dsc_0139Hi there,

The people at Ebony and Indigo a natural skincare Boutique sent me this cream three weeks back, but I wanted to take my time before reviewing it. I’m very particular about creams and what I put on my face or body so this was a gamble. I did my research on the brand and read good reviews, so I thought why not……dsc_0144

Use: It’s a facial cream to reduce blemishes, spots and signs of aging.

The description on the pack says: 

Handcrafted with Lemon juice, lemon peel and potent Melaslow technology, Highlight Brightening Moisturizing Cream is specifically designed to reduce skin blemishes and age spots, while Shea Butter and Jojoba enrich the skin with intensive hydration. Aloe Vera, Borage seed oil and Basil work together in this naturally effective formula to soften and lighten the skin, restoring a uniformly smooth and radiating complexion. 

Lightening and soothing, smoothing and refreshing, the natural ingredients in Highlight Brightening Moisturizing Cream are nature’s way of reducing age spots and restoring the skin’s youthful, even tone with a deeply moisturizing effect. Based on a handcrafted infusion of Lemon juice, Basil and Lemon peel, this nutritious blend is known for its gentle lightening effect that helps to reduce skin blemishes and dark spots. The rich Vitamin C boost is bursting with antioxidants that help protect the skin for a toned, rejuvenated and more youthful complexion.  dsc_0140

Enriched with a triple-moisture blend of skin smoothing Shea butter, hydrating Jojoba and nourishing Olive oil to enhance skin elasticity, the cream is fortified with Melaslow, a natural active patent technology based on Japanese Mandarin extract, rich in Amino acids and Flavonoids shown to be effective in lightening the complexion and decreasing age spots. Formulated with refreshing and reviving Aloe Vera leaf juice, Highlight Brightening Moisturizing Cream leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky, with a clarifying luminosity effect. 


When I first received the package I was very impressed. I was pleased with how much detail was put into the delivery process and the item itself.


The cream comes in a lovely clear glass with a gold cover. It’s fallen from my hand and it didn’t break, so below is a really strong glass. I also like how simple it looks yet nice. dsc_0146I noticed the protective seal too which helps to prevent the effects of sun and the atmosphere on the content. dsc_0147

Ebony and indigo team sent the cream in a carrier bag with paper like padding so it transports well.dsc_0123



Back view of Bag

Also in the bag were flyers about other products they carry and more information about the brand.dsc_0132dsc_0133dsc_0128

Smell: Funny how with the Line up of ingredients and how organic it appeared, I assumed it would smell very ‘green” or botanical LOL, But instead it has a mild fresh fragrance. Not overpowering in any way but a scent you’d forget you applied.

Texture: The cream has a generic lotion texture but it dissolves so easily into the skin. Hence It doesn’t clog my skin nor cause build up. I used it and I find that it doesn’t cause me to sweat like most facial lotions. DSC_0148.JPG

Effectiveness so far:

I’d be lying if I say my skin has gone from Drab to Fab, I have no major skin problems presently but I intend to continually use this product, I like how it feels and I hope it works well with continued use. With most mild skin care products you begin to see a difference after about 21-30 days depending on how consistent you are with it. I would be sure to give a more in-depth review once I see a change.

If you’d like to join me in reviewing this product, it’s available for sale at Ebony and Indigo Skin care Boutique, visit Call 09090404336 or 08103191749 for inquiries or to place an order.


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