BEAUTY-3 1.Everyone should be an Accountant: If there’s one thing my father has taught me its financial Excellence. Since I was little, I see my dad on his computer every evening entering his expenditure for the day. If he withdraws from the cash machine  he inputs it on his extensive excel sheet. The entry usually looks like this ” Cash Withdrawal N10,000, Ikota ATM”.  I used to find it hilarious and unnecessary till I realized it’s an attribute for financially excellent people. In fact even all the family holidays are documented.  My Father can provide all the expenses from all the trips in seconds. He has a sheet titled “Family Vacation”. In that document there are things like “Newark 2010″- Feeding, amusement ride, Shopping” etc.   Tracking your daily income and expenditure makes you more aware and sensitive to your finances. It allows you to note your spending habits, your saving culture and how you can be more prudent with your money. More so, it allows you to plan accurately for your responsibilities. Tuition, Tithes, bills and other recurring expenses will become staple in your books. If you’re someone who would like to create a budget this would also help you have a clear picture of how to draw up an accurate on.

2. Never stop learning: Books, CD’s and learning materials flood his room. My Father doesn’t just buy books to decorate the house or give an impression of ‘Socrates status’, he actually buys books and reads them. His library consists of books on parenting, wealth creation and faith. Every time I travel, he sends me his list of books and CD’s to buy. I roll my eyes because it’s just more weight to my luggage, but then unconsciously it’s rubbed off on me. Now I buy books so frequently and even get to lend them out to my friends. Reading improves so much, the benefits cannot be over emphasized. It’s mentally stimulating, your vocabulary improves, your knowledge base is expanded and you become more assertive and imaginative. The list is endless. The reading culture is one everyone should practice.

 3.Spend personal time with the Lord: I don’t mean the family devotions or quick prayer while driving to work. I mean waking up early enough, sitting still and just spending quality time with God. It’s a spiritual exercise that just launches you into your day. As long as I can remember if I go to my Dad’s room early enough I always find him sat by his Bed with his head bow. For about 30minutes he just sits still and prays. I think our generation is a rather restless one, we are so distracted that prayer time is synonymous with social media round-up time. I’ve realized the only way that works for me is to switch off my phone as soon as I wake up or leave it in my bedroom while I go into my prayer room(bathroom) to meditate. Doing that provides clarity, it channels good energy into my day. The practice leaves me feeling fresh, inspired and hopeful that great things would happen during the course of the day.

4.Invest In quality shoes and watches: On a lighter side, this is another awesome tip I learnt from him. My dad is not a fashionable man in any way. He dresses simple and functional. Suited up every day except weekends. I’m probably the one always pushing for him to buy colorful ties and matching pocket squares.  However, he doesn’t play with his shoes or watches. My father is a loyalist, he can wear one watch for years, he believes he paid well for it so it should be utilized appropriately.  I’m sure to him variety isn’t the spice of life, quality is. Which I’ve found to be true. ‘quality over quantity even with fashion’. It’s wiser to have just 5 shoes that are functional, quality and equally trendy………..


What’s one habit of your dad/mum that has rubbed off on you? do drop a comment below, I’d love to know…





  1. I enjoyed reading your post, Tosin.

    I have learned how to be steadfast in prayer from my Mom. She prays as though everything is dependent on prayer and honestly, it is working for her. Prayer is that one thing that she is so consistent with.

    Precious Core Blog

  2. Hi Tosin

    I love the depth in this message, it’s so heart warming the way subtly revealed your father’s great personality. I like your writing style too, it’s clear and intelligent.

    Your father’s habits are worthy of emulation, I especially like his habit of accounting for daily expenses and financial planning. 🙂

    My father was a very spiritual man, he loved to worship God with such vigour. I hope I’ll grow my own relationship with God to that same degree, so right now the rubbing off is still a work-in-progress.

    My mother’s habit of saving for a rainy day and her empathy for others has rubbed off on me.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Amazing lessons. From my dad, I learnt planning ahead, being generous and good hospitality. From my mum, I’ve learnt not saying too much to third parties, I’ve learnt keeping your circle small, I’ve learnt patience and the power of prayer.

  4. My dad is the best accountant and record keeper I know. He has written records of sales he made 30years ago and everyone that knows him knows not to mess with that. I think I got the same bug. I’ve been writing since primary school. Diaries & dates are important to me. Even when I started blogging, almost every post must be written by hand first.


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