Happy new year!

So late last year I received this black face mask from original cosmetics, an online beauty supply store in Nigeria.

However, with skin care products I’m very careful. I’ve once done a review on a product I later reacted badly to. So with this one I wanted to use it multiple times before sharing.

You know those ADS you see all over the internet with people pulling out white heads from their skin with a mask, this product claims to do the same.

I’ve used it a couple of times and I like how smooth my skin feels afterwards. I filmed the entire process for you and thought to share.

My verdict

  • Reduces oil
  • Instant brightness to skin
  • Hurts when pulled if hairy on face
  • Takes a while to completely dry (30minutes)
  • Skin feels very soft after rinse.
  • On all occasions used, It didn’t pull out black heads as claimed, but I know with consistent use its improves overall skin appearance
  • Very affordable N4,000 only.

Do let me know your thoughts.

Here is a link to purchase! BUY HERE

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