DSC_1532I love early hours of the morning, so much quiet and tranquility. I’m most productive late into the night and very early in the morning. I wake up everyday at 5:40am, though sometimes I sleep back if I don’t have anything major planned for the day especially weekends.

Today I’d be sharing with you 8 things I do before 8am. This is not a rigid itinerary but 8 out of 10 times I’m probably doing these.

1. Truthfully, The first thing I do when I wake up is switch off my alarm, then curl up in a bean form and sigh silently about having to get to the day.

2. I shut my eyes and pray. After a while I open the bible app on my phone and do my devotional + I write notes on what I learnt …


3. I open my laptop, play some worship music while I check & reply mails. During this time I also review blog comments, and close browsers from last night.DSC_1506

DSC_15134. I  Write my to do list for the day. This is almost a necessity for me to have a productive day. I’ve told you guys HERE I love journalling, its such a part of me that I don’t think would ever go away. Around this time of the morning I write down plans or ideas that may have brewed a day before.

5. Reply messages, check my social media, YouTube, peruse Instagram and upload a post if need be.DSC_1498.jpg

6. Pick an outfit & Pack my hand bag for the day. I love doing this because I’m that type of person that changes her bag to her outfit. So I need to transfer everything from a day before into a new hand bag, add items and stuff the other one with newspaper for storage.DSC_1527DSC_1495.jpg

7. Bath rites: Apply my morning face masks, lip scrub. Head to the bathroom, put on the water heater, brush then shower.DSC_1520

8. This depends on my itinerary for the day, most times if I’m feeling energetic I use this time to empty my bin, wash my car or just dress up. But If I’m working from home I head downstairs to make a quick breakfast before I get busy for the day.

And that’s all! I’m quite a detailed person so when it comes to time, notes, to-do lists, routines e.t.c I’m queen. 

These are habits that I’ve found to make me more effective in my daily activities.

So I want to know, what do you do after you wake up? Be sure to drop a comment!



Have a productive week ahead!

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16 Comments on “8 THINGS I DO BEFORE 8AM”

  1. With or without alarm my time is within 5:59am-6:01am.
    1. I switch on my phone, so that it will be set by the time I’m done with prayers/devotional!

    2. I pray and do my devotion

    3. Check my mum in the room and greet (Yoruba mum can be funny) to avoid the topic of civilization #lol

    4. Check my phone, social media (BBM first, whatsapp, twitter and IG), reply messages and all

    5. Lay my bed and arrange my corner of the room then sweep(just my room tho.

    6. Boil water and apply my St.Ives on my face while the water is boiling!

    7. My bath and all that follows

    I may eat if I feel like or
    8. I just do my makeover and launch out, if I’m going out!

  2. I switch off my alarm first- then wish that I could sleep for longer. I brush and shower. Showering wakes me up. I pray and read my bible. I don’t change my bag, except on weekends when I tend to use a smaller bag. I may listen to music and have my breakfast at the same time. Sometimes, I am in a rush in the morning so I eat on the train on my way to work.


  3. 1.I wakeup at abt 6am; depending on Wat d kids are takin to skol, and do a little fast prayer thn am up(at tyms I forget to pray,may God help me)
    2. Chk d help if she’s up to bath d kids.
    3. Then i fix breakfast nd at d same tym i start fixin d kids lunch for skool.
    4.Go bk nd forth to see hw ready they r for skool before d skool bus arrives at 7
    5. Once they r off, I go to my phone chk my mgs; and nap for another 20-30mins…..
    6. Thn I get ready for the store (thk God I Dnt do office work, wld hv Ben fired,hehehe)……..

  4. Hi Tosin,Itinerary goes thus
    1. Switch off the alarm at 5:30 and make a to-do list
    2.Pray and then take 2 glasses of water(I get lazy to read the bible most times,very bad)
    3.Give my self some pep talk
    4.Think about love and how to be a better friend and partner for like 10 mins(don’t even have bae)
    5.Read like 2 blogs or bellanaija posts(I bring out clothes for the week on sundays so..)
    6.Brush,shower and leave for mum’s shop(pre-corper life)

  5. You change your bag almost everyday? Wow, that’s something.

    My alarm goes off at 5:15, I snooze until 5:25am at the latest, hurriedly brush my teeth, put on my gym clothes and fly out the door. On the way to the gym is when I usually pray and do my devotional reading – when I’m feeling close to God and not running away (sinner’s guilt). If things go as planned, I’m at the gym from 6:15 to 7:15am, and at my desk by 7:40am.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. I really like your blog Tosin! I have 2 regular bags and a crossbody which is for the weekends if I choose to go out.. So thumbs up for bag changing.

    My mornings: turn off alarms that go off at 6.45 and 7.05 respectively, play gospel podcasts to get me up. Stay in bed/sleep till like 7.30/7.45, work out for 30mins, drink a cup of cold water plus lemon juice, freshen up, get out of the building 8.30-8.45.

  7. You are really really organised. That’s awesome. I think my life operates really fast. Set my alarm for 4am , have my clothes planned a day before, wake up, say a prayer, put on the heater, rush to the kitchen to see if there is anything I can help me sister do, brush, shower and out of the house before its 5:20am.


  8. Hi Tosin

    Merry Christmas!

    My eye caught your wardrobe rail.

    I have something like that but mine is broken. I will like to purchase another but I can’t seem to find where to buy.

    I have checked thrift shops including the shop I bought the broken one, still can’t find.

    Please can you recommend anywhere I can purchase this?


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