Funny how lately I’ve been on about people who are comfortable in their excesses. In the sense that some are aware of their bad personalities but are absolutely comfortable in saying “This is me, love me or hate me”.….. Well, when that could be applicable and justified in some cases, it’s often said by those with questionable attitudes.

This morning I saw this image below on Instagram and when this could also be the plain truth , I felt it would give individuals with unpleasant characters e.g (prideful, Overbearing, abruptly rude a.k.a Blunt) the justification to bask in their folly. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.07.31

With the above image, what happens when ‘YOU’ is just not nice.

I feel it’s not just OK to only acknowledge our areas of growth, it’s necessary to identify, evaluate and make corrections. It’s like repentance. You don’t only confess your sins to God, you need to turn away from them to be truly repentant.

I shared this scripture with a friend this morning, “Do not give your pearls to pigs…” Matthew 7:6

However, the hard reality is that sometimes you are the pig that no one should give their pearls to. We all need growth but some virtues are foundational. e.g integrity, humility, selflessness and walking in love.

No body can fix you except yourself and Jesus, And the moment we acknowledge our dirt and filth, the faster we get washing.
Give yourself time to find your self and know where you need help. Don’t Exhaust people with your emotions or excesses. Learn to be whole, happy and content alone before expecting a commitment from another.

People can’t always accommodate that which you struggle with. Don’t expect everyone to always understand that you need to grow.

Instead, Make a conscious effort to Grow ……..

God help us all.



4 Comments on “WHEN “YOU” ISN’T GREAT.”

  1. Very true, more often we rationalize our wrongs with the phrase ‘this is me’… On the other hand we’re deprived of self growth and development without knowing. God help us all

  2. Very apt article. One of my favourite post of yours. Especially loved this: “Don’t expect everyone to always understand that you need to grow. Instead, Make a conscious effort to Grow”.

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