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IMG_5097Hello people,

How did your weekend go? Mine was quite busy and exciting….Let me first share a ‘goodnews’, my cargo with all my lights and filming equipment has arrived so I shall begin vlogging ASAP!

So back to my weekend,I Visited quite a few places, from SweetKiwi to IamCookieJar bakery, and also attended a wedding, actually my friend Mimi’s introduction. That was the highlight of the weekend. Mimi brought the asoebi Gele to me like 3days before the wedding and I had no tailor to sew the outfit. I went down my street and found a tailor who was willing to sew me a dress in short notice.

She charged me for express service, but I collected the dress Friday night and she didn’t disappoint. No amendment needed whatsoever, just a perfect fit. The next day was the event and I tied a Gele…God bless the late Adenike of Ewarmakeovers who put up a video on how to tie a gele on YouTube, that’s how I learnt how to tie……may her soul rest in peace.

I think I didn’t do a horrid Job in that department, I got there in good time and I was pleased my Gele wasn’t out-of-place. (Pink is such a vibrant colour! new fav)

IMG_3911Also over the weekend I received a package from . I won a lovely skirt on their Instagram page and they had delivered it to my mum since, but my mum just remembered and gave it to me. It was well packaged and the skirt was a perfect fit! I shall do an outfit post on that later…

IMG_8928Also on Sunday afternoon, I went round Lekki today with my friends Lano and Mayowa, I went to sweetKiwi for the first time since I got back to try their frozen Yogurt, I heard about the buzz and wanted to try….and yes it was worth every Naira. I had a mix of the york cheesecake, sweet kiwi and pineapple flavour…toppings were granola, grapes and oreo cookie crumbs…it was so good! The staff was extremely polite, our attendant’s name was ‘Shedrach’, very courteous man. I also went to cookiejar bakery because Lano was craving some cake, we didn’t eventually get the type she wanted we had to go to coldstone, yet we didn’t satisfy Lano’s sweet tooth…..lolIMG_2721Moving on……..I also deep conditioned my hair this weekend, this Lagos weather hasn’t been the most exciting so my hair needed some TLC. I washed my hair and did a quick vinegar rinse (spraying your hair with diluted acid cider vinegar and washing it out after 20minutes). That helps to wash out dandruff and existing product buildup… I shared on my Instagram page details of that.

Finally! A new salon and makeup studio opened in my area(Ajah), It belongs to my aunt @shalzmakeupGeek , It’s a beautiful environment for your one stop beauty needs. They offer Massages, facials, makeovers, salon , photography etc! Milles visages is located before Ado round about, inside de-legacy Plaza ado road 08181514982. Ensure you visit and refer them! lots of freebies this month!IMG_0910

Anyway that’s how I spent my weekend, How did you spend yours? This morning I’m going to work late because I have to sort out my luggage and tidy up my room….should blog again later in the day!

Have a great week ahead,

Be fruitful.

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I’m usually lazy when it comes to actual skin care, but lately I find myself making an effort. I now use masks often, facial oils and is quite conscious of what I use on my skin. I recently got an email from a lovely blog reader Tolu, who requested for a full/updated skin care routine. I am not a skin/health expert so I was quite flattered by the mail. However, I have shared my personal regimen in the past (This Video).... Although my routine has changed from that now, I am due to share an updated version on the blog(I will in a few weeks)………

Today’s post is about this facial system I received as a gift from my cousin Lanre…… When she gave it to me I was quite ecstatic because I’ve wanted a battery operated exfoliator for a while and the Clarisonic just seemed quite expensive (£155) so I didn’t indulge. I’ve used this facial system twice now and here’s my initial review.

PACKAGE: It comes in a basic cardboard box containing the facial cleansing system, an instruction manual and two batteries.

DSC_0356CONTENT: The facial cleansing system contains 4 brushes, Two for facial exfoliation and two normal facial/body brushes. Accompanied with a stand and the battery operated vibrator in which the brush is attached to.

BRUSHES: The brushes are quite soft, and gentle on the skin. I initially had concerns about that, as I didn’t want anything too abrasive or harsh for my face. But they are plush and durable.

DSC_0364 DSC_0363

VIBRATOR: The hand-held device itself is quite sturdy, not complicated just easy to use. It has a switch and a head base where you attach the brush. The batteries that came with it worked, so I didn’t have to purchase new ones. DSC_0360USAGE: The instruction advises to remove all eye makeup before use as it wasn’t intended for that purpose. Just skin. Then you wet your skin with warm water and apply a cleansing soap/milk( I used my Garnier face wash). You then move the device in circular motions, about 10seconds per cheek and 20seconds on forehead, chin and nose area. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

DSC_0361MY OVERALL REVIEW: The set is a nice product, but I had a tiny disappointment. The brush head itself does Not spin. it just vibrates. However, moving the device in a handheld circular motion actually does the Job. It removes makeup quite well. although I washed my makeup off first with soap before using the brush.

AFTERMATH: My face actually felt softer and cleaner. I also think my facial oil absorbed better afterwards ( or maybe its just post-usage psychology). The essence of the product is just to clean your skin better and remove deep-seated impurities. I don’t think it’s magically supposed to get rid of your skin problems, so with that I consider it a good product. I rate it 7.5/10

PRICE: It was initially sold for about £49.99 but now it ranges between £15-£20.

I would definitely continue to use it at least 2ce a week depending on when I wear makeup. I currently use an Apricot scrub everyday which I think is sufficient. Excessively exfoliating may hurt my skin, so I would go easy on the cleansing system.

Let me know what you think and what other exfoliating or cleansing methods you use.



P.s Thank you for all the congratulatory messages, comments and emails on my last post. I’m grateful. Greater for you.

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[caption id="attachment_4494" align="aligncenter" width="660" class=" "]Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder [20 Nude Beige] - kurze Review beauty blog mattes puder neu new august 2014 Photocredit:[/caption]
So I just incorporated highlighting/contouring into my makeup routine, I shared that in this Tutorial, I got a few questions about the highlighting powder I used, so I thought to do this post.
Most makeup gurus I follow often use the famous “Ben Nye banana/Topaz powder” but for some reason I never got to jump on the bandwagon. Anytime I plan to buy, it’s either they don’t have my preferred shade or I just can’t find a reliable U.K retailer. So I opted for basically any oil controlling powder I found.
I went to the Tesco in my area to buy groceries the other day and took a stroll to the makeup aisle, they had quite a range of products but not powders for dark skinned ladies like me. However, I saw this powder above and I was interested in the “mattefying” effect it claimed to have (Ad’s work). All the shades they had were for lighter skin to be honest, but since I was using it for ‘highlighting’ I wasn’t really fazed. I opted for the darkest-pale shade in the range i.e Sun Beige.
Slide4Product Description
Matte Maker all-day powder, Maybelline’s face powder with millions of powerful mattifying particles! Instantly absorbs oil and blends seamlessly with your skins tone and texture, for a perfectly flawless matte finish.
Talc, Paraffinum Liquidum/ Mineral Oil/ Magnesium Stearate, Caprylyl Glycol.
[+/- May Contain: Cl 77492 / Titanium dioxide/ Cl 77491, Cl 77492, Cl 77499, Iron Oxides


Packaging: It comes in a simple transparent package as seen above, however I never got to open it. The case ought to be twisted and opened but I just couldn’t open it. I googled ‘maybelline new matte maker can’t open’ to be sure I wasn’t lazy or crazy and I got a host of similar cases. Many users complained they couldn’t get their cases open. Eventually I had to use a knife to lift the edges which I ended up breaking the entire compact powder. I had to place it in another container to avoid stains everywhere. IMG_1147 IMG_7105Cost: £3.99 at most outlets.

Application: I used it underneath my eyes to set the highlight concealer. Since it had broken I had to use my brush to control the powder particles, The powder applies easily and absorbs into your skin almost immediately. The sun beige reminds me of Ailin powder just without the talc scent or saturation (shout out to everyone who used that product, it was the bomb lol).

Aftermath: It looked good on my face and didn’t create any white cast in photos. The “matte maker” controlled oil for about 3-4 hours maximum and I needed to blot my face. So nothing out of the blues. I also used it to church yesterday where I danced and walked around quite a bit. On getting home, my makeup was still intact but could have used a dab/blot. (watch my application in this foundation tutorial)
Overview: Good product, very affordable, Horrid packaging. I rate it 6/10. I would continue using it till I find a better substitute if necessary.
I hope this review was helpful, Do let me know what highlight powders you use and your review on it! would love to know..
Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you……..
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It’s been a while I did a makeup related video….Here is my updated foundation routine! Do enjoy…

KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY( Choose 1080HD on the settings tab at the base of the video)


Hope your week is going great!



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302903279_origHi there!

I always like to incorporate new oils or products into my overall health care regimen, and I just added four new oils to my skin and hair regimen. Thought to share with you!

1. PEPPERMINT OIL : peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint and is native to Europe. Historically, the herb has been known for its medicinal uses. This oil is great for hair care as it gives a cooling effect to the scalp. It helps in removing dandruff and lice. Peppermint oil has antiseptic, regenerative, and stimulating effects which improves blood circulation to scalp areas triggering/promoting hair growth. It also can relieve the scalp of irritation and dry skin. Based on my research, I find that it allows hair have a shiny, fresh look. Peppermint oil can be found in many hair products and alternative solutions for baldness, dandruff, and other hair-related conditions. I bought mine from

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IMG_6905-1Hello Ladies!

I’ve done a similar post to this in the past, but here’s an updated version. These are 6 tested and trusted lipsticks for darker skinned ladies. A lot of women of colour still complain about “shades/colours not suiting them” but I beg to differ. I love lipsticks, I wear them everyday I wear makeup (Yes I do). I don’t like lip gloss and I just wouldn’t wear it alone, i.e without a lipstick/Lipstain base. These Lipsticks are colours I wear myself, so fear not lol.

1. Sleek Papaya punch: This lipstick is coral-orange, it’s really rich and I love the way it applies smoothly. It also serves as a good gradient when applied in the middle of a purple lipstick.

2. MAC Ruby Woo: Any makeup lover knows the wonders of a red lipstick. It’s a deep yet vibrant red, although a little drying but it’s nothing lip balm can’t solve. Apply prior to application.

3. Sleek Mystic : I love purple lipstick and after MAC heroine, this comes next. It’s not a dupe for heroine but it serves as a good purple lipstick. Velvety and smooth too.

4. MAC Fixed on drama: Amazing colour! it’s like cocoa, pink and burgundy had a baby. Very pigmented and looks great on both dark and fair skin.

5. MAC Flat out fabulous: My favorite lipstick in the world. End of discussion

6. Kate Rimmel nude : This lipstick leans more to brown than a pink nude. I like it on days when I’m wearing a natural look. A little lip-liner and gloss over it and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps you when next you’re in the makeup aisle, but remember! no matter how great a product is, application is what matters.

All lipsticks mentioned in this post are my personal favourites, Do let me know yours! I’d really love to know … I love to mix colours to create a gradient, ombre or even a new colour.

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IMG_9789Hello all!

I miss you all, but I would soon be back to full blogging (two more weeks), I have a plethora of ideas and blog posts to upload with good news all round (thank God for that!) but until then, kindly manage this quick post on how I grew my nails, and yes in 4weeks, as seen above.

I’ve always struggled to keep/grow my nails as they always broke, BUT now I’ve found natural remedies that actually work! I have a friend who is from Belize and she has beautiful long nails, I asked her what she uses/used and she said “I just file them regularly and moisturise with coconut oil”. So I thought to follow suit.

I did my research and decided to also incorporate clean eating into my diet. So here’s what I did.IMG_4898

1. I ditched my £1 nail files from pound land, and bought a ceramic Sally Hansen nail file, costs (£5/N1500) but was worth every penny. It files your nail well, lasts longer and doesn’t leave the tip brittle or blunt.

2. Coconut oil: I apply coconut oil on my nails regularly, as often as I oil my hair, which is nightly( I just use the excess oil from my hair all over my cuticles and nail beds). It moistures and penetrates the skin and nail, improving shine.

3. Lots of water (improves overall body balance ), I drink lots of water normally because I believe thats what prevents breakouts and many health challenges.

4. The key ingredient: SPINACH! It contains irons and vitamins essential for hair and nail growth. I incorporated this into my diet via Efo-riro(Vegetable soup) and regular fruit smoothies every morning for 30days, and yes I’m sure that’s what grew them out and fast. Goodbye acrylic……

p.s I document everything to compare results. It helps to monitor progress, and proof to show that a particular regimen works…

IMG_7544IMG_3700And thats all! Let me know if you struggle with keeping your nails, or you’re naturally blessed lol.



See you soon…

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DSC_0008 Hello! the weather has been so lovely out here, and almost getting quite hot! I was ranting earlier today on how I needed suggestions on a good sunscreen for dark skin (please if you have a brand you’ve tried & tested kindly let me know). My outfit today was casual, and I wore jeans which I haven’t worn in a while… My top had an exposed back, but thank God for designers who produce creative under-wears. (If curious, I’m wearing a bra with a clear strap, and you can buy one here , Debenhams or at Victoria Secret). I also filmed a “Get ready with me” video on my look/makeup, 3minutes long. Watch & Enjoy.

Top: Floock

Jeans: New Look

Bag: Prada


KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY(Choose 1080hd in the settings tab at the base of the video)

DSC_0013DSC_0016DSC_0015DSC_0008 2

Info for video:

Lipstick: Mac Heroine & sleek papaya punch
Foundation: Mac studio fix & revlon photoready
Powder: Mac Mineralise skin finish
Gel liner: Rimmel



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GET “UNREADY” WITH ME (+Skincare Routine)

Hello all, This is a Get “Un-ready” With Me video, where I take off all my makeup and show you my skin care regimen as well. Its 2minutes 55 seconds short video, Please watch and feel free to like, share and subscribe. WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY Sure your weekend is going great…. Got […]

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