Guys! I know you may have had your eye brows shot up when you saw the post title, but I love this girl and her newly acclaimed sense of style!
I literally stalk her on

Instagram, her style is so edgy and at the same time cute! I just had to share it with the world! I also think she’s like the point where cuteness and hotness meets lol : Enjoy 😀







P.s people said there was a slight resemblance between us…that’s when I rose my own brow😒… But whatever lol do you think so too?

8 Comments on “STYLE CRUSH : MO’CHEDDAH!”

  1. I definetly think you guys look alike. Love her sense of style though I wouldn’t dare rock that short hair.

  2. She’s ridiculously cute!so sooooo cute! I av no words rily…..+i thot I was d only one stalking her sha!lol 🙂

  3. Her style is just too fab I stalk her IG aswell!!!! …I love her to bits and she’s definitely underrated style wise..

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