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So if you follow my blog consistently you’d know mules are my thing. So what are they exactly?

Mule pronounced ‘Meule’,  is originally a French word referring to a style of shoe which IS backless and can either be open/closed toe. Mules also vary in style and heel height.

I absolutely love the fact that they are like slippers yet stylish. I often say ‘wearing mules on any casual outfit takes you from 1 to 100 instantly’.

I have about four different pairs and I’d be sharing where to get them or similar stores. I’d start from the most recent purchase to the oldest.

1. OFFICE ROSE GOLD MULES: These are my new favorites, they are from offfice, however they are a tad bit similar to the giuseppe zanotti ones, just  for less. I wore it to church for midweek service last week and it was an eye-turner. I got several compliments on my look even though I had no stitch of makeup. I simply wore a chiffon top and regular skinny jeans but the shoes added a fantastic pop to the outfit. I would certainly do a proper OOTD post wearing this soon. Here’s a photo how it looks on the feet below.

Photo credit: Bissou Natasha

2.TOPSHOP WHITE STRAPPY MULES: I’ve been wearing this a lot lately, they are pure white and just what I needed to compliment my white sling purse. I also wore it with my shop shakara skirt. See HERE. They are fairly comfortable and the right height for any occasion.

3. FIRE TRAP COVER UP MULE: These are dear to my heart, I got them from USC and they’ve been my go-to casual black shoe. I love the stance it gives me when I wear them. They are sturdy and well balanced. All I do is shine them with a shoe  buff and they are good to go. Get similar HERE

4. NEXT BLACK & GOLD MULES: I wore this so much when I first got them to the point that the sole started to chip, I’m yet to find a trusted cobbler to fix it. very stylish and absolutely comfortable. The gold detail allows you to do less with accessories. GET SIMILAR

And thats all!

Do let me know what you think about mules, are they for old ladies or you would totally rock them?

Kindly drop a comment below, I’d love to know.



7 Comments on “  FASHION FINDS : MULES”

  1. Ah these office rose gold mules! I’ve been eyeing them for months now The first time I saw them it was love at first sight but prorities! soon though lol

  2. My friend and I were still laughing about what our mothers but for us when we’re not with them and these definitely made the list. Good to know they’re back in style, don’t know if I can wear them though.

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