Today was a casual day out, I brought out two of my favourite items; My Mena satchel bag from Hopic printz which I reviewed HERE and my old mules . The outfit was simple but the bag made it pop. Everyone loves a simple midi dress that can be glammed up with a few accessories…. […]

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IMG_6528 Hello!

Happy Sunday and merry Christmas in Arrears! Hope your holiday was fun and you got to bond with loved ones. My immediate younger brother Jide is home for the holidays…….. I’ve been stuffing him with food and taking him all around Lagos. I saw him last 3years ago when he was going off to college, he never came home and I didn’t visit either. He schools in Canada so this visit was long anticipated.

This Christmas holiday was rather boring for me, I stayed home, went shopping and queued for Fuel most times. During one of my shopping ventures I bought this dress. It’s by Chichi London. It was on sale on Asos for £49 From £70 See HERE  . I really loved the style and fit, though it comes small I managed to fit into a size 8. No amendments necessary. I wore it out today and my brother wore blue too coincidentally.

My Purse is from my mom’s closet while my shoes are from a store in Lagos Island, Got it for N4,500 only. Talk about bargain.  GET SIMILAR HERE

The entire look was very regal and I felt like the Duchess of England. Thanks to the flag behind me……..

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I’m just here waiting in my friend’s house because I refuse to face the traffic towards my home LOL……I really can’t wait for the weekend, I need to unwind. Today I’m wearing pants I bought earlier this year from DebraGrace boutique(Yaba, Lagos) .

This morning I was thinking of the perfect top to wear with it and I remembered this lace mini dress I have from Asos. So I opted for a monochrome look. I decided to fold the dress in as a top and it worked. I matched it with my gold strap Mules and a Brown bag.

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IMG_3809-0So I woke up this morning, Having nothing to wear to work on a Monday morning. In the sense that I didn’t know what to wear……But anytime I’m stuck with outfit Ideas I go for staples/Basics. E.g A black dress, Black Blazer E.t.c.

Today I opted for a White Blazer, black Jeans and a Black chiffon Cami.

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I love working with Jeffrey Coen, their brand director is so pleasant. I was sent this off-shoulder top weeks ago, but my work schedule didn’t permit me to style it. Last friday I decided to wear it to work.

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How are you! and how was your weekend, mine was fabulous! I rested well and got to hang out with a few friends from high school. On friday I went to work and went home straight to sleep. Afterwards, I replied mails as usual and had dinner. Fast forward to Saturday I ran a few errands for my mum and also dropped off a few deliveries. Saturday was super busy, but I wasn’t too sad because I knew Sunday was going to be fun.

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img_0903-0 Hello!

So if you follow my blog consistently you’d know mules are my thing. So what are they exactly?

Mule pronounced ‘Meule’, is originally a French word referring to a style of shoe which can backless and can either be open/closed toe. Mules also vary in style and heel height.

I absolutely love the fact that they are like slippers yet stylish. I often say ‘wearing a mules on any casual outfit takes you from 1 to 100 instantly’.

I have about four different pairs and

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Hello, It’s been a while! I’ve been away from my laptop since Thursday which is unlike me. I just sorted out about 73 unread mails which wasn’t fun. Truthfully being a blogger is one of the things I’m grateful for however it’s actually a very tedious hobby/work. You get a lot of Mails! minimum average […]

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Hello! Happy weekend! Here’s an outfit I wore today. The highlight of the look is this High Low hem skirt from I absolutely love it. I’ve worn it twice, and every single time I get a compliment about it, or have people asking if they could take  a picture to recreate. I really love […]

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  Here’s an outfit I wore the other day to  a meeting. It was about to rain so I thought to take photos before it poured. I wore nude makeup to compliment my outfit. Not bad for a nude makeup novice ^.^ . I converted a necklace into the chains on my pants. I didn’t […]

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