Happy weekend! Here’s an outfit I wore today.

The highlight of the look is this High Low hem skirt from I absolutely love it. I’ve worn it twice, and every single time I get a compliment about it, or have people asking if they could take  a picture to recreate. I really love african prints and I can’t wait to get more pieces to spice up my closet.



How’s your weekend going?




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Hello Fam!

Yay! It’s mid-year and this is my first post for the half year. So much to be thankful for, amongst which are: the Editor (TOSIN) and the phenomenon audience of Africanism Cosmopolitan. You guys are simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Started this in January, and look where we are now. Initially, the idea seemed senseless, thought to myself “so you want to be giving tips on research/academics? In this age? Who cares? There’s a switch to entrepreneurship now not academics”…….this and many more I had running through my mind at the beginning…… but to the glory of God it can only get better. Thank you for your comments. I hope you all are basking in goodness.

Before I head on to the discussion for today, let me drop a few words of encouragement, whatever it is that God has laid in your heart to do, do it, don’t just do it, do it well! You think God ain’t watching? You think no one is seeing? You’re so wrong! People are listening, God is counting on you, just hold on to Him that has called you, get your motive right, stay inspired (staying inspired is solely your responsibility, not God or anyone else can) and say no to any spirit of defeat. The truth is if you wait on man to validate what God has told you, you might wait FOREVER. Remember, every good and perfect gift is from above. Get started from where you are and let God do His part. The vinedresser (God) is expecting our fruits, let’s not disappoint. We’re to bear fruits in different areas just as the various part of body performs different functions. Identify your area and get started!

Today’s discussion is sequel to the last post ‘Assessment: areas of focus’. Did you read the previous post and wondered what next after identifying areas of focus? Then this post is for you!

There’s this popular saying that ‘failure to plan is planning to fail’. As cliché as this may sound it is true! This series of the ‘academics with Wunmi’ would be incomplete if Planning is not discussed. This is a major area to be recognised, I recognised it and it worked for me.

I would express planning as identifying goals /objectives to be achieved and mapping out corresponding actions/strategies to aid the achievement of identified objectives. The goal is to excel as a student researcher and also produce great research quality.

Planning in this context majorly (but not limited to) encompass; Time Planning, Word Planning.

  • Time Planning: Time span for completion (excluding at least 2weeks for proof reading and Technical Review)
  • Word Planning: Word limit (how many words you’re required to write)

Below is an illustration of a typical research plan I used during my masters’ thesis.

P.s: a 30days span is assumed, with word limit of 3500, activities are typical chapters of a research content, the percentages allocated to each chapter might not be universal, however, it was applicable to my masters’ thesis (you could ask your supervisor to have an idea).

How do I know the maximum word to write per chapter? The percentage allocated * maximum word limit.

For Example;

Introduction Chapter= 15% * 3500 = 525

Where Average words per day = 3500/30days = 120words (Approximately); 120words * 7days = 840words/week

Please also note, abstract and table of content is not included in the word count, its advisable you ask (preferably supervisor) if they are to be included in the word count. Why ask your supervisor? He/she assesses your work in the end.Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.06.20

You would observe that this plan encompass the major areas to be considered in writing your research work as a student. You could make your plan more enticing by creating it in an excel sheet and using colours on it (for the love of colours)


  1. Planning your work makes you more organised, i.e. you know what’s next.
  2. You remain on the go because the goal for each day is set thus you stay motivated to reach atleast the set target (because its attainable) even if youre not going to exceed it.
  3. It gives you time to ‘chill’. Where you’re able to do more than ‘planned’ words per day, that is, you’re ahead of the words required per day, you then have some ‘extra’ time in your hands to do other things like chill without lagging behind.
  4. Planning prevents you from ‘last minute’ rush. This happens to a lot of people without plans but where planning is involved all possible occurrence are planned for (remember the miminum 2weeks window exluded from the time span of project submission?), it takes care of major(if not all) unforeseen circumstances. With planning you get to finish ‘Just-In-Time’ if not earlier than required.
  5. Planning puts you on the pathway for Success

In nut shell, to P.L.A.N is to highlight the Pathway for Progress in your work Layout with Accuracy and Non-resistance to excellence.

Please share your comments and suggestions in the box below.

Till I come your way again,

Stay Winning,


The Education segment of the blog is one where you can find resources as a student/prospective one to help you succeed academically. Periodic posts would be published ranging from advice to questions and resources, all of which readily available to help you. I wish you all the best in your academic endeavours- Tosin Alabi( editor)



Finally I’d be announcing the winners to my book Giveaway! I stalled on this because I wanted to finish up the book before giving it away. I completed it yesterday on my flight back to Lagos (Yes I’m back! ^.^) and I found myself tearing up and saying prayers as I flipped the pages. The book really recked me and gave me a better insight on some topics. It’s an amazing read and I’m grateful to have the opportunity of blessing others with it.

In response to the questions asked for the giveaway, practically everyone got the answer to my question right and also followed instructions. Since I have two copies, I’d be giving one to the comment I love the most, which was from Oluwaseyi Aderinboye. It said

“Heather Lindsey is mostly known for speaking boldly about sexual purity in relationships which she practiced prior to her marriage. She’s just not about abstaining from sex before marriage , but also from any form of intimacy such as kissing and cuddling (she kissed her husband for the first time on their wedding day) . She’s also an advocate of submission for women in marriages, healthy eating and living.

I would love to win this book because I am a huge fan of Heather, she’s such a force to be reckoned with in this generation. I always look forward to reading from her. She’s always a blessing.”

I absolutely loved the way she described Heather, Not just on the purity part but also on healthy living and being a submissive wife. Seyi I do hope you enjoy this book like I did. Its a really thought provoking and edifying read, I pray your life shows forth the absolute glory of of God.

I’d be giving the 2nd copy to the other to a commenter generated by a random number generator ^.^ .

I allocated a number to all comments except Seyi’s comment and generated a random number with the softwareScreen Shot 2015-07-19 at 13.12.07

NUMBER 8 IS “Tolulope Olagunju”! Congrats!! Your comment was also very apt! Tolu said

Heather Lindsey is famous for her teaching of the word and guidance in continually seeking God and putting him above all things even in marriage. Knowing your duty as a wife is to love and serve God and love your husband. She’s been hosting pinky promise movement. I would like to win this because each day I have something to relate with on her posts, her inspirational words of wisdom . And having to read her book would shed more light in understanding the message she’s passing across to our generation and build up more women of valor.”

Please the winners should kindly forward their delivery address to my mail :

I’d post them to you!

Many thanks to all who participated, more giveways to come…





1. ORS CREAMY ALOE SHAMPOO: I’m one to pick shampoo over conditioner any day, simply because shampoo guarantees that all the dirt is lifted off my scalp. I love this product because it’s very moisturising even though it’s a shampoo. it doesn’t leave my hair stringy or dry. The shampoo is creamy and gives the right amount of lather and moisture after rinse.

2. ORS EDGE CONTROL: I put up a photo of this a while back on Instagram to get people’s thoughts on the product, and I realised a lot of people didn’t like it. Many claim it gets oily or dries off white. Ironically I figured most people do not know how to use this product properly. I discovered that when used in excess it truly dries white. The key is to use a little and apply with a small hair brush. I totally love it. It keeps my edges slick and neat. I’ve used a few other brands, but it’s not just the same.  I keep going back to ORS edge control.

3. CANTU SHEA BUTTER LEAVE IN CONDITIONING TREATMENT: This product smells lovely and penetrates deep into the hair strands after washing. It’s great for styling and moisturising hair. I noticed that since I started using it as a leave-in treatment, my hair texture  and shine has improved.

4. ORGANICS CARROT OIL CREAM: This is the holy grail of all my products. I use it every single time I style my hair as a bun. I simply spritz my hair with water and brush this product on my hair. After scarfing for a few minutes, my curls instantly pop and my hair appears moisturised, shiny and healthy. I think I’ve gone through 5 cups of this cream.

5. ECO STYLER GEL: Need we say more? Every naturalista knows how awesome this gel is. I’m quite dramatic so I literally say a prayer for the producers of this gel when I use it. it comes in different variants, but I like the Argan oil version. The gel unlike other gels as it doesn’t leave a cast or flakky effect. it keeps your hair slick and manageable. Absolutely great for daily styling and high buns.

And thats all!

Do let me know your natural hair product faves!

Would love to hear from you.





Hope you all are well, this weekend I took out my plaits (which is often beneath my wigs) and hung out with my friends.

I try to wash my hair at least once a week but lately I’ve been so lazy. Since I’m currently away from home, I do not have my wash day kit with me ( i.e. Shampoo, conditoner, leave in conditioner, cholestrol, coconut oil, shea butter & jojoba oil). It seems like a lot of products, but as a naturalista those things are staples for me. I’d do a post on 5 products I can’t do without after this.

Anyway, back to this weekend. I loosened the plaits and I was pleased with my hair texture and length. I had minimal shedding even after combing and detangling. I had dyed my hair black some weeks ago and I was worried about dryness and breakage.

Even though my hair is naturally a colour 1b I wanted to go a bit darker. I used the garnier nutrisse dye in soft black.

I used the dye allover my hair and washed it off with ORS shampoo and followed up with the conditioner that came with the pack. The colour came out vibrant and my hair was shining. It wasn’t dull, infact I feel the colour looked more natural on me in comparison to my old colour. Fastforward to yesterday after loosening the plaits, I rocked it as a Fro for a while then styled it as a bun and went to have lunch with my friends Tobi, Tosin and Tayo.

We then went on this scary ride afterwards(story for another day).

Rocking my fro!





Hope your weekend was great?

I’ve been watching lots of movies and sending emails, can’t wait to be back to Lagos!

Also I’d be announcing my Heather Lindsey book winner later today ^.^

Thank you all for entering. Stay tuned….





This video is about Anna hair UK. I have on three bundles of the 6A Peruvian straight in 16″,18″, 20″ and a 14″ closure.
I’ve been rocking this hair so much, and I love it. I decided to fix it on a wig cap for maintenace and versatility. Do enjoy my full review, watch, share and subscribe.


Twitter: @LLynn_J





Remember that I said in my birthday wish list that I wanted the new Heather Lindsey book, well I got it. Best part is I got 3 copies!

I bought two myself, one to read then the other to giveaway. Then my lovely friend Roseline coincidentally bought me another copy. I picked up the ones I bought today from the post office, and it’s ready to be given away.

Now the Rules are simple!

1. Comment under this post with your name, email and Instagram handle telling us “What Heather Lindsey is mostly known for”  #Tip : marital journey testimony .

2. Repost this image (at the foremost top of this post) on instagram and tag me @Lynnjaphet , with the hashtag #Africanismcosmopolitan Commenting why you’d like to win. OR

3. If you don’t use instagram simply comment below why you’d like to win AND answer question 1.

NOTE: Either ways you’d need to comment below.

Good Luck!





Hello everyone! Happy Sunday.

Here’s a quick outfit post from today. This is one of my favourite dresses. I have a matching shoe from a different store and it complements the outfit well.

Dress: Next | Watch: Next | Shoes:Topshop | Bag: Carvela | Hair: Anna HairUK  


This is the first sunday of the second half of the year, I wish you joy and favour in all your ways.




Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 18.37.44Hello!

This video was a request from Debbie, she was curious about moving back home and adjusting.

I made this video for everyone who may be moving back to Nigeria or just inquisitive about living in Lagos.

Please Do enjoy!





So lately I’ve been doing a lot of nude lippies which is very unusual knowing the fact that I’m pro bright lip colours.

I’ve found some lipsticks that work perfectly well on my complexion and thought to share. However, I feel most lipsticks can work with the right lip liner and application. I’ve decided to share 4 of these lippies with you.

1. Barry M 150 Pink suede lipstick: This lipstick has  so much moisture which is perfect for dry weather. It applies smoothly and the colour is gorgeous! I compliment it with a chocolate lip liner and I’m good to go.

2. Barry M 164 Everything Rosy lipstick :  this lip paint has the same consistency as the above, however the colour is much more towards the pink side than brown. It’s very rosy and makes you look summery. I usually wear this with a plum lipliner. 

3. Gosh cosmetics 150 Kitten pink Lipstick : this lipstick has a velvety finish to it and works very well with lipgloss. Although this image below looks orange it’s more on the baby pink side. It also contains Vitamin E which protects the lips from free radicals and moisturises it even further.

4. Rimmel kate No.14 lipstick: this is a very pale and nude lipstick, it works well for those who want a less distracting lip colour. The consistency is matte, so lipgloss is encouraged to be used alongsides. Also a chocolate coloured lip liner compliments it perfectly.

And those are all four. ! I’ve attached a picture of the lipsticks in regular lighting below. Do let me know what nude lipsticks you wear and if you have any brand favourites …….




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