Hi people,
For you to be a blogger you need to be a reader! Also to keep your self up to date , plus I kind of love to read aswell……
I literally wake up everyday, read my bible, pray then open blogs lol even before I do chores or step out of my room… So I’ve put together

Nigerian blogs on my reading list. And reasons why I love them.

Not arranged in any particular order 🙂
1. : entertainment, lifestyle fashion all in one!

2. : Shirley’s blog and YouTube videos are the bomb, her style is easy not crazy, just clean and pretty, I met her once and she was very delightful.

3. : please everyone needs a little gossip, she updates me in a way the newspapers won’t 🙂

4. : I love this blog a lot, not only because of her sense of style but because she also adds a Christian touch to it! We all need Jesus !

5. : I just discovered this blog recently, and I say she’s one funny girl! Cooking, lifestyle, fashion, hair and a YouTube channel, plus I hear she’s my look alike …..(another one yet again)

6. : Besides Dero being one of my best friends and adopted sister lol, I love her blog, she always has new and fresh things up, plus info on new places to shop!

7. : cassie’s style is easy breezy beautiful, she’s also a model so she often has inside scoops on Shows and all.

8. : all things makeup, very detailed posts and clear videos.

9. : very eclectic fashionista, and also a natural hair diva, she has given me some hair tips I live by.

10. : I love to read stories and she has one of the best ones out there, very skilful writer!! So if you love fiction this is the blog for you.

11. : All things food, it’s a new blog but she has exciting recipes that I didn’t even know could be made with Nigerian ingredients.

12. : I really like this blog, she talks about a lots of things…movies, fashion and hair, her natural hair is just amazing!

13. Soraya is just a fashion badass. Don’t know what she does for a living, but that girl has expensive taste and she’s a risk taker, wears it like its no one’s business.

Lots of blogs I follow but these are just the ones I could remember for now, all are Nigerian except Soraya who is from Angola but I just had to mention!

Have a swell time reading, and add your faves to your bookmark.

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