It’s been a while! I’ve been away from my laptop since Thursday which is unlike me. I just sorted out about 73 unread mails which wasn’t fun. Truthfully being a blogger is one of the things I’m grateful for however it’s actually a very tedious hobby/work. You get a lot of Mails! minimum average of 25-40 blog related mails daily, this includes collaboration requests, unsolicited press releases, enquiries, and uncountable spam mails. I want to ignore some most times but I know an important mail may just be sitting in my junk folder, so I have to open it all.

This past week was quite a week. I practically had a traffic-meeting-delivery-errand filled week, To then crown it all my aunt got married  yesterday so I went to Surulere on Friday to help with the preparations. I’ve never been to Surulere all by myself but then Google maps(NOT iPhone maps-the enemy lol)came to the rescue.  I got there in good time, but before I left home satan was trying to be funny. First my tailor changed the neckline of my ‘Asoebi’ dress without my knowledge, then my brother Tope somehow accidentally locked my car keys with my phone in my car ( I don’t have a spare key to the car). That incident just made me realise I was such a cry-baby lol, I don’t know how I just started shedding subtle tears.

It was like the icing on the rough week cake, I had been ill earlier in the week, I just got a good dressing-down from my dad for my brother’s negligence and my aunt’s engagement slippers was locked in my car. Oh the tears flowed lol.

I finally got a mechanic and panel beater to come over after two hours, they had to use a spanner to open up the edge door then use a metal rod to unlock the door. The dent left on the car wasn’t cute.

Even on my way to Surulere, some bus driver hit my car from behind, but thankfully no marks were left, I just encouraged myself with some nice Tim Godfrey praise team songs.  I was still determined to have a great weekend.

So I went for the wedding as planned, wore my dress like that with grace and celebrated with my aunt. She looked so beautiful! Can’t wait to get the official photos.

Fast forward to Today, I woke up so late for church…. I rushed out of the house with Tope. The service was powerful! I feel absolutely charged for the later part of the year. The sermon was about having a powerful and active spirit. One quote the preacher said that stuck with me was:

“The world is not looking for cuteness, it requires you to be a warrior else it’d make minced meat of you. You must have an alert and active spirit always ready to war and conquer, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

I can’t wait to publish the next LOGOS, I’d discuss more on this quote.

Right after church, I went for lunch with my friend Lizzy, her sister and my brother. We went to BLD in Lekki for their buffet. The food was good and we all had fun!

Here is today’s OOTD(outfit of the day) and a few pictures from the lunch.



 And that’s all!

I’m excited about this coming week, I know it would be a great one!

Thank you for reading.

I wish you a lovely, impactful and favor-filled week!

Happy new month!



14 Comments on “OOTD + WEEKEND GIST!”

  1. Aww. Pele darling. When domething like that happens. It feels like the end of the world. Im loving this weekend update. Maybe you should make it a regular feature on your blog.

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