IMG_7812 2YES! I intended to confuse you! I’m NOT getting married lol, but apparently my  “look-alikes” are this weekend!! First lets discuss the couple on the right!

Sisi yemmie & Bobo! I first met Sisi yemmie via a comment someone dropped on my blog, telling me to check her out, the commenter felt there was a resemblance. At first I was like “here we go again”! But on checking out her blog ( I totally forgot why I was there, I loved her personality instantly! I reached out to her and we became virtual friends, its been a while now and honestly all I have is pure love for Sisi Yemmie. She’s been a big sister, blog mentor and very helpful in ways I can’t mention. Anytime I message her with a question, problem or enquiry she’s swift to reply and advice. I really wish I was in Nigeria to attend her wedding, my GELE would have been the tallest. I have been following her and Bobo’s story for quite a while, from her youtube videos, relationship tips and also till when they won my big nigerian wedding contest. This year has been a wonderful year for her career wise and I’m grateful to God that her personal life is also flourishing, and moving to its #permanentsite lol in her words……I’m so happy for her! words can’t express!

Adanna & David: couple on the Left , I first heard about the couple via one of my youtube stalking nights and they made me laugh so much, I subscribed to their channel, although then I didn’t see any resemblance. Fast forward, months later people started tagging me randomly on their instagram videos saying ‘ Tosin she reminds me of you”, ” Tosin see your look alike” etc. I then checked them out and followed, I still didn’t agree to the resemblance lol.  However, I recently posted this picture of them below on my Instagram page and the comments I got were hilarious! see for yourself!


IMG_4555 IMG_7276

I was then a bit convinced that maybe there was a resemblance. But do you think so? I’d really like to know! please drop a comment ^.^

I’m truly happy for both couples and I pray God blesses their home with his pure love and happiness!  I pray to celebrate more friends, family and blog readers IJN!



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Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you……..



  1. Lol… i can only see a resemblance between u and sisi yemmie, not adanna. Her smile might have deceieved ppl cos u smile alike. Another person i think u look like is Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi. You guys have similar face shape. What do u think?

  2. I think you have similar bone structure to Adanna and similar eyes to Sisi. I love Sisi Yemmie, I’ve been following her for about 4 maybe even 5 years now, real, down to earth and extremely funny.


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