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IMG_3797 copyHello people,

Hope you’re doing great, I just realised that I’m 2 years, a month and a week natural today, and an update is only right. I get a lot of questions about my hair, its care and my regimen. In the past, I have tried to make videos, write posts and answer questions via my social media accounts, But I guess when it comes to hair, we enthusiasts always want to know more. Hence this post.

MY NATURAL HAIR TIME LINE (2months post Big chop till date-2years Natural)

IMG_7831 copy

I would try to divide this post into sections and answer all questions I have gotten over time. All points/answers are solely what has worked for me, I am not an expert, take all with discretion.

1. WHY NATURAL?: I have cut my hair thrice before this, just for style purposes i.e the ‘Anita baker’ kind of hair cut, but it never lasts. The back grew back and I to re-trim it almost every 2-3 months. On the last occasion, I just decided to take it all off. My friend Biola was actually the one who ‘enticed’ me with the natural hair movement. I first wanted to keep it short, i.e like month 2 as seen above, but when it started growing out, I quite

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IMG_3915 copyHello!

Remember I told you about a hair company called RaéFran Hair HERE. The company contacted me a while back to try out some hair from their range. I was sent their Virgin Brazilian and Indian hair. I am yet to fix the Indian hair, but I have used the former. I was sent a 14″ closure and bundles in 14,16 and 18 inches in colour 1B. However, I knew I didn’t want a plain colour as I already have similar weaves like that, so I decided to add some highlights. For the 1st week I wore it as a centre part with little layers. After which I further cut it to a shoulder bob and wore it as a side part. My complete review is after the Images below.

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302903279_origHi there!

I always like to incorporate new oils or products into my overall health care regimen, and I just added four new oils to my skin and hair regimen. Thought to share with you!

1. PEPPERMINT OIL : peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint and is native to Europe. Historically, the herb has been known for its medicinal uses. This oil is great for hair care as it gives a cooling effect to the scalp. It helps in removing dandruff and lice. Peppermint oil has antiseptic, regenerative, and stimulating effects which improves blood circulation to scalp areas triggering/promoting hair growth. It also can relieve the scalp of irritation and dry skin. Based on my research, I find that it allows hair have a shiny, fresh look. Peppermint oil can be found in many hair products and alternative solutions for baldness, dandruff, and other hair-related conditions. I bought mine from

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For all you lovely ladies wanting thicker edges like I am( lol) there is a new challenge on the block! I’ve tried this before in the past but I’m not sure I followed through, plus I guess I wasn’t applying it properly. Anyway, Naijanaturals is kicking off a 90day challenge tomorrow 20th september for us all and the rules are simple!

Duration: 3 months
Frequency: 3 times a week (varies on hair needs)
Product: Castor Oil + carrier oil (Check HERE for vendors in Nigeria)

Before starting the challenge, please ensure you’re NOT reacting to Castor oil by testing it on a small part of your scalp, if you experience flaking or itching, you can replace it with peppermint oil or thin out the castor oil with coconut oil or other carrier oils.

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AAHS-Award_black_background RaéFran Hair is a U.K based company that retails weaves of all textures, I was sent 3 bundles of Virgin brazillian hair and a closure which I’m yet to fix. The delivery and customer service was really good, The hair feels very soft, no shedding when brushed and has no smell. I would do a full review as soon as I have it installed. They are currently having bundle deal promo for some textures, there’s a promocode which is

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IMG_2230Hello all!

I’m currently 1 year 11months natural! I’d be 2years next month, October 6th to be precise(How time flies!). I’m often asked about my natural hair products and how I use them. The video below explains in details my staple items, hair struggles and care regimen. Please watch and

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Hello all!

I recieved a lace front wig from a company called Perruque Royale, they produce custom lace wigs (front and full). Below is my full review of the company and product! check them out on Instagram @perruqueroyale and to place orders




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Hello all! It’s saturday and that’s when I get to pamper my self! So today I’ll be deep conditioning my hair, filing my nails and doing a facial, all in the comfort of my home. I normally use the Organics deep conditioning cholesterol for my hair, but today I decided to use something different. A […]

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DSC_0008 Hello! the weather has been so lovely out here, and almost getting quite hot! I was ranting earlier today on how I needed suggestions on a good sunscreen for dark skin (please if you have a brand you’ve tried & tested kindly let me know). My outfit today was casual, and I wore jeans which I haven’t worn in a while… My top had an exposed back, but thank God for designers who produce creative under-wears. (If curious, I’m wearing a bra with a clear strap, and you can buy one here , Debenhams or at Victoria Secret). I also filmed a “Get ready with me” video on my look/makeup, 3minutes long. Watch & Enjoy.

Top: Floock

Jeans: New Look

Bag: Prada


KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY(Choose 1080hd in the settings tab at the base of the video)

DSC_0013DSC_0016DSC_0015DSC_0008 2

Info for video:

Lipstick: Mac Heroine & sleek papaya punch
Foundation: Mac studio fix & revlon photoready
Powder: Mac Mineralise skin finish
Gel liner: Rimmel



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Hello all!, I filmed this video for all those who have natural hair but want to wear weave without the frizzed up look. This video is basically showing how I straighten, curl and install (PLUS BLOOPERS). Watch, comment and share ^.^ Kindly watch in 720/1020HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY(click the settings tab at the base of […]

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