I received these beautiful glasses from Firmoo opticals, a leading eye glass company. I’ve been totally loving them. I did a video review and trust me its a good watch. Short and informative.

I received the glasses to the UK a week after I chose my preferred style: S947(C13).

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Foundation: Zaron healthy glow foundation FZ20, Cost: N4,750/N4800. Coverage: medium (buildable to full) Marykay product mentioned: Bronze 5 Hair in video: Perruque royale full wig with silk based, closure Ends Bleached with cynos powder and Herbspa developer 40%. Coloured with adore dye in copper and washed with purple shampoo. If in Nigeria shop hair products HERE

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Hello! Yesterday was an awesome day, My family friend Esther and I decided to have an impromptu picnic with our brothers. I was very excited about this because I’m naturally a spontaneous person. So we grabbed our baskets, camera, Food and headed to the Lekki conservation centre. This is my second time here and I […]

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 Hello! I’m a cake lover, basically I love what comes with it……. joy, sugar and sharing. It’s always a delight when a desserts company contacts me for a review. Mimi’s patisserie was established in December 2013 with a speciality in Cakes and Desserts. Their range includes Cakes – Healthy choices: Banana bread, Sugar free cakes, […]

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This is just a simple review of the hair I’ve been wearing lately! watch the video below to see movement, texture and more information!

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[caption id="attachment_4494" align="aligncenter" width="660" class=" "]Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder [20 Nude Beige] - kurze Review beauty blog mattes puder neu new august 2014 Photocredit:[/caption]
So I just incorporated highlighting/contouring into my makeup routine, I shared that in this Tutorial, I got a few questions about the highlighting powder I used, so I thought to do this post.
Most makeup gurus I follow often use the famous “Ben Nye banana/Topaz powder” but for some reason I never got to jump on the bandwagon. Anytime I plan to buy, it’s either they don’t have my preferred shade or I just can’t find a reliable U.K retailer. So I opted for basically any oil controlling powder I found.
I went to the Tesco in my area to buy groceries the other day and took a stroll to the makeup aisle, they had quite a range of products but not powders for dark skinned ladies like me. However, I saw this powder above and I was interested in the “mattefying” effect it claimed to have (Ad’s work). All the shades they had were for lighter skin to be honest, but since I was using it for ‘highlighting’ I wasn’t really fazed. I opted for the darkest-pale shade in the range i.e Sun Beige.
Slide4Product Description
Matte Maker all-day powder, Maybelline’s face powder with millions of powerful mattifying particles! Instantly absorbs oil and blends seamlessly with your skins tone and texture, for a perfectly flawless matte finish.
Talc, Paraffinum Liquidum/ Mineral Oil/ Magnesium Stearate, Caprylyl Glycol.
[+/- May Contain: Cl 77492 / Titanium dioxide/ Cl 77491, Cl 77492, Cl 77499, Iron Oxides


Packaging: It comes in a simple transparent package as seen above, however I never got to open it. The case ought to be twisted and opened but I just couldn’t open it. I googled ‘maybelline new matte maker can’t open’ to be sure I wasn’t lazy or crazy and I got a host of similar cases. Many users complained they couldn’t get their cases open. Eventually I had to use a knife to lift the edges which I ended up breaking the entire compact powder. I had to place it in another container to avoid stains everywhere. IMG_1147 IMG_7105Cost: £3.99 at most outlets.

Application: I used it underneath my eyes to set the highlight concealer. Since it had broken I had to use my brush to control the powder particles, The powder applies easily and absorbs into your skin almost immediately. The sun beige reminds me of Ailin powder just without the talc scent or saturation (shout out to everyone who used that product, it was the bomb lol).

Aftermath: It looked good on my face and didn’t create any white cast in photos. The “matte maker” controlled oil for about 3-4 hours maximum and I needed to blot my face. So nothing out of the blues. I also used it to church yesterday where I danced and walked around quite a bit. On getting home, my makeup was still intact but could have used a dab/blot. (watch my application in this foundation tutorial)
Overview: Good product, very affordable, Horrid packaging. I rate it 6/10. I would continue using it till I find a better substitute if necessary.
I hope this review was helpful, Do let me know what highlight powders you use and your review on it! would love to know..
Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you……..
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