This is just a simple review of the hair I’ve been wearing lately! watch the video below to see movement, texture and more information!

The company website is still ongoing ( but you can follow them on instagram @sirokkoBeauty to see client testimonials/Hair types .

PACKAGING: It was sent to me in clear ziplock bags, three bundles of Russian curls, IMG_8918
DELIVERY: I received it in 5days after I was contacted. They deliver worldwide in 5-10days.

SMELL: It just smelled like hair, although I haven’t washed it since I got it, the hair doesn’t have any foul smell/scent.

INSTALLATION: I fixed it on a Spandex wig cap for durability as usual. I cut the wefts while fixing as I “glued instead of sewing”, I used up almost all three bundles. Also I noticed minimal shedding while brushing. I used the closure from RaefranHair to compliment the bundles.

HEAT RESPONSE: I haven’t had the need to blowdry/straighten/curl, so I can’t really say.

CARE: I do not sleep with it OR apply any oil/serum. I also sometimes place the wig on my heater to air out any sweat residue during the day.

PROS: Great and efficient customer service, good delivery speed, Affordable price, Great Quality Hair, Fast response to calls and worldwide

IG: @SirokkoBeauty



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