Happy New month! This weekend was quite boring thanks to the fuel scarcity in Nigeria, infact I couldn’t go anywhere from Friday till Sunday afternoon, but I pray the Nation gets better with the incoming admnistration.

Before I go ahead with today’s post, I want to thank you for being patient with me during my two-week hiatus on the blog. Throughout last month I was so occupied with work, but that would change soon ^.^

This evening, I attended Ekeng Bassey’s album launch. Some of you may know Ekeng from EbonyLife TV where he presents on the show EL NOW. He is also an alumnus of my undergrad school. I met him last week at the NACK Store where he invited me for his event. (Oh yea! I posted a picture the day we met, see below)

So today I went with my friend Dara. The event held at Liberty House in Lekki. I got to meet lots of people and it was a soul lifting worship session, with ministrations from Nikki Laoye, Wole Emmanuel, Peter Ita and Ekeng Himself.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also purchased his CD afterwards.

I took my Camera along so I got to take some pictures.

Phone selfie during the event with my friend Dara


Ekeng Bassey

Ekeng Bassey

wole emmanuel & Ekeng Bassey

Wole emmanuel & Ekeng Bassey


Wole Emmanuel

Wole Emmanuel

Naturalista at the event

Naturalista at the event, I liked her hair & glasses.

DSC_1453 DSC_1451

Nikki Laoye

Nikki Laoye and Ekeng Bassey

DSC_1461 DSC_1462

My beautiful friend Dara

My beautiful friend Dara

Liberty House

Liberty House

Cynthia Kamalu of Ebonylife TV

Cynthia Kamalu of Ebonylife TV

Peter Ita

Peter Ita

Also Met an old friend Vincent at the event. I wore a Chiffon Iro & Buba.


My Copy! Such a nice Album Cover

Still rocking my hair with some extensions from RaeFran Hair in it.

And that’s all!

Have a fantastic week ahead! and be sure to leave comments! I’ve missed you all.



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