11888021_1464901199.7724Towunmi Coker Literary Initiative ,  was founded with the desire to promote reading and writing culture among students. The aim is to inspire, develop, promote and support students in Nigerian Secondary Schools who have flair for writing and generally impact its environment through literature. It is driven towards promoting our own culture, reading and writing culture in our environment. The initiative began with Teecoks writing competition among secondary school students in Lagos State in 2013 which aims at improving the writing skills of the younger generation of Nigerians, exposure to technology which can further improve them to modern skills of writing and introduce them to the world as young writers. The motive of the literary initiative is to promote all forms of literature. The mission and vision of the writing competition entails telling our own stories, building and training emerging writers and lovers of writing/art so that writing/art doesn’t die in our country.

Nigeria is known for producing wonderful writers and intelligent story tellers and we want to maintain this and even achieve more. The writing competition, whose target population is secondary school, is so because we intend to catch them young. Also, because, this is the moulding age group, where dreams aspiration, talents and passion can be encouraged and promoted. The desire for this came from her own courage to continue to write after winning ANA/NECO (Association of Nigerian Authors/National Examination Council) 2007 as a secondary school student. Therefore, she wanted other students who love to write, not to stop writing but develop their gift, talent and flair for writing. Children are leaders of tomorrow, we intend to catch them young. The power of the pen is beyond description, we are empowering with fingers.

The initiative has also successfully staged plays based on a book written by the Founder, Towunmi Coker, ‘Promise of the Future’. We love literature! We are promoting all forms of art/literature.11888021_1464903396.4711_funddescription

We are raising money for a standard community library well equipped with all types of books for all profession inclusive of literature books in a serene environment conducive for reading in Central Lagos, Nigeria. Donate HERE11888021_1464903422.982_funddescription

We have a location already so the money would be used to secure the building and refurbish it. Money is not inclusive of the books. We accept book donations too.11888021_1464903455.4791_funddescription

This means so much to TCLI because it has always been the founder’s dream to see a standard and functional Library in her Country and She believe this would further encourage people to read. Also, the idea and use of a library does not get eradicated with time as it would be well equipped with all types of books leisure and profession wise. For people who also love to read and have no means of getting across the books they need this Library would provide solutions to such obstacle. I believe it would encourage more people to use the library.11888021_1464910337.7801_funddescription

We are extremely grateful to every contributor in helping us achieve this milestone.

To support this campaign kindly click HERE

Or by bank transfer


Name: Towunmi Coker Literary Initiative

Account Number: 0708488032

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