So lately I’ve been doing a lot of nude lippies which is very unusual knowing the fact that I’m pro bright lip colours.

I’ve found some lipsticks that work perfectly well on my complexion and thought to share. However, I feel most lipsticks can work with the right lip liner and application. I’ve decided to share 4 of these lippies with you.

1. Barry M 150 Pink suede lipstick: This lipstick has  so much moisture which is perfect for dry weather. It applies smoothly and the colour is gorgeous! I compliment it with a chocolate lip liner and I’m good to go.

2. Barry M 164 Everything Rosy lipstick :  this lip paint has the same consistency as the above, however the colour is much more towards the pink side than brown. It’s very rosy and makes you look summery. I usually wear this with a plum lipliner. 

3. Gosh cosmetics 150 Kitten pink Lipstick : this lipstick has a velvety finish to it and works very well with lipgloss. Although this image below looks orange it’s more on the baby pink side. It also contains Vitamin E which protects the lips from free radicals and moisturises it even further.

4. Rimmel kate No.14 lipstick: this is a very pale and nude lipstick, it works well for those who want a less distracting lip colour. The consistency is matte, so lipgloss is encouraged to be used alongsides. Also a chocolate coloured lip liner compliments it perfectly.

And those are all four. ! I’ve attached a picture of the lipsticks in regular lighting below. Do let me know what nude lipsticks you wear and if you have any brand favourites …….




  1. My go-to nude lippie is the Revlon pearl 356 soft suede. I rarely use bright lippies which is funny cos I am really dark-skinned. There is also this Cien orangey one I got for £1 or so, very nice. Otherwise, my Revlon lip butter – sugar plum is it for me.

  2. I recently started liking nude lipsticks even though I usually like bright lippies. I like MAC Velvet Teddy and the House of Tara Nana lipstain. The Rimmel looks nice maybe I’ll give it a try 🙂
    Oyime’s Musings

  3. Awww, how come you didn’t take any photos wearing them? It would have been a good point of reference.

    Anyways, I used to have one nude-ish lipstick. I think it was Spice – Revlon. But these days, I just use my Jordana lip pencils in Coco Loco and Rock N Rose.

  4. Thank you for sharing this.

    Rose Nudes are my favourite MLBB lippie, I like the Rimmel Kate range, I’ve seen great reviews of shade No 8 (Rosseto ), it looks like a perfect rose nude that would go with all skin tones.

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