It’s almost a week since I’ve been in Lagos and I’ve been moving up and down. From catching up with family to getting things fixed. For some reason everything in my room was broken when I got back. The bulbs were out, bathroom was funny looking and the room full of cobwebs. I used last week to call artisans who got all that sorted thankfully.

On Saturday, I met up with my friend Yejide (you may remember her from the T.M.I tag) she was also in Glasgow with me but she’s back as well… We went to have lunch and also get a pedicure, it was oh so relaxing.

Yesterday was my mum’s birthday so we went to church for thanksgiving and had plenty to eat…… Also Last night I attended an event at oriental hotel Lekki, it was a album launch by Gospel musician pastor Chris Delvan. I attended with my friend Dara, and invited my other friend Mercy. It was a lovely event. It started by 5pm and ended by 9:30pm thereabout. Joke Silva was the M.C and there were ministrations from Tosin Martins, Cobhams Asuquo and many other artists in that genre. I didn’t take my camera along but I took a few pictures with my phone. If you follow me on Instagram @lynnjaphet you’d have gotten a glimpse of the event (I put up a 15secs Video).



Today, I’m on my way to the licence office, my drivers license has expired so I’m off to get a new one. I learnt that the process is a quite tasking one, and without bribery you may spend the whole day there. I’m hoping for the best because Mr.Alabi(my dad) is a due protocol oriented person, so no shortcuts for me lol. Anyway I’d let you know know how it goes.

I’m still waiting for the items I cargoed so I can begin filming Videos. Hopefully I get them before the week ends…..Also, many thanks to everyone who left a comment on the last post/mailed me about a proposed meet and greet! I’m elated and I can’t wait to plan something soon so we could all hang out. I’m looking at somewhere nice, affordable and well ventilated(preferably on the island)…probably a restaurant or a meeting place… Do let me know if you have any suggestions ……

Hope your day is going well,
speak to you soon,
Have a great day ahead…….

P.s. The Mask T-shirt I have on in the first picture (at the top) is from N.A.C.K… And the shot was also taken in their store(Ikota V.G.C Branch). They have nice clothes…do check them out. My top costs N5,000/ £20

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