Hi there!

How has your week been? Mine has been indoors mostly, I had to see the dentist for a procedure and I also came down with the flu. Yesterday was my first time dressing up in about 8days. I had just been struggling with the coughs and more, but now I feel way better.

I also got my hair braided, the last time I braided was in this post HERE, what do you think about braids? I silently fear for my edges….

Yesterday, I had a meeting yesterday and it was productive, since it was in an informal setting I decided to go with a denim shirt, jeans and heels. The meeting held at ice cream factory Lekki and we had some yummy desserts. I had the strawberry crepe and ice cream, while my clients had the Tiramisu cake & cream waffles.

Just before the meeting I asked my friend Mike to help with some photos as it’s been  while I had an O.O.T.D (outfit of the day) post on the blog. I think for a novice he did a good job.

Denim shirt: Forever 21 | Jeans: BlueNotes| Mules: Topshop |Bag: Linea |Glasses: Prada



Hope you’re doing well and you’ve been watching my youtube Videos, if you haven’t you are missing! You’d soon have to start paying to hear me speak ^.^,  so head over to my channel HERE and catch up!

I love you always for reading,

Don’t forget to drop a comment below, I absolutely love hearing your thoughts!



3 Comments on “OOTD:TRILOGY”

  1. As always, you look lovely! 🙂

    I ought to invest in a pair of dazzling white fitted jeans, they always looks so effortlessly stylish.

    Not so keen on braids, I fear for both my ends and my edges. Lol

    My week has been great so far, I think it’s flu season, I am currently battling with it too.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

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