dsc_0293Hello there!

I really enjoy food. Just the privilege of sitting to have a good meal is an experience I savour.

I’m such a slow eater, when I eat out I usually ask for takeaway not to spend the whole day at the restaurant lol.

A while ago, MasterCard reached out to myself and a few other influencers for a media dinner to introduce the master card restaurant week  in partnership with lost in Lagos. At the dinner I was gifted two lunch vouchers to any restaurant on their list.

I absolutely forgot about the vouchers till the last day of the event-week, I got a message from Tuke Morgan asking if I’d used my vouchers, I knew I had a busy schedule that day so I asked her to meet me up for a late lunch so we don’t waste the vouchers. Tuke chose Bistro 7 on Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island and I didn’t regret that choice.

The ambience was warm, the staff were very courteous, the had charging points by the seats and the food came timely.

While we chose from the menu, they served us with the warmest moist breads. I and Tuke finished it in seconds LOLdsc_0289

I ordered for chicken strips and a mayo dip for appetizer while Tuke went for veggie spring rolls. Mine was yummy and the dip was well seasoned. Tuke didn’t complain about hers except for the sauce that came with it, she said it was just a regular pepper so she had it with mine instead. dsc_0305dsc_0315

For the main course, I had the creamiest mashed Potatoes and Chicken in Black Bean sauce. Oh boy did I love it! The Chicken was soft, sauce was perfect and I loved the mash even more. Tuke had a pizza, it was made fast surprisingly and was so large she had to do a takeaway. dsc_0326dsc_0321

The dessert was what I wasn’t too keen about, I’ve been trying to reduce my sugar intake so when I saw it was a chocolate cake and ice cream I decided to pass, Tuke said it was Yum! dsc_0346

For drinks we had Chapman and a tall glass of water. The chapman was rather basic, just Fanta, colouring and lime. It was refreshing but that’s about it. dsc_0331

Overall I’d give Bistro 7 an 8/10 majorly  because of the main course and the customer service.

This is my second time here, the last time I had breakfast with my friends and It was an equally good experience.

So wht are your thoughts about Nigerian restaurants in general? Did you take part in the mastercard restaurant week? If yes do let me know your experience.

xoxo Tosin


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