IMG_3915 copyHello!

Remember I told you about a hair company called RaéFran Hair HERE. The company contacted me a while back to try out some hair from their range. I was sent their Virgin Brazilian and Indian hair. I am yet to fix the Indian hair, but I have used the former. I was sent a 14″ closure and bundles in 14,16 and 18 inches in colour 1B. However, I knew I didn’t want a plain colour as I already have similar weaves like that, so I decided to add some highlights. For the 1st week I wore it as a centre part with little layers. After which I further cut it to a shoulder bob and wore it as a side part. My complete review is after the Images below.

How I recieved it. Packaging and bundles with closure

                                            How I recieved it. Packaging and bundles with closure


                             Dyed, tweezed, blow dried and laid as a side part

Slightly cut, curled and laid as a centre part

                                First week: Slightly cut, curled and laid as a centre part

PACKAGING: It was sent to me in a FedEx express envelope, inside were the bundles. No fancy wraps just clear nylon and the gold bands at the root of the hair.

DELIVERY: I received it in 5days after I was contacted. The manager told me all UK deliveries take about 5-7 working days.

SMELL: It didn’t have any particular scent. It just smelled like hair, although I have washed it twice now since I got it. (I washed with herbal essence hello hydration conditioner)

INSTALL: I fixed it on a wig cap for durability, (I wash my hair almost every week hence a wig is the best option). I didn’t cut the weft while fixing, I used all three bundles and it was enough. Also I noticed minimal to none shedding after colouring, washing and blowdrying. (I used Dark and lovely dye and creme of nature’s Argan oil as a heat protectant).

CLOSURE: The lace closure was excellent for me, it came already bleached and I didn’t need to manipulate it much to blend with my scalp. I just applied powder on the prefered part after plucking/tweezing out a few strands.

HEAT RESPONSE: I have curled and blow dried this hair numerous times and I noticed it has a sheen when straightened. It also curls well with minimal heat, 350˚ is adequate.

CARE: I apply Argan oil once a week and do not sleep with it. I also sometimes place the wig on my heater to air out any sweat residue during the day.

PROS: Great and efficient customer service, good delivery speed, Affordable price, Great Quality Hair, Fast response to mails.

CONS: Only one payment option (PayPal), O.K packaging, Delivery to Nigeria 10-15working days, No website Yet just Instagram,  their actual warehouse and Email address for price quotes.

OVERALL ASSESSMENT: Trustworthy company, Great hair, good logistics, average innovation.

I hope my review was explanatory…..

Contact Raefran Hair :, @Raefranhair_UK (Instagram)

So far I love my hair!

Have a great day ahead




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