Hi all,

I’ve been rocking my natural hair in a bun for some days now, but I figured leaving it out would only cause me to keep touching and combing it and that’s not great for my hair or length retention.  So I bought some hair extensions from my beauty supply store called Sensationnel afro natural twist hair. its like regular attachment but its kinky and synthetic. I made about 25 big braids on my hair with the extension. Also to reduce stress or breakage to my edges I didn’t start braiding from the very front line. it took me about an hour to twist it all up maybe because I was doing it myself, but I’m sure a hair dresser would do it at a shorter time.

The hair came in this pack DSC_0162

and it comes in strands like this, I used 4strands for one braid/twist. (4packs are enough for a whole head of big braids)


The hair gives me a very different look, and I quite like it.  its synthetic so I cannot blow dry if I decide to wash it,  hence I do not intend to carry it for long.  Its Just for protective styling.


securedownload 1DSC_0301

I also love the rough and edgy look it has…..its different from my usual preppy look… change is certainly not bad. Let me know what you think….

Got questions, requests and comments? kindly leave a comment below.

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sure you all are good!



7 Comments on “MARLEY BRAIDS !”


  2. It looks good on you and the main attraction here is the styling; easy to do without a stylist. (I’m a ‘DIY-person’) 😉 hehehe! Would be nice to get something similar here in Naija.

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