SUNDAY COOKING: My Nigerian Fried Rice And Chicken Recipe.

Hello there!

Remember I told you guys I cook on Sundays at large, So I made a favourite! Fried Rice with Chicken! and filmed the process. I understand that people have different ways of cooking it, but this is the technique I use.

Its 3minutes  only! So please watch with Love!

WATCH IN HD: Click settings tab at the base of the video and choose 720hd or higher.

Thanks for watching!

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9 Comments on “SUNDAY COOKING: My Nigerian Fried Rice And Chicken Recipe.”

    • Lol! I only use the chicken stock to cook, It allows it to be more tasty! Hence no water ^.^ also, fried rice shouldn’t be pepperish or should it? , well mine I don’t like mine with pepper….Thanks for the comment 🙂 . ……

  1. May God forgive you for this temptation! Oh- that lagbaja song you played brought back memories…home sweet home. I love your way of cooking it. Less stress, lol 🙂

    P.S. what camera and editing software do you use for your videos? This one is sharp and crisp. I like!


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