Been a while I did a post on my natural hair, so here!

My hair is 4 years plus, I currently have fairly long hair ( past my shoulders when stretched) and I barely wear my hair out in other styles besides my bun. If I’m not having my bun, its 10-12 plaits for wigs or I twist it all up.

All week I’ve been experiencing shrinkage so I just decided to have it done instead of daily manipulating it. imageedit_1_2143123697

I went to my friend McCarthy’s salon for a quick wash and style.

I opted for some side plaits and mini twists. Using just my hair with no extensions.

I call it my pre christmas hair, I plan to wear it for three weeks to a month! My life is so busy at the moment that I literally have no time for hair, makeup or daily beauty routines. I just want to shower, get dressed and leave home. 201711151430809396

I brought along my array of hair butters and pudding, but to my surprise the stylist felt it would weigh down my hair so she used only a lock and twist gel to twist .

Once I washed my hair it was left damp /semi dry , she applied a menthol based hair cream to my scalp (Damatol) and began to twist. When the process was done, she applied some hair sheen and that was it. Night

I felt so young when she was done, took years off my face and got lots of compliments. I’m so excited about this hair-do because its full yet light weight, lasts long and when I’m bored I can wear my wigs over it. 20171115534493595


Duration: 3hours (start to finish), one stylist.

Salon: First impression McCarthy salon, E338 Ikota shopping complex V.G.C Ajah Lagos

Do let me know your thoughts and if you’d try this out.




5 Comments on “ROCKING TWISTS!”

  1. I love twists so much, the most comfortable hairstyle ever. My problem is that the shrinkage can be quite sad.
    The hair is quite neatly done, and I love the fact that few products were used too, surprised to see the olive oil sheen though, but then, we learn something new everyday.
    I’ve missed your natural hair and style posts so much!

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