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Remember I launched a new segment on the blog called “Ask Tosin”, a platform where you can send me questions on anything you’d like my opinion upon. Now, I do not claim to know it all but I may have a comment/suggestion on shared topics which I hope you find valuable to the circumstance. Thank you for all the questions so far, some questions are confidential so I may not be able to publish them. however, for recurring questions like this, I’ve decided to answer and post them periodically(once a week). For this first published segment I would be answering my

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black_background_woodce-t2Hello beautiful people!
I’m back! and with a bang!

I have lots of posts to publish, so this blog will be on a roll! All segments are back, from Logos corner, get ready with me, outfit posts, recipes, reviews etc. I’m also adding new segments to the blog, one of which is “Ask Tosin”. I get lots of mails weekly on various issues from clothing stores, to beauty, spirituality and even career. Hence I’ve decided to make it an official part of the blog. (You can mail me at I’d respond ASAP).

However, if I feel some questions are repetitive or may be beneficial to many, I’d publish them as FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) But if you’d like to stay anonymous or confidential I would certainly respect your wish.

I’m really excited about this time in my life , so much goodnews and activities which day by day I’d be unveiling to you all.
Thank you again for the support.

P.s. Don’t forget to share and add my blog to your bookmark to avoid typing my long blog name lol.

Speak soon! (Later today)

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Hello guys, This is a video specially for you, answering all your questions and also some personal details about me. I tried to cover all topics but just incase I left anything out, Kindly leave your question in the comment box below. P.S Did you notice the new domain name? No more, its now […]

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