Hope you all are well, this weekend I took out my plaits (which is often beneath my wigs) and hung out with my friends.

I try to wash my hair at least once a week but lately I’ve been so lazy. Since I’m currently away from home, I do not have my wash day kit with me ( i.e. Shampoo, conditoner, leave in conditioner, cholestrol, coconut oil, shea butter & jojoba oil). It seems like a lot of products, but as a naturalista those things are staples for me. I’d do a post on 5 products I can’t do without after this.

Anyway, back to this weekend. I loosened the plaits and I was pleased with my hair texture and length. I had minimal shedding even after combing and detangling. I had dyed my hair black some weeks ago and I was worried about dryness and breakage.

Even though my hair is naturally a colour 1b I wanted to go a bit darker. I used the garnier nutrisse dye in soft black.


I used the dye allover my hair and washed it off with ORS shampoo and followed up with the conditioner that came with the pack. The colour came out vibrant and my hair was shining. It wasn’t dull, infact I feel the colour looked more natural on me in comparison to my old colour. Fastforward to yesterday after loosening the plaits, I rocked it as a Fro for a while then styled it as a bun and went to have lunch with my friends Tobi, Tosin and Tayo.

We then went on this scary ride afterwards(story for another day).

Rocking my fro!





Hope your weekend was great?

I’ve been watching lots of movies and sending emails, can’t wait to be back to Lagos!

Also I’d be announcing my Heather Lindsey book winner later today ^.^

Thank you all for entering. Stay tuned….




  1. WOW!. Tosin I’m inspired. I like your website. Will like to meet you. I’m also happy you are a believer in Christ and you make everyone know it. He is the reson why you are prosperous and highly favoured. God bless you


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