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Hello, I decided recently that I’d buy some new makeup as I was running out . However, most of the items here are new products, I bought them based on reviews and my personal discretion. I love makeup shopping any kind of shopping to be honest ,   I find my self spending quite some time on […]

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This is a video about the time I failed in school and how I got through it. I shared this on my youtube channel HERE and the feedback has been awesome, I’m glad a lot of people were encouraged by it. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, make sure you do so you don’t […]

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Hi there! How has your week been? Mine has been indoors mostly, I had to see the dentist for a procedure and I also came down with the flu. Yesterday was my first time dressing up in about 8days. I had just been struggling with the coughs and more, but now I feel way better. […]

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7 USEFUL-2Hello!

Remember I started a blog series where I share useful tips and information for fellow bloggers. Check my previous posts HERE. Today, I’d be discussing gadgets and devices that have made my blogging life easier. All are affordable and I’ve added direct links for purchase.

1. Chromecast: This acts like a transmitter from your laptop to other screens. A traditional form of this is an HDMI cable. I bought this from Currys but hardly use it since I’m in Nigeria, however it’s so useful when I’m abroad with efficient and cheaper internet services. It’s very handy  if you spend lots of time streaming videos and working online. BUY THE NEWER MODEL <a style="color: #000000;"

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  Hello! Happy Monday, Hope you all are doing great? I did a video with my brother Jide, and it’s a YouTuber sibling tag. Slightly different from the one I made a while ago with Tope HERE. The video is short, we answered some questions and had fun making it. I’d be filming other videos […]

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Hello all!

I had the opportunity of having an interview with the lovely people at They had a christmas special for creatives in Nigeria and I was among. You can read HERE or below


Name: Alabi Tosin
Art: Life style blogger
Affiliations:, naija naturals & TAG solutions
Personal Mantra / Motto: Where I am is a result of the choices I’ve made.
1. Tell us something unique about Tosin Alabi:  There is no one in the entire world exactly  like me, and thats absolutely fascinating and beautiful.

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IMG_6528 Hello!

Happy Sunday and merry Christmas in Arrears! Hope your holiday was fun and you got to bond with loved ones. My immediate younger brother Jide is home for the holidays…….. I’ve been stuffing him with food and taking him all around Lagos. I saw him last 3years ago when he was going off to college, he never came home and I didn’t visit either. He schools in Canada so this visit was long anticipated.

This Christmas holiday was rather boring for me, I stayed home, went shopping and queued for Fuel most times. During one of my shopping ventures I bought this dress. It’s by Chichi London. It was on sale on Asos for £49 From £70 See HERE  . I really loved the style and fit, though it comes small I managed to fit into a size 8. No amendments necessary. I wore it out today and my brother wore blue too coincidentally.

My Purse is from my mom’s closet while my shoes are from a store in Lagos Island, Got it for N4,500 only. Talk about bargain.  GET SIMILAR HERE

The entire look was very regal and I felt like the Duchess of England. Thanks to the flag behind me……..

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IMG_5572I bought this Facial sponge from the Ajali store launch. I sincerely had never heard of a Konjac sponge till I saw it on the store’s Instagram page. I decided to do my research on what it was.

A konjac sponge is a

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Happy Sunday all!

Hope your day went well. I actually wanted to post this right after church but I slept like a baby, didn’t realize how tired I was…..

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, I get to dress up, fellowship and rest.

My outfit today was pretty simple. Pencil skirts are my next favorite things after dresses. I had fun taking these photos, Toun from this post HERE, Helped with the shots.



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Hello! So yesterday was a busy day, I spent half my day in traffic(one more reason I’d like to move out of Lagos lol)….. I went out for a meeting and the person I was to meet with suggested Hans and Rene as a good place to discuss. The meeting was productive and we ordered […]

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