I’m so excited to be home, I got in last night *covers face*, this is probably the least planned trip ever, I knew I was going to visit Nigeria but I wasn’t sure exactly when, so when my dad booked a ticket I packed up and followed suit. My mum found out I was coming a few days before…….the surprise was lovely!
I ought to have been back since Sunday but as God would have it I missed my flight and I cried lol, I decided to go to London instead(which was fun).

So I got to London on Sunday morning and flew into Nigeria last night. Oh! the first thing I did was eat. I ate out, I went to Bukka hut with with my friend Michael. We had pounded yam, egusi, fish, meat, jollof rice, fried rice and Ofada stew! And It was good!

So far I’m very happy, today I got a new line because MTN had recycled my old sim, I got internet also, I wanted a mi-fi, a wireless internet I could carry around, so I settled for swift, (let me know there’s any better option). It’s a bit hot (apparently I came when the harmattan was just vanishing) Regardless it’s no big deal, I’d be fine and my skin will be too!

Anyway who is in Lagos? I’d be here for sometime (not sure how long). Besides work and business, I’m open to meet and greets, collaborations, product reviews, sponsorships, outings, eat outs, events, fashion shows e.t.c….basically anything that would be of valuable and worth the time! I hope you all are doing great! Can you tell I’m excited? Lol I am. Been too long!

Oh and I am going to set up and resume filming from next week, I had to cargo my filming equipments, no space in my box! Oh well, excited to see you all at everywhere I go, feel free to say hello, I’m a people lover ☺️


P.s I’m thinking of a meet and greet with a few readers, somewhere in Lagos (preferably island axis! ) Please comment below or send a mail if you want to hang out, we’d discuss food, business, relationships, God, fashion and everything else in between! As soon as we are up to a substantial number I’d book a time and place . Looking forward to see you all!

35 Comments on “TOUCHDOWN LAGOS!”

  1. Hi.
    Tosin, I am So interested…Im thinking something outdoor, like a restaurant..we Will est, gist, laff, yea take pix


  2. YAAAAAAY! As soon as i got the notification from africanism cosmopolitan i began dancing in my mind. Loool . i can’t wait to see you in physical. my bad.. welcome back to the center of excellence and hope you brought something for me o? like those tour fine dresses and shoes #widesmile# i propose you organize a mini meet and greet for you readers but if that wont fly me i sha will see you before you go back. LOVE YOU!

  3. Hey Tosin, i read your blog all the time but rarely comment. welcome back to nigeri. would have loved to see you but i stay in abuja. Enjoy your stay darl

  4. welcome back home dearie, wish u all d best thruout ur stay here in Nigeria; cant wait to c u again physically. love you cuz

  5. Aww nice to see you here in Lagos, would love to do a collabo/meet up whatever 😀



  6. Welcome back Hun.
    I can imagine how u were thinking of the Eba the moment you landed at the airport. Too funny …Lol
    I’d love to meet you and rub minds but unfortunately I’m not in Lagos.
    God bless you

  7. Welcome back.,i also just got back and what worries me most is the sun and my skin (like i was not used to it). I guess i will adjust,,, Would be nice to meet you though,

  8. You ATE all that at one meal time??? Haaaa you obviously missed Nigeria oh my gawd! When I saw the food tray pic I thought it was served on the plane. I’ve always wondered y Nigerian traditional meals aren’t served. I guess the prepping is too much utom. Then again I’ve never flown midday so I can’t really complain and I truly don’t recall having a trad meal on board.
    Totally love the bubbly feeling on your blog!

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