I’m a cake lover, basically I love what comes with it……. joy, sugar and sharing. It’s always a delight when a desserts company contacts me for a review.

Mimi’s patisserie was established in December 2013 with a speciality in Cakes and Desserts. Their range includes
Cakes – Healthy choices: Banana bread, Sugar free cakes, carrot cake, coconut cake
Other choices- butterscotch cake, chocolate sponge,chocolate chips sponge, vanilla sponge, strawberry sponge, cinnamon sponge. 

Celebration Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Bridal Shower Cakes, Product launch Cakes, cookies & Cinnamon rolls

The cake was sent to me on sunday morning just before church. The delivery man was very polite and didn’t have a problem locating my home. I was told the cake was better eaten fresh but I forgot and placed it in the freezer as I rushed out for church. After church I realised my mistake and quickly brought it out to defrost. 

Later in the day I decided to delve in a bit. It was quite a tall 8″ cake. I cut out a slice and realised it had three layers. A bottom red one, a vanilla layer and a top chocolate layer. All covered in Frost, icing, raisins and grapes. The bottom red part was the most attractive so I went for it first and Oh my! It was goo-ey, and sweet. It had this jelly like consistency which I really enjoyed. My next favourite after the toppings (dried blueberries, raisins, cherries, grapes and chocolate sundae) was the top chocolate sponge, My brother almost finished the entire layer. I had to warn him to hands off as I wanted to take some to work the next day for my colleagues to have a taste. The chocolate layer was very rich and airy. It wasn’t like a pound cake. It was a perfect sponge cake.

I’m not really a fan of Vanilla cakes so the middle layer was my least favorite, it tasted just normal to me.

The next day I went to work with the cake and shared it to my colleagues, My manager Mr. Francis (who took my previous blog photos) was especially very impressed with the chocolate part and butter cream Icing. He kept asking for more. My other colleague Amaka shared the same sentiment with me about the red sponge-gooey part, we both cleared the base, so Yum!

I liked the cake I was sent, the packaging and label was nice, also they have a website where you could place an order/enquiries which is great. After asking 3 other people who tasted the cake with me, Overall I would rate it 8/10. Here is why I didn’t give it a perfect score.

  1. I felt the vanilla part was quite basic in comparison to the other layers.
  2. There was a lot going on with the frosting and icing, It had a rough look and was rather messy to share.
  3. The butter cream was a little bit too sweet for me with a sweet tooth.

And that’s all! The price for the 3 in 1 Gateau I had was N8,000, Which I think is fair for a cake with all that. Do let me know what you think below in the comment box.

Check out Mimi’s patisserie HERE

Website :
Phone number : 08181017266
IG handle – @mimiscakesnpatisserie



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NOTE: When it comes to reviews, I like to be very honest. Any company that contacts me for a review is also aware of that. However, if a product or service offered/sent to me is sub-optimal in my opinion I won’t review it on the blog. The reason is I don’t think there is a point in tarnishing the image of a business. Instead I mail back the company and let them know my displeasure and areas in which they may need to improve.


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 14.32.03Fiji is a crowd-sourcing logistics platform aimed at solving the challenges of deliveries first in Lagos then Nigeria. With a business model built around crowd-sourcing, it’s redefining the logistics space by using customized technology and innovations.
They have created an opportunity for an unemployed person, a 9 – 5 worker or an entrepreneur to make some extra cash with resources they already have (Motorbike, Car, Van).
This model is designed to meet the shipping needs of regular customers, offline retailers (brick and mortar stores) and e-commerce companies in Nigeria, thereby fostering competition between big and small retailers by providing a level playing field for smaller businesses that do not have the capacity to invest in a private fleet for logistics.Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 14.54.12

FIJI recognizes that the negative implications of urbanization in Nigeria – like in any other country in the world – such as congested roads, especially in Lagos, have added more to the headache of logistics. Last mile delivery has taken most of the heat of the effect of this urbanization and demand for it (last mile delivery) is likely to increase as e-commerce volumes grow.
We strongly believe this model is a scalable solution to problems faced with last mile deliveries. There is a 100% chance someone is already going in the direction of your package which needs to be delivered. We are plugging into that people-power with concrete validation of dispatchers. With the number of validated dispatchers increasing on our platform, we are beginning to have coverage of the entire Lagos state. Having dispatchers in different Local Government areas/towns in Lagos.

Operations began in Lagos this year with a solid technical back-end to process pickup and delivery requests on the fly. Customers make pickup requests on our website and within minutes, the request has been assigned to a dispatcher within the pickup region. Deliveries are guaranteed to be done on the same pickup day. Rate Card for FijiCrowd vsame-day v2However, this has pretty much been a semi-automated process as we are using this as a knowledge gathering phase to increase our understanding of the requirements to effectively run this model automatically and adequately build our findings into the Fiji app. Our technical team have been putting the pieces together in completing the app.

With the Fiji app, you can place pickup requests and get to see available dispatch riders / drivers in your location for quick pickup and delivery. On the app, you can track and trace your package movements from pickup point to delivery point. You can as well get to see the bio data of the dispatch rider / driver before he/she comes to pickup your package. All you need to use this app as a customer or a dispatch rider is a smart phone and an internet connection. The Fiji app is set for release in Q4 2015.

CHECK OUT FIJI HERE OR   CALL   0818-8500-944 || 0802-8635-904



How are you! and how was your weekend, mine was fabulous! I rested well and got to hang out with a few friends from high school. On friday I went to work and went home straight to sleep. Afterwards, I replied mails as usual and had dinner. Fast forward to Saturday I ran a few errands for my mum and also dropped off a few deliveries. Saturday was super busy, but I wasn’t too sad because I knew Sunday was going to be fun.

On sunday I went to church for thanksgiving(Last sunday of the month) and was invited for a movie premiere at silverbird.

The movie was produced by my high school colleague Bimbo Peters, the movie cast includes Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, and Funke akindele. It was a lovely movie and it would be showing in theaters nationwide from September 4, do make sure you watch.IMG_1881For thanksgiving at church I wore a black dress and snake print court shoes.

The shoes were gifted to me for my birthday by my friend Ope, while the dress is from Pied A Terre, I got it on sale at House of Fraser. I’m the queen of bargain shopping so I was so delighted when I saw it went from £189 to less than £30! talk about cheap luxury. IMG_1879

I really loved the outfit in total, someone commented that it had the Jessica Pearson vibe from suits….

DRESS|| SHOES: Truffle

On sunday evening, I attended the premiere and the dresscode was ‘Glam’. I wore this shimmery gold dress with shoes from Bank. I bought the dress from a boutique in Ikota shopping complex Vgc Lagos, It was love at first sight! I paired it with dropping earrings and a black and gold clutch from Miss selfridges.

Meet my High school friend Iziegbe!

Earlier in the day, Just before I went to church I received a cake from Mimi’s pastierre which I would be reviewing soon! Actually Devouring it as I type ^.^

  That’s basically how my weekend went. How was yours?

Heading home now from work!

Have a Fruitful week ahead







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Happy Friday, how did your week go? Hope you’re as excited about the weekend as I am. I’m looking forward to sleep, blogging, fun and more sleep.

Fridays at work are casual/Trad days hence my outfit. I got this material from my friend Phoebe about 2 years ago. She gifted it to me just because ^.^,  but I just recently sewed it into a shift-like dress. I asked my tailor to make a button-up casual dress and she did just that. The material was barely Three yards hence the length.

It’s been a struggle taking blog photos lately, but God knows my desires so he gave me a manager at work who doesn’t mind helping me with photos during lunch time.

I was so pleased when I saw the photos, for an amateur he did a good job! Help me thank Mr.Francis LOL

My shoes are from Dorothy Perkins. I’ve always wanted to wear yellow shoes without looking strange, and I’m glad it went quite well with the dress.

And oh yes I’m back to my bun! Thinking of a natural hair update soon…….

Do enjoy the post.


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Hope you’re doing great? Have a blessed weekend ahead!



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Tuke and I made this video last past weekend, this is the latter of the two videos we did. Watch the last one Here.

This is the FIRST TIME TAG. The questions are rather interesting and we had fun making this.

The questions answered are beneath the video.

1. First tweet?
2. First youtube video?
3. First person you subscribed to on youtube?
4. First Facebook profile pic?
5. Do you still talk to your first love?
6. What was your first alcoholic drink?
7. What was your first job?
8. What was your first car?
9. Who was the first person to text you today?
10. Who was the first person you thought of this morning?
11. Who was your first grade teacher?
12. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
13. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?
14. Where was your first sleepover?
15. What was the first thing you did this morning?
16. What was the first concert you ever went to?
17. First broken bone?
18. First piercing?
19. First foreign country you’ve gone to?
20. First movie you remember seeing?
21. When was your first detention?
22. Who was your first roommate?
23. What is the first thing you do when you get home?
24. When was your first kiss?

Feel free to do this tag or answer the questions!

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IMG_1353 Hello!

How was your weekend? Hope it was lovely? Mine was! Before I go on to today’s post I just want to say a big Thank you to all my blog readers, you all have been too great lately, I see your kind comments/mails daily and I want you to know it’s oh so encouraging,Thank you! Greatness for you this week.

Onto today’s post, I received this lovely print set from BelleKay Woman, a Ready-to-wear/made-to-order female clothing line. I got this set about 3weeks ago but time did not permit me to rock it. I finally did yesterday evening and I got several compliments, I even think the photos don’t do adequate justice. It had that casual chic/loose fit look, I dressed it up with my white strappy mules and drop earrings. My friend Cynthia helped with the photos, Her house had coincidentally had the perfect yellow background. DSC_0224

I was also sent a pre-made set in the blue print below to giveaway to one lucky reader! DSC_0227

I’d be using my discretion to choose a winner this time because of sizing. So all you have to  do is Follow @BellekayWoman on instagram and tag 5 friends (on their IG page) to do the same. Also drop a comment below on what you think about indigenous fashion brands (style, pricing, quality…..anything).  If you don’t have Instagram (please join lol) and drop a comment too…….

I love hearing your thoughts.


Contact number: +2348157566611

Instagram/Twitter: @BelleKayWoman


May the best woman win!





Yesterday was a fun day, Tuke and I had planned to go out for lunch, but I had such a busy day, by the time I was ready to head to the venue there was so much traffic. So instead Tuke suggested we filmed a video.  

We made two videos and it was delightful. 

Afterwards we went out to a restaurant in V.I called smokey bones(would certainly do a post on that). 

Kindly watch the short video, and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and drop a comment. 



Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.33.00


I was interviewed by ST.eve Magazine on their Fashion and Beauty talk, I enjoyed the interview and the correspondent was very pleasant. Read the article below or HERE

Tosin Alabi is one of a rare breed of people who can look stunning when simple. An accounting graduate and Masters degree holder in International Management, she is the initiator of Tosin Alabi Group, a business development firm providing support for start-ups and enterprises.

An ‘unashamed’ believer, Tosin blogs regularly on God, lifestyle and fashion on her popular platform,Africanism Cosmopolitan.

In this interview, Tosin Alabi talks about some of her takes on fashion and style.

St.Eve Magazine: What/Who inspired the creation of and what motivates you to keep going during the good and bad times?

Tosin Alabi: My blog was created firstly to answer questions I often got about my style and hair, I decided to create a platform where people could get stylish yet affordable fashion items. Over time I realized I had more to offer than fashion, so I rebranded it into a full lifestyle blog where education, faith, food and style topics are discussed.

What keeps me going is my commitment to success. I like to be efficient in my every endeavors, so even when I’m tired I know I have a responsibility to my readers which I must fulfill to maintain followership.

 St.Eve Magazine: If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Tosin Alabi: The first thing I’d do differently is to educate myself on the monetization of my social influence; I did a lot of free/underpaid work for brands when I didn’t realize my social capital. If I had known the potential of my blog I would have improved on a lot of things.

 St.Eve Magazine: What beauty, grooming products, or spa treatments do you use before, during, or after attending a Fashion Show?

Tosin Alabi: I have attended a few fashion shows and I can’t necessarily say I have a strict Regimen prior to my attendance. But I usually like a nice manicure and well-groomed brows. I  am also a huge perfume lover so I certainly dose myself with a good amount before any outing.

 St.Eve Magazine: Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect what is inside us? If yes, what type of clothing do you wear when you are angry and you want to express yourself?

Tosin Alabi: I think most people just like to look good, and its not really that deep for me. However I do believe the clothes we wear can have an influence on our mood/aura. Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colours , so when I wear anything in that colour I find myself very cheery.

St.Eve Magazine: What is the most useful article of clothing in your wardrobe?

Tosin Alabi: Certainly my black dress/es. I have quite a few and I love how I can style them with accessories and get a new look every time.

 St.Eve Magazine: If you had to start your wardrobe from scratch, what 5 things would you go and buy straight away?

Tosin Alabi: Easy! My yellow shift dress, My rosegold mules from Office,  my black leather skirt from asos, My black blazer with shoulder embellishments  and my White skinny jeans.

St.Eve Magazine: What would you wear to meet royalty or the President of Nigeria?

Tosin Alabi: A knee length ¾ sleeve pencil dress and court shoes.

St.Eve Magazine: Who is the best dressed person you know alive?

Tosin Alabi: Hahahah one person? No I have a lot.  So I’d go with Stella of J’adore fashion and Soraya of Style is my thing.

 St.Eve Magazine: Which Nigerian favourite designer has impressed you the most and why?

Tosin Alabi: I think I love Iconic Vanity besides the price tag. I Love their consistency and the skill and dedication in creating each outfit. Their hand beaded jackets are a must have.

 St.Eve Magazine: Describe a perfect day.

Tosin Alabi: Good breakfast in bed, emails on business collaborations, Free  and fast  wifi, traffic free and home to great dinner made by my mum.

Connect with Tosin Alabi on Facebook and on Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed reading!





I was featured on Zegist Magazine this week, With the header Most beautiful Nigerian bloggers on Instagram. I was rather flattered with the post (covers face), along with me was the lovely CassieDaves and Grace Alex.

Read the post HERE

More awesome Features to come!




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