20130517-171926.jpgHello people!
So my hair was 8months old on may 6th…. And it has really grown, I’m so proud of the growth and have been rocking it non stop!
Same maintenance :

nothing has changed except that I wash it once a week now and every time I want to wear it out, i weave it all back into 6 or 5 places a night before and I wrap it with a silk head scarf, this helps me to comb it better in the mornings and has this blown out look result.

🙅💇 started from the bottom! Now we’re here!! 😀
Loving it and rocking it! Also I get lots of crazy questions , people asking what country I’m from??, if its really my hair etc… And strangers trying to touch it in public, which I find very rude! Loool maybe i’m getting a little too proud, but oh well


I put a part sometimes, and it looks like this —->>

Have a lovely evening!
Pls Drop comments and ask questions I’ll be glad to answer 🙂

6 Comments on “NATURAL HAIR UPDATE: 8months”

  1. Loving your fro!..
    btw do you experience any form of shedding?..cos my hair sheds a lot and I get all this really tiny knots(fairy knots) which makes the shedding even worse..any suggestions?

    • Hey Abby! Thanks for the compliment! On shedding I experience that too but not so much, I advice u always keep your hair moisturised because dry brittle hair when brushed tend to shed more, also your shampoo may cause drying too, if sulphate is in it… On the fairy knots I don’t have that because my hair is quite soft, I think you should research that it make little changes like keeping your hair detangles always and sleeping with a silk scarf to avoid knots …. Hope that helped xx

  2. Oh wow!I rily do love ur hair and av bin rily debating whether to do d “Big chop” or not……my healthy thick beautiful shoulder length hair!!!!:-( am not sure I can but never say never,rite?!ur hair is reallyyyyy lovely thou:-)

    • Aww thanks lol, i always say don’t cut your hair if its healthy, well except you really want purely natural hair, because at the end of the day there’s really no point cutting off long permed hair,if years after the bigchop you may still end up relaxing it ….so enjoy your hair while you can… Lol

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