IMG_9789Hello all!

I miss you all, but I would soon be back to full blogging (two more weeks), I have a plethora of ideas and blog posts to upload with good news all round (thank God for that!) but until then, kindly manage this quick post on how I grew my nails, and yes in 4weeks, as seen above.

I’ve always struggled to keep/grow my nails as they always broke, BUT now I’ve found natural remedies that actually work! I have a friend who is from Belize and she has beautiful long nails, I asked her what she uses/used and she said “I just file them regularly and moisturise with coconut oil”. So I thought to follow suit.

I did my research and decided to also incorporate clean eating into my diet. So here’s what I did.IMG_4898

1. I ditched my £1 nail files from pound land, and bought a ceramic Sally Hansen nail file, costs (£5/N1500) but was worth every penny. It files your nail well, lasts longer and doesn’t leave the tip brittle or blunt.

2. Coconut oil: I apply coconut oil on my nails regularly, as often as I oil my hair, which is nightly( I just use the excess oil from my hair all over my cuticles and nail beds). It moistures and penetrates the skin and nail, improving shine.

3. Lots of water (improves overall body balance ), I drink lots of water normally because I believe thats what prevents breakouts and many health challenges.

4. The key ingredient: SPINACH!  It contains irons and vitamins essential for hair and nail growth. I incorporated this into my diet via Efo-riro(Vegetable soup) and regular fruit smoothies every morning for 30days, and yes I’m sure that’s what grew them out and fast. Goodbye acrylic……

p.s I document everything to compare results. It helps to monitor progress, and proof to show that a particular regimen works…

IMG_7544IMG_3700And thats all! Let me know if you struggle with keeping your nails, or you’re naturally blessed lol.



See you soon… 

8 Comments on “HOW I GREW MY NAILS IN 4WEEKS!”

  1. I’m naturally blessed on this one but nice post. I enjoyed reading it. I hope it helps the ones struggling with their nails.
    And I believe more in treating these things from the inside. Watch what you eat and eat right.

  2. Woah!! This is amazing! My job requires frequent hand washing so I don’t think I can maintain nails this long. BUT your regimen is superb! Following it right away~

  3. I’m nashurally(naturally) blessed but i experienced some chipping and breaking recently which is very unlike my nails, if I notice them again I’ll be sure to conciously incorporate this advice. I’m not a big fan of spinach but as it helps the hair I’ll be on it ASAP. Lol.
    Thanks tosin

  4. Omggg I love your blog soo much, I used to have naturally long nails until I started fixing nd now they keep breaking,im soo happy you did a post like this 🙂

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