20130710-105914.jpgHello everyone!
ST colours is a company which produces African Inspired items, ranging from accessories, purses, bags, tees and lots more!
And they Have a new collection of Ankara bags, which I think are super lovely! So the good part is this, for every bag/purse you buy, you get a free set of

Ankara hair combs!! And as a boss I’m getting mine delivered to my door step (shines teeth):D so I’d rock them and certainly do a review on them….(shout out to their Oga at the top, Steph) lol…
Anyway Below are some of their designs from the collection, but you can also visit their website for further information:
BB Pin: 2633E9CA
Email address:
Online shop:
Phone number: 07039533600
Be sure to place your orders!!

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