Sure your day is going well, It’s past 5’0clock so I can pose and post…..

it’s also about to rain, can you tell from the images below? I tried not to look tired ^.^

I have on my wiggie today from RaefranHair because I rushed out of the house this morning (It takes effort to pack my natural hair, wigs are ever efficient).

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Dress: BeFree Street || Brooch: H & M|| BAG: Therapy|| Shoes: TopShop

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Here’s an outfit post from today. I think I’m going to buy a small umbrella that I can put in my purse, the sun in Lagos is scorching, I’ve reduced my makeup drastically to avoid sweating, all I need now is a good sunscreen! please recommend a good one I can buy… thank you ^.^.

Also I’ve gone back to my bun. I would soon return to weave but I needed a breather……….Been a while I did a natural hair post/update, would do one soon..

This is one of my favorite dresses, I wear it every time there’s no time to scatter my closet for what to wear……

My weekend round-up is below the cut……


How’s your day going? mine is a bit busy but good so far. Sorry I missed out on the weekend roundup, I had a chilled weekend. Church and mostly sleep……..Although I went to Yaba market with my friend and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The rowdiness and the shop owners pulling us to check out their stalls was just not nice. Never again! lol

On sunday I went to church with Obum, had some froyo from sweet kiwi(It’s safe to say I’m a very loyal customer) then we went over to my friend Jennifer’s store. She’s a fashion designer, Obum and I wanted her to make some shift dresses for us. I would show you them when its made.

Those who follow me on Instagram may have seen my sunday posts, but here’s an update for those who don’t use Instagram…

And that’s all!

Have a great week ahead.

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I’ve not had time to do proper style posts simply because of my schedule, the weather and the scenery in my new home area(Just getting used to the location). But today, I thought why not……

Today I let my hair out just because I had a headache earlier and I just couldn’t imagine myself wearing a wig to add to the pain, I guess it turned out well.

BAG: Therapy |SHOES: Ribbon |SKIRT: Nigerian Boutique|EARRINGS: James Warren |JUMPER: Primark |BELT: Newlook|Bracelet: GiftIMG_6829IMG_6821look awaayIMG_6832 IMG_6828 IMG_6826IMG_6820Hope your week is going great? Count down to the weekend!



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Photocredit: Tripod.

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Hello! and Happy new month, I’ve been really active with blogging lately (clap for me lol ), but i’m going on a hiatus soon, i.e for about 2-3 weeks I may not post anything, I have some obligations that would keep me rather occupied during that period, so I apologize in advance. This week has […]

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