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I had the opportunity of having an interview with the lovely people at shopinlagos.com. They had a christmas special for creatives in Nigeria and I was listed among. You can read HERE or below


Name: Alabi Tosin     Art: Life style blogger
Affiliations: Africanismcosmopolitan.com, naija naturals & TAG solutions
Personal Mantra / Motto: Where I am is a result of the choices I’ve made.
1. Tell us something unique about Tosin Alabi:  There is no one in the entire world exactly  like me, and thats absolutely fascinating and beautiful.

2. There is a growing trend among young people to become bloggers, what do you think gave birth to that? I think our generation is one huge on self expression, creativity and fame focused, so blogging seems like a platform to show case either of the three or all.

3. Is Tosin Alabi just a blogger or are there other engagements? I actually consider my self first an entrepreneur before a blogger. I run two businesses full time and I run the blog. I was recently in Corporate Nigeria as well but left that about a month ago.

4. What makes your blog unique, and what type of stories do you find fascinating, that you’re quick to post? What makes my blog unique is the holistic approach I take to it. I’ve designed it to be a hub for a wholesome life balance. I don’t just do food or fashion, I share all that involves me in being a well rounded individual, starting from my faith to my choice of clothes. My favorite posts are the weekend round ups and Logos. the former is self explanatory while Logos is where I discuss faith. As soon as I get an understanding of a topic I am so excited to type and publish.

5. You have been blogging for how long now? I’ve been blogging since 2011, so about 4years.

6. At leisure, you would most likely be? I would be in my bed reading some article or on the phone.

7. What’s your most price possession, something you can’t do without? Prior to this I would have said my laptop, It stores everything!  but God taught me something recently, about 3weeks ago it crashed and I lost all my documents. It just reminds me that everything in life is fickle and we shouldn’t attach too much importance to material things. So currently I can do without any possession.

8. How do you handle the negative comments that comes to you as a blogger? I actually have a detailed post on that, but anyway because of my type of content I rarely receive negative comments, but when I do, I simply ignore or learn from it if I consider it constructive criticism.

9. Do you have “a type” of music, or anything goes for you? Oh I’m a worship song lover. So anything within that genre works.

10. As a blogger, what do you hope to have achieved in 5 years time? In Five years I want to be an employer of labour, I want to have a full media outfit dedicated to producing quality and edifying content to the youth.

11.Dream destination: I really want to visit Marrakesh and the Maldives.

12. Who/what inspires you to wake up every morning and do what you do? Knowing that there’s a God and there’s a purpose for my existence is enough motivation to get up and create.

13. If you had the opportunity to speak to a group of young people, what’s that one thing you would tell them? LOL just One thing? I’ve got many. But if  I had to stick to one? it would certainly be salvation and the beauty of service.

14. Time is what to you? Time controls everything. There is an appointed season for everything, you cannot afford to waste it.

15. The best advice you have ever received and from who? The best advice so far as definitely been from the word. ” But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”. So it just keeps my heart at rest, I have no worries.

That’s all! Thank you for reading, 

do drop a comment if any of my answers resonated with you!


  1. Hi Tosin,

    I enjoyed reading this, I got to know you better. 🙂

    “Where I am is a result of the choices I’ve made.” Yes, one must take full responsibility.

    Have a lovely weekend.

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