Days when I just walk by a shop with no intention to buy anything and my eyes jam something I just had to purchase…last Friday was one of those days…

I saw this dress

on the mannequin and it looked so simple yet nice, so I went inside to ask how much it was, and the lady said ………… Wait for it …..*drum roll* N2,800 ! What! I said pack it up please lol, i was so happy , and when I tried it on it fit like a glove!
So I wore it to church on Sunday!
Dress: amyl
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: forever 21
Sorry about the sub-par pictures, my friend Assam is just a waste lol
Purse: primark20130625-211002.jpg20130625-211035.jpg20130625-211049.jpg


7 Comments on “THAT DRESS!”

  1. Glad to know that all is well!
    I am loving this outfit – it can transition from day to night quite easily and for N2,800?! Way to get a bargain! =)

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