Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 18.37.44Hello!

This video was a request from Debbie, she was curious about moving back home and adjusting.

I made this video for everyone who may be moving back to Nigeria or just inquisitive about living in Lagos.

Please Do enjoy!




  1. HAAA! I’m moving back in 3 months ( i think) I’m excited but at the same time terrified! I don’t even know why because I have a love hate (more of hate) relationship with this UK. I’m super confused right now but i’m sure God gat me. Very helpful tips! Ps you dont have to tell us twice about Nigerian weddings. You just cannot go there looking normal, you have to give them a 100 yards! I’m ready for them and in other words, won ma gba!

  2. All the points are apt! living with parents, resource management, being glammed for a party,internet, and all.
    Job hunt tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lawd have mercy…..we are more than conquerors!…….

    Tosin you are looking FRESH like ‘today bread’ 🙂


  3. I lived in Scotland as well for a year and a half. Aberdeen to be prescise. One major challenge I had was the difference in weather. The heat in Nigeria was too live !!! Also has issues with the traffic congestion, Lagos drivers not helping matters. I actually stayed indoors for a month without going anywhere but my Church.

    So long it’s not your first time in Nigeria, you’ll most definitely adjust to whatever lifestyle differences, it may take a while, but you’ll be fine😉

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