Hello guys!

I’m so excited about this post purely because It proves to me that I can achieve anything I set my mind on.

        A year and 3months ago I cut off all my hair to start the natural hair journey and just like yesterday, my hair can actually go up in a neat bun.

Although I still have challenges concerning my mane, like dandruff, styling, retaining length etc. I’m proud of myself.  It’s currently at past nape length but the ultimate goal is bra strap length. Hopefully in a couple of years i’d achieve that.

 I still use my  regimen from my natural commandments post, just with some added products like Jamaican black castor oil, argan oil, Shea butter and coconut oil. I also wash it just twice a month now.

 I’ve learnt a lot so far on this hair

journey and I’ve listed 10 major points  below.

1. Patience Is a virtue.

2. Your hair is different from others, Do not compare.

3. Find what works for your hair regardless of what forums and hair blogs say.

4. Natural hair doesn’t always mean healthy hair.

5. Moisture is  the holy grail of a natural.

6. Stop touching your hair and let it grow

7. Water, a good diet and exercise is essential.

8. Go natural because you want to, not because every other person is, it’s quite easy to get frustrated and regret your decision.

9. Inform yourself with relevant resources. If you have a teeny weeny Afro, you have no business following the regime of someone with butt length hair.

10. PRAY! sounds quite funny but I pray over my general health and hair. God gave you hair in the first place, his word says he knows the number of hairs on your head(Luke 12:7) meaning he cares. Ask for grace not to get obsessed with it while asking for growth 🙂





BEFORE: OCTOBER 6TH 2012-OCTOBER 2013 1YEAR MARK : Notice I had fun with the hair, I dyed it about 3 times during this period. but I stopped when my edges almost gave up on me lol….


Stay beautiful! And have a lovely weekend.

 Got questions, requests or comments? Kindly leave a comment below



16 Comments on “HAIR UPDATE: 1YEAR 3MONTHS!”

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  2. Hello, new fan/blog reader/fellow naturalista here 🙂

    I think you’re gorgeous and nice hair. Your length retention is commendable.

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