During my lunch break today I decided to take some pictures for O.O.T.D.

Lagos heat would not even allow someone to form fresh, lol…….oh well

Photocredit: Ann & Mike

Pants: Forever 21|| Shoes: Topshop|| Bag: Therapy|| Hair: Raefranhair UK-Kinky peruvian



Hope you day is going well…..

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Have a great weekend! speak to you soon…

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Hello! Happy Monday! sure your weekend was great and if not, no worries…..better days ahead. My weekend was quite eventful, I attended the Closeup Cupid’s ball and met quite a couple of blog readers ^.^ shout out to everyone I saw–sad we didn’t take pictures. **I would share personal/event pictures in a later post. Unto […]

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FullSizeRender-1 copyHello!

I was tagged by Esther 150 on youtube to do this tag, and I fimed the video earlier today.

I answered a few questions about my lipsticks and lip related products. Do enjoy.

P.s. I filmed this video in my bedroom but a different corner, and I think I like the white background better. Let me know what you think/which you prefer.


INSTAGRAM: lynnjaphet
SONGS: WOJU: kiss daniel
Editor: Final cut pro/Imovie
– Vaseline
– MAC Ruby Woo
– Rimmel No. 10 Lipstick
-Sleek Papaya punch
-Sleek Mystic
-Zaron lipstick in Dusk
– MAC flat out fabulous
-MAC Heroine
1. Favorite balm/treatment?
2. Best eye-catching red?
3. Best luxury & best drugstore?
4. Best MAC lipstick?
5. The most disappointing?
6. Liner – yes or no?
7. Best gloss?
8. Something extra!
I tag:
→ AmyLozy
→ Tosin Alabi
→Sisi yemmie
→beauty & crushes
→meerah’s closet
→ 93Kaffy
→ LisaOfficallyLive

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So I was tagged by the wonderful sisiyemmie a while back to do this video, and I’ve filmed it twice….. but lost the footage. So please bear with me for my lateness! The video is a recap of 2014 and I answered all the questions below.
1) Biggest Accomplishment of 2014
2) Best Memory of 2014
3) Biggest Obstacle of 2014
4) Top 5 favorite beauty products of 2014
5) Bloopers from 2014 (I skipped this)
6) Favorite Mainstream YouTubers and Non-Mainstream YouTubers (Skipped my mind)
7) Regret(s) of 2014
8) Most Memorable phrases from the year 2014
9) Most Embarrassing Moment of 2014
10) Lessons Learned from 2014
11) Goals for 2015
12) What I’m looking forward to in the New Year (2015)



My week started great, went jogging this morning and felt refreshed….My resolution for the week is to take only water no juices or fizzy drinks…I found 2-3 pimples on my face and i’m not happy about that. so operation clean eating, more water, exercise and more sleep.

************ The Giveaway winner for the 12 cupcakes from Vanilla Cake Factory is @Sisisingele, I chose her because she wanted to gift out the cupcakes to her friend(which is what love is about). She also followed the rules. Congrats Sisi please send your full name, address and phone number to !

Another set of cupcakes to be given out today, so watch out ^.^

Hope you all are doing great? Have a productive week ahead

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twitter @LLynn_J
Instagram: @Lynnjaphet

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This video is in continuation with my Post on ‘FREE APPS TO IMPROVE YOUR IMAGING“, In this video I share apps on my phone and all other info as regards that.

Do enjoy.



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Hello! Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I’m having a giveaway (or giveaways) ^.^ This first Giveaway is a set of 12 cupcakes from @vanilla_cake_factory ! They make exquisite, delicious and affordable cakes. Based in Ibadan but deliver to all axis of Nigeria. To win this delightful box, the rules are simple! 1. […]

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It’s quite a chore filming in Nigeria lol, If it’s not generator noise its the Aircondition in the background, but nothing shall spoil my productivity for the day, This is a video for my youtube hunnies, on Life update in Nigeria. do watch, share, comment and subscribe ^.^

KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY(Choose 1080hd on the settings tab at the base of the video)


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IMG_5097Hello people,

How did your weekend go? Mine was quite busy and exciting….Let me first share a ‘goodnews’, my cargo with all my lights and filming equipment has arrived so I shall begin vlogging ASAP!

So back to my weekend,I Visited quite a few places, from SweetKiwi to IamCookieJar bakery, and also attended a wedding, actually my friend Mimi’s introduction. That was the highlight of the weekend. Mimi brought the asoebi Gele to me like 3days before the wedding and I had no tailor to sew the outfit. I went down my street and found a tailor who was willing to sew me a dress in short notice.

She charged me for express service, but I collected the dress Friday night and she didn’t disappoint. No amendment needed whatsoever, just a perfect fit. The next day was the event and I tied a Gele…God bless the late Adenike of Ewarmakeovers who put up a video on how to tie a gele on YouTube, that’s how I learnt how to tie……may her soul rest in peace.

I think I didn’t do a horrid Job in that department, I got there in good time and I was pleased my Gele wasn’t out-of-place. (Pink is such a vibrant colour! new fav)

IMG_3911Also over the weekend I received a package from . I won a lovely skirt on their Instagram page and they had delivered it to my mum since, but my mum just remembered and gave it to me. It was well packaged and the skirt was a perfect fit! I shall do an outfit post on that later…

IMG_8928Also on Sunday afternoon, I went round Lekki today with my friends Lano and Mayowa, I went to sweetKiwi for the first time since I got back to try their frozen Yogurt, I heard about the buzz and wanted to try….and yes it was worth every Naira. I had a mix of the york cheesecake, sweet kiwi and pineapple flavour…toppings were granola, grapes and oreo cookie crumbs…it was so good! The staff was extremely polite, our attendant’s name was ‘Shedrach’, very courteous man. I also went to cookiejar bakery because Lano was craving some cake, we didn’t eventually get the type she wanted we had to go to coldstone, yet we didn’t satisfy Lano’s sweet tooth…..lolIMG_2721Moving on……..I also deep conditioned my hair this weekend, this Lagos weather hasn’t been the most exciting so my hair needed some TLC. I washed my hair and did a quick vinegar rinse (spraying your hair with diluted acid cider vinegar and washing it out after 20minutes). That helps to wash out dandruff and existing product buildup… I shared on my Instagram page details of that.

Finally! A new salon and makeup studio opened in my area(Ajah), It belongs to my aunt @shalzmakeupGeek , It’s a beautiful environment for your one stop beauty needs. They offer Massages, facials, makeovers, salon , photography etc! Milles visages is located before Ado round about, inside de-legacy Plaza ado road 08181514982. Ensure you visit and refer them! lots of freebies this month!IMG_0910

Anyway that’s how I spent my weekend, How did you spend yours? This morning I’m going to work late because I have to sort out my luggage and tidy up my room….should blog again later in the day!

Have a great week ahead,

Be fruitful.

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…




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IMG_1665 copyHello!

When it comes to blogging and social media, presentation is key…F

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IMG_8941 copy

Hello A.C Fam!

Good to be on this platform again to discuss one of the things I’m very passionate about, am I an education/research enthusiast (you ask)? I think I am.

The aim of this post is to highlight one out of the many advantages that research has thus emphasizing the need for better quality research work as students that would hopefully be of great relevance to the government amongst other sectors. Before laying emphasis on research as a solution pill, let’s talk briefly on the utilization of research in past years.

A quick comparism, World Bank data for year 2010-2014 shows that United Kingdom has 4,024 researchers in R&D (per million people) in contrast to 95 researchers Zimbabwe has in R&D. This shows that developed nation maximize research maybe not optimally but at least it’s not under-utilized in contrast to most developing countries which Nigeria is not an exception

Note: population is a great influencing factor of the figure above however the margin between these two countries is very wide nonetheless the industrial growth of each country drives the point home better. Some developing countries like Nigeria has no data on the table (link here:

Also, UNESCO recognise that high level research and development within a government fuels industrial growth. The figure above include PHD researchers, this highlights importance of research with better quality from student platform.

Not all student got it right the first time, Its ok to have made some mistakes in the past as a student researcher one of the reasons this platform exist is to reduce the occurrence of these mistakes in future. (Expect a post on common mistakes students make in research and how they can be minimised).

‘Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future’ – Swami Sivananda

Looking into the future, I see research birthing solutions to national problems, although not currently maximized. Research as a ‘solution-pill’ is currently not maximized for (I believe) the following reasons;

  • Most research works carried out by students in Nigeria Universities (especially undergraduates) are ‘dumped’ on the shelf with no further action. Thus affecting the perception and enthusiasm students have towards research. I believe the grass-root of research is at undergraduate level.

P.S I’m more familiar with the Nigerian education system thus indulge me, however, I would like to know whether readers from other countries share same observations.

  • Ignorance to the solution power research carries. I remember one of my Lecturers during my postgraduate (missed my intro post? Read here) cited an example of the research he conducted to help give advice to top government officials to make relevant decision as it relates to the economy. Is research that essential? OH YES! Most developed nations thrive on the wings of research.

Just recently, I was watching TV and I saw an advert asking viewers to donate to ‘cancer research’ in the UK. Now, can you beat that?! I honestly think we need awareness of research potential. Australia for instance has a Financial Integrity Research Network (FIRN)-a platform for identifying and solving financial problems such as Hedge Funds, Asset Pricing and so on.

Research might not give a precise solution as it were but at least it puts you on the solution path. Take for instance the Ebola outbreak, various research was carried out in the US to identify the cause and the cure (solution-pill). Yes the result of the various research wasn’t a precise solution however it gave a solution path which with further developments can be precise.

I see research solving private/public financial challenges across the globe not just medical (clinical) issues. Do you?

What problem has research solved you ask?

  1. Financial Management Problems: According to Financial Engineering Research at McCormick in this link are lists of financial engineering problems solved by renowned researchers. For instance, ‘Prof Mehrotra developed stochastic nonlinear models and algorithms for asset-liability management problems’.
  2. Algebra Learning Problem: According to Press Trust of India (05/05/2014), researchers establish that there is a computer system that provides automatic solutions to ‘beginners’ problems encountered at algebra classes. This for instance is so cool! Growing up an area of struggle in mathematics was algebra.
  3. Social Media Insecurity: Did you know that some researchers in June 2014 solved ‘a big security problem with android apps on google play’? Here’s the link for further read

I encourage students out there to engage in research when opportune to, it’s an amazing platform that has solution potentials asides knowledge potentials.

Let’s all put our thinking, critical and analytical caps as I stimulate you on this research journey as we enhance academic excellence.

Till I come your way again,

Stay Winning,

-Wunmi Kayode.

Please leave your comments, suggestions, or questions in the comment box below or mail me at

The Education segment of the blog is one where you can find resources as a student/prospective one to help you succeed academically. Periodic posts would be published ranging from advice to questions and resources, all of which readily available to help you. I wish you all the best in your academic endeavours- Tosin Alabi( editor)


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