IMG_1353 Hello!

How was your weekend? Hope it was lovely? Mine was! Before I go on to today’s post I just want to say a big Thank you to all my blog readers, you all have been too great lately, I see your kind comments/mails daily and I want you to know it’s oh so encouraging,Thank you! Greatness for you this week.

Onto today’s post, I received this lovely print set from BelleKay Woman, a Ready-to-wear/made-to-order female clothing line. I got this set about 3weeks ago but time did not permit me to rock it. I finally did yesterday evening and I got several compliments, I even think the photos don’t do adequate justice. It had that casual chic/loose fit look, I dressed it up with my white strappy mules and drop earrings. My friend Cynthia helped with the photos, Her house had coincidentally had the perfect yellow background. DSC_0224

I was also sent a pre-made set in the blue print below to giveaway to one lucky reader! DSC_0227

I’d be using my discretion to choose a winner this time because of sizing. So all you have to  do is Follow @BellekayWoman on instagram and tag 5 friends (on their IG page) to do the same. Also drop a comment below on what you think about indigenous fashion brands (style, pricing, quality…..anything).  If you don’t have Instagram (please join lol) and drop a comment too…….

I love hearing your thoughts.


Contact number: +2348157566611

Instagram/Twitter: @BelleKayWoman


May the best woman win!




  1. Indigenous fashion brands are upping their game recently and I’ve been loving the creativity. But the prices! Very discouraging, you could see a simple basic top or a Tshirt retailing at N20,000.

  2. I think fashion designers in Nigeria are doing great with the excellent pieces and the beautiful fabrics they use. However, very few of them have affordable prices. I think some of these designers over price their pieces.

  3. Fashion designers in Africa have evolved, great western influences in their design but under these we all see their different creative abilities. Good enough that our designs are sought after all over the world; most times they happen to be very pricey for the average African. Beautiful fabrics with rich colors and vibrant patterns.

  4. Indigenous fashion designers are coming up. Its much better than what it used to be in terms of styles, designs, fabric quality and sewing. My only concern is the cost. Some items are over priced.

  5. I will say the indigenous brands are doing a good job as to contributing to the country’s economy in their own way.. However they are quite expensive and one would expect it to be reasonably priced because they are indigenous, right? Thing is most businesses have their defined target market which might not be everyone and that affects pricing.

  6. Indigenous brands are getting better everyday and coming up with more designs which are quite nice but the items are mostly really expensive and when you think about it, it makes no sense to buy it.

  7. I think indigenous brands in Nigeria are really evolving and upping their game and have seen a couple of them on international runways which is a really encouraging and motivating for other upcoming designers.But on the other hand most of their prices are really not so flattering and as for the style I see a lot of similarities in designs and for the quality I can’t speak for all but for the few which I have like Nack the quality is really impressive.😊😊

  8. Hi so I really was going to comment just like everyone else that has commented so far but its a two way thing . to start I love the brand I’m still getting to know more of it, thanks to IG the print looks beautiful and colorful likewise so that’s good now onto the issue of price, true some pieces are over priced and the average man who probably loves the brand may not have a chance to buy but still one must know the work that goes into a piece of clothing, time,skill and even expenses a designer puts, this might be a factor for its pricing. Also designers may have a particular class of people sadly they aim at so sorry its not for all. I can go on on so many things but I’ll conclude by saying its a yes and a no for me on the issue of price because some items are worth the expensive price but the novice man doesn’t know this and still complains . I probably have issue with people that go into the business and just copy others and expect it to be all well and smooth. Not cool..😪im typing too much I wanna win sha.😊

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