I’m usually lazy when it comes to actual skin care, but lately I find myself making an effort. I now use masks often, facial oils and is quite conscious of what I use on my skin. I recently got an email from a lovely blog reader Tolu, who requested for a full/updated skin care routine. I am not a skin/health expert so I was quite flattered by the mail. However, I have shared my personal regimen in the past (This Video).... Although my routine has changed from that now, I am due to share an updated version on the blog(I will in a few weeks)………

Today’s post is about this facial system I received as a gift from my cousin Lanre…… When she gave it to me I was quite ecstatic because I’ve wanted a battery operated exfoliator for a while and the Clarisonic just seemed quite expensive (£155) so I didn’t indulge. I’ve used this facial system twice now and here’s my initial review.

PACKAGE: It comes in a basic cardboard box containing the facial cleansing system, an instruction manual and two batteries.

DSC_0356CONTENT: The facial cleansing system contains 4 brushes, Two for facial exfoliation and two normal facial/body brushes. Accompanied with a stand and the battery operated vibrator in which the brush is attached to.

BRUSHES: The brushes are quite soft, and gentle on the skin. I initially had concerns about that, as I didn’t want anything too abrasive or harsh for my face. But they are plush and durable.

DSC_0364 DSC_0363

VIBRATOR: The hand-held device itself is quite sturdy, not complicated just easy to use. It has a switch and a head base where you attach the brush. The batteries that came with it worked, so I didn’t have to purchase new ones. DSC_0360USAGE: The instruction advises to remove all eye makeup before use as it wasn’t intended for that purpose. Just skin. Then you wet your skin with warm water and apply a cleansing soap/milk( I used my Garnier face wash). You then move the device in circular motions, about 10seconds per cheek and 20seconds on forehead, chin and nose area. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

DSC_0361MY OVERALL REVIEW: The set is a nice product, but I had a tiny disappointment. The brush head itself does Not spin. it just vibrates. However, moving the device in a handheld circular motion actually does the Job. It removes makeup quite well. although I washed my makeup off first with soap before using the brush.

AFTERMATH: My face actually felt softer and cleaner. I also think my facial oil absorbed better afterwards ( or maybe its just post-usage psychology). The essence of the product is just to clean your skin better and remove deep-seated impurities. I don’t think it’s magically supposed to get rid of your skin problems, so with that I consider it a good product. I rate it 7.5/10

PRICE: It was initially sold for about £49.99 but now it ranges between £15-£20.

I would definitely continue to use it at least 2ce a week depending on when I wear makeup. I currently use an Apricot scrub everyday which I think is sufficient. Excessively exfoliating may hurt my skin, so I would go easy on the cleansing system.

Let me know what you think and what other exfoliating or cleansing methods you use.



P.s Thank you for all the congratulatory messages, comments and emails on my last post. I’m grateful. Greater for you.

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

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