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Remember I started a blog series where I share useful tips and information for fellow bloggers. Check my previous posts HERE. Today, I’d be discussing gadgets and devices that have made my blogging life easier. All are affordable and I’ve added direct links for purchase.

1. Chromecast: This acts like a transmitter from your laptop to other screens. A traditional form of this is an HDMI cable. I bought this from Currys but hardly use it since I’m in Nigeria, however it’s so useful when I’m abroad with efficient and cheaper internet services. It’s very handy  if you spend lots of time streaming videos and working online. BUY THE NEWER MODEL HERE

2. Tripod : The DIY photography tool. Anytime I have no one around to help with a photo I simply set up my Tripod at my location and shoot my photos myself. For Video bloggers this is a must have, no need to set your camera on tables or shelves, just mount it on the tripod and press record. Which leads me to the next gadget. BUY TRIPOD HERE

3. Remote control : This is cheap and equally functional, instead of setting up a timer and going back and forth for each shot, I simply hide this stylishly in my palm while I click and pose for my photos. BUY HERE HERE 

4. iPhone case charger: if you’re not into power packs and always seem to forget them at home, this is a great buy. I was gifted this by my friend Sisi Ope. It’s very useful when I go out or I’m out of power. I charge it through the night and use it during the day. It lasts for about 3-4hours depending on usage. BUY HERE 

5. Windscreen phone mount: Awesome for video bloggers. Getting this totally was worth it. Ideal for google maps, FaceTime calls on the go, or my periscope broadcasts.  Affordable, sturdy and easy to use. BUY HERE

6. SD card USB reader : This is another great device, I particularly like this because my SD card port on my laptop got bad and I couldn’t transfer videos easily. I found this and all my problems were solved. This is also great for people with multiple memory cards who want to edit materials from both cards. You can slot one in your computer port and the other card in this USB reader. It saves time and makes life easy. BUY HERE

7. Mobile internet router: I made the mistake of buying a table top router which only works when charged. I was told it’d last for at least 4 hours without electricity, but that happened for only a few months. It suddenly stopped holding up. Getting this instead would have been ideal. This is much smaller, discreet and has a good battery life. If you work on the move like me with your laptop, phone  or tablet then this is great buy. Ask your Internet service provider for availability 
That’s all!

Do drop a comment below and let me know which of these you use or would be willing to purchase. I’d love to know



P.S. I’m finally planning a Blog meet up in Lagos soon, For a few blog readers in a serene environment, maximum of 30 people. We’d gist, share personal development stories, play Games, take photos, network and eat! To this note we’d need a venue, Finger foods, desserts and freebies for our gift bags. Brands and persons interested in sponsoring/supporting this event are welcome. Thank you in advance

Kindly mail me at Lynnjaphet@gmail.com. 


  1. This is so helpful Tosin. I just got to know about the remote control for shots for the first time. I’ll surely get that. I also need the SD card. Which camera do you use for your videos? I’ll love to begin videos soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Tosin,

    Very helpful post, thank you. 🙂

    Thankfully, my camera came with a freebie tripod. Though my blog pics are usually shot indoors, I hope to “graduate” to outdoor pics soon. A remote control would be so useful for self-taken pics.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Your post is quite insightful, as I don’t have a camera or a tripod stand.I rely on photographers and with my videos too but the cost of renting equipment is not beans. how do you record your videos yourself? and you didn’t mention lights too do you ever need a kinoflo

    • Hello dear,
      I mount my camera on my tripod and press record. I use lights rarely because natural Light is always better, so I presently don’t need a Kinflo . I think to cut costs its just better to buy your own equipments.

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