Here’s an outfit post from today. I think I’m going to buy a small umbrella that I can put in my purse, the sun in Lagos is scorching, I’ve reduced my makeup drastically to avoid sweating, all I need now is a good sunscreen! please recommend a good one I can buy… thank you ^.^.

Also I’ve gone back to my bun. I would soon return to weave but I needed a breather……….Been a while I did a natural hair post/update, would do one soon..

This is one of my favorite dresses, I wear it every time there’s no time to scatter my closet for what to wear……

My weekend round-up is below the cut……



How’s your day going? mine is a bit busy but good so far. Sorry I missed out on the weekend roundup, I had a chilled weekend. Church and mostly sleep……..Although I went to Yaba market with my friend and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The rowdiness and the shop owners pulling us to check out their stalls was just not nice. Never again! lol

On sunday I went to church with Obum, had some froyo from sweet kiwi(It’s safe to say I’m a very loyal customer) then we went over to my friend Jennifer’s store. She’s a fashion designer, Obum and I wanted her to make some shift dresses for us. I would show you them when its made.

Those who follow me on Instagram may have seen my sunday posts, but here’s an update for those who don’t use Instagram…

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Happy Sunday 🎊☺️

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And that’s all!

Have a great week ahead.

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10 Comments on “BACK TO BASICS”

  1. Nice. Im loving the fitting of that dress. I haven’t seen that tatoo on your leg, till now. what is of?

  2. Hi Tosin, I love your dress and for sunscreen get cookieskin cream. You can get it at Ebeano supermarket in phase 1.

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