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Happy Monday! sure your weekend was great and if not, no worries…..better days ahead. My weekend was quite eventful, I attended the Closeup Cupid’s ball and met quite a couple of blog readers ^.^ shout out to everyone I saw–sad we didn’t take pictures.

**I would share personal/event pictures in a later post.

Unto today’s topic, I’m talking about you. I realised this weekend that people don’t give themselves enough credit. I don’t mean to be utterly self obsessed or arrogant self adulations that’s not healthy,  I mean appreciating your self, Loving yourself regardless of your battles, failures or victories and not being too judgemental with yourself.

I understand we all have goals and many things to think about, but sometimes relax and thank God for YOU.

I used to be quite self-indulgent so I know there’s a thin line. However, I also know the benefits of thinking of yourself positively and understanding that you are enough. You are all that you need to be happy. I read a book by Adunni Badmus earlier this year titled ‘Absolutely enough’ and it opened me up to a new insight on self-appreciation.

When you appreciate yourself you automatically create a standard for how others treat you. It’s the same with self-love. Appreciating yourself goes beyond physical features or back logs of comparison…. It’s about releasing love to yourself and celebrating yourself regardless of any shortcoming.

I love the phrase “I used to” because it reminds me of how much I’ve conquered and what the future holds. No matter how ugly the past was it has indeed become past…….”I used to”

‘Self love is about knowing your values, your boundaries and honouring them. It’s about teaching others how to treat you by showing them how you treat yourself. It is about being kind to yourself. It’s about looking after your mind, your body and your spirit; all three. It is about knowing you are worth it, Not only because of what you have achieved or what you look like or what others think of you, but because love is your birthright no matter what’.

Today I appreciate myself for being me. God moulded us in his own image, fearfully and wonderfully made. Today I appreciate your existence. I appreciate myself for growth, I appreciate myself for forgiving me and others, I appreciate myself for being entrepreneurial, I appreciate my beauty and myself for not using the world’s standard as a lens to measure…..

With all being said I want you to do the same….appreciate you.

Here’s an amazing poem my friend Cynthia shared on her instagram

Tell me what you appreciate about yourself below, and If you don’t know, sit, think and reflect. It would come to you….I celebrate you!

Have a splendid day ahead



9 Comments on “APPRECIATE YOU!”

  1. I appreciate the fact that I can write no matter how tough situations get. God has blessed me with a sound mind to think and write. I appreciate that I can look in the mirror and not be unhappy about my look. I appreciate the person I have grown to become knowing that the future is better.

  2. Despite my insight on this topic! I think u have a beautiful gift! U write beautifully and u make issues that seem so complex! Very easy to comprehend.. XO..

  3. I am so guilty of beating myself so hard at times. But then again, I appreciate myself for my generous heart, ability to see light in a gloomy place, the way I love and my intellectual prowess.

  4. I appreciate my smile…..sometimes when I’m sad and I pick up my phone to go through pictures, I find myself smiling and happy because of the smile on my face in the pictures of myself. I appreciate the fact that I’m gradually overcoming my low self-esteem issue (with God’s help), though I feel like it’s a rather slow process. I appreciate you, your tweets and your blog (yeah :D).

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