea moisture or my keratin shampoo from Spa-haus. I like the smell of these two products and their job is just to strengthen my hair and give it a nice smell. I also use warm water for this stage.DSC_0138dsc_1151


After rinsing  out my hair, I apply a hot oil treatment. I have quite a couple but I used this the last time I washed my hair. It’s the restore +condition  hot oil pouches.  You simple place them in hot water and use after a minute. I apply this warm on my hair and rinse out after 15 minutes.dsc_1125DSC_1126.JPG


Once my hair is throughly rinsed out,I go in with my deep conditioner mixture. Which is a deep conditioner of choice and pure coconut oil.  My favourite coconut oil brand was gifted to me by my friend from Belize. It’s so pure and the smell is distinct. I use either AS I AM hydration elation or Vitale olive oil deep conditioner.dsc_1160dsc_1155DSC_1150.JPG

I apply the deep conditioner and coconut oil on my hair generously, this restores moisture in my hair and strengthens it as a Protein treatment. I cover my hair with a plastic shower cap BUY HERE  for 30minutes and rinse out with cold water.


After this I just apply a regular conditioner, but I really like this spa-Haus keratin oil conditioner, it smells so good! And keeps my hair supple. That sits for another 3-5 minutes. During this step, I detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb and twist it in sections.dsc_1158

I rinse out my hair still in twists (With cold water).


After this is done, I pat my hair dry with a towel, and apply a leave in treatment/ conditioner. Presently I use Cantu leave-in treatment. I unravel my twists, apply the product in the same section and twist again.DSC_1146.JPG


I oil my scalp with an essential oil like peppermint oil then my edges and nape with Jamaican black castor oil.dsc_1169DSC_0115

I let the hair dry naturally with all the products. I prefer to wash my hair in the evening, so by morning it’s all dry and stretched out.


For styling either I return to didi plaits or a bun. img_5513I often refresh my hair with a leave in, coconut oil and water mixture from a spray bottle (Buy bottle HERE ) or I just moisturise the tips of my plaits with the Cantu coconut curling cream. See how I do put my hair in a bun HERE.dsc_1167 dsc_1164

And that’s  my wash day routine! Takes me about an hour plus to complete, but I really enjoy the process. It’s my hair and I have to take care of it.

So let me know how is this different from your own techniques and which of these steps would you’d be willing to incorporate in your wash day routine.

Do share your thoughts below




dsc_0293Hello there!

I really enjoy food. Just the privilege of sitting to have a good meal is an experience I savour.

I’m such a slow eater, when I eat out I usually ask for takeaway not to spend the whole day at the restaurant lol.

A while ago, MasterCard reached out to myself and a few other influencers for a media dinner to introduce the master card restaurant week  in partnership with lost in Lagos. At the dinner I was gifted two lunch vouchers to any restaurant on their list.

I absolutely forgot about the vouchers till the last day of the event-week, I got a message from Tuke Morgan asking if I’d used my vouchers, I knew I had a busy schedule that day so I asked her to meet me up for a late lunch so we don’t waste the vouchers. Tuke chose Bistro 7 on Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island and I didn’t regret that choice.

The ambience was warm, the staff were very courteous, the had charging points by the seats and the food came timely.

While we chose from the menu, they served us with the warmest moist breads. I and Tuke finished it in seconds LOLdsc_0289

I ordered for chicken strips and a mayo dip for appetizer while Tuke went for veggie spring rolls. Mine was yummy and the dip was well seasoned. Tuke didn’t complain about hers except for the sauce that came with it, she said it was just a regular pepper so she had it with mine instead. dsc_0305dsc_0315

For the main course, I had the creamiest mashed Potatoes and Chicken in Black Bean sauce. Oh boy did I love it! The Chicken was soft, sauce was perfect and I loved the mash even more. Tuke had a pizza, it was made fast surprisingly and was so large she had to do a takeaway. dsc_0326dsc_0321

The dessert was what I wasn’t too keen about, I’ve been trying to reduce my sugar intake so when I saw it was a chocolate cake and ice cream I decided to pass, Tuke said it was Yum! dsc_0346

For drinks we had Chapman and a tall glass of water. The chapman was rather basic, just Fanta, colouring and lime. It was refreshing but that’s about it. dsc_0331

Overall I’d give Bistro 7 an 8/10 majorly  because of the main course and the customer service.

This is my second time here, the last time I had breakfast with my friends and It was an equally good experience.

So wht are your thoughts about Nigerian restaurants in general? Did you take part in the mastercard restaurant week? If yes do let me know your experience.

xoxo Tosin


img_4914Hello beautiful people!

I was a model for Lola Adeoti handbags.  Lola Adeoti makes specially handcrafted luxury accessories with genuine leather, the shoot held at Muri okunola park on a very sunny afternoon. I was so glad I wore minimal makeup, the sun was scorching and my hair was just flying everywhere ….

The photographer from BH stripes was the absolute best! He was so easy to work with, told me all the poses to show off the hand bags and it was a breeze to work with him . The shoot lasted for about two hours and we were able to get some good shots regardless of me being a novice ^.^ Read More



I posted this video on YouTube two days ago and the response has been great! I made the video after receiving a mail from a reader about dealing with parents when living with them. I shared my experience, lessons and thoughts on how to manage the situation God’s way.

I hope you enjoy.

P.s. I would soon be back to blogging with a bang! so stay tuned.

lots of love



Hello all,

This video is about points to consider when choosing a church. Watch and be blessed.

Kind regards,



dsc_0139Hi there,

The people at Ebony and Indigo a natural skincare Boutique sent me this cream three weeks back, but I wanted to take my time before reviewing it. I’m very particular about creams and what I put on my face or body so this was a gamble. I did my research on the brand and read good reviews, so I thought why not……dsc_0144

Use: It’s a facial cream to reduce blemishes, spots and signs of aging.

The description on the pack says:  Read More


Hello all!

Today was Day 1 at the Beauty Africa exhibition. It’s a 3 day event that ends on Saturday. Naija Naturals has partnered with Nectar beauty hub for this and offering 30% OFF Cantu products., also if you missed the Shea moisture event see HERE, this would be a great time to stock up, discounts on Elasta and Shea moisture products available as well.

Today was great, but my SD card was acting up hence I couldn’t take photos, however If you follow me on snapchat (@lynnjaphet) or Instagram you would have seen updates. I bought a new SD card today, so tomorrow I would definitely upload photos ^.^! 

I wore this bow dress I made a while ago with a tailor (Mr. Roman) it fit well and I paired it strappy sandals from Forever 21. 

Hope you’re well….