NaijaNaturals periodically powers meet and greets. The host is is
usually a known Hair enthusiast; ranging from bloggers, hair companies
or stylists. Our events aim to educate women on hair care, products and
how to improve their overall maintenance/regimen.

So It’s that time of the Year again! NAIJA NATURALS 2015 IN LAGOS!

DATE :SATURDAY MAY 9TH 10:30 am-4:30pm

This year promises to be fun, interactive and impactful. Registration is now open at

Bloggers & media personnels would be present and it would be a great opportunity to learn and network.
Freebies from sponsors would also be given to attendees, with refreshments provided by our supporters Fayrouz.


GATE FEE: N500 Only, and a certificate of attendance would be issued.

Venue would be communicated right after registration.

opportunities for sponsorship and vendors available, contact

– See more at: FAAJI HUB



I received these lovely cakes from @Demi’s dessert, A company that specialises in gourmet desserts.

I was sent two cakes:

  1. Two Cheese Cakes with Strawberry sauce
  2. Lait white Chocolate gateau with Apple and Caramel filling.

Demi’s dessert have been in operation since 1988 making baked goods, celebration cakes and various pastries using the latest and modern method.  The dessert line was later incorporated into the selection of goods they have. The company is run by a trained baker/patisserie chef.

The cakes were delivered to my office on Thursday morning and as soon as it was delivered I decided to take pictures, because they looked so yummy and I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t finish them before the close of day.

I first had the cheese cakes because they were smaller. The cheese cakes came with a strawberry kind of sauce. The Texture is comparable to Jam or Honey.


TASTE: The cake was very moist and the cheese tasted fresh which I liked. The crumble beneath was also yum. The best part of the cheese cake was the strawberry sauce that came with it, Soooooooo sweet. I literally finger licked the cup above.

Just before the close of day I cut the main cake below i.e the white chocolate gateau, and I wasn’t disappointed. I had put it in the fridge all day and the consistency was just right when I was ready to have a slice.

The best part of this cake was that I could taste every flavour and filling. The caramel was not diluted with the cream, every ingredient complimented each other perfectly. The white chocolate and apple taste were very evident. DSC_1228 Read More



How did your day go, hope it went well……….

So if you know me personally, you’d know I love words and being verbally articulate is a strength of mine. Hence, I thought why not share with my lovely readers. Every monday I’d be sharing 5 new words that you could add to your vocabulary. So here we go!

1. PRUDISH /Proo-dish/: Someone who is proper and modest. Often used on someone who cannot stand hearing any sexual reference. e.g. “Sola could be quite prudish, conversations like that irks her”

2. LAUDABLE: Something worthy of praise and commendation e.g. “That was a laudable action”

3. TRUDGE: To walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions. e.g. I trudged along the stairs

4. BRUSQUE: To be blunt, abrupt or offhand in speech or manner. “I apologise for being brusque earlier”

5. EBULLIENT: overflowing with joy, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited e.g. “He has an ebullient personality”

Bonus Word: Balderdash: An Absolutely stupid or senseless action. ^.^

And that’s all! So tell me which words above you knew or had heard of before. Join the conversation on my instagram @lynnjaphet

I hope to bring this weekly henceforth.

Have a great night rest.





So Cassie Daves and I have been discussing this topic in secret and I think it’s the appropriate time to share my thoughts.

Since I started blogging I’ve been privileged to work with a substantial amount of brands, see them HERE. Both in Nigeria and internationally. With that, I have noticed a lot of difference in the business of blogging in Nigeria and abroad. Many of which are not favorable to Nigerian bloggers.

I’d be doing a series on this topic, and this is the first of three. Today’s topic is “Approach”. I hope a fellow blogger or brand would read this and effect some changes in their PR & business activities.

Many Nigerian companies approach bloggers for brand exposure (meaning they acknowledge your value & influence). However, the remuneration and manner of approach they bring to us sometimes isn’t the most encouraging. Let me give you a vivid example of a UK company that mailed me for partnership, Versus a Nigerian company.


“Hello Tosin, Trust you’re doing well. I’m Mark from xxxx company, We got your mail from the contact section of your blog. My team was doing an online round-up of Nigerian bloggers and came up. Your content is fresh and original which resonates with what our brand stands for, we especially loved your post on xxxxxx.  That being said, we’d be honoured if you’re interested in participating in our new campaign targeted at youths between ages 18-29. For now our company cannot afford to give cash compensations but is willing to offer you products worth £200, with an extra 10% coupon code for your readers. You’d be given the liberty to choose the products you want from our website embedded HERE.

Kindly let us know if this is something that would interest you. Our company & Campaign information can be found here & here, do not hesitate to reply this mail with any questions you may have.


Mark Cumming( Marketing & PR)


Good day sir/ma,

Please find attached a press release for your blog, Our company xxxx is currently undergoing a new brand campaign, we have selected a number of bloggers in Nigeria, and you’ve been included. Kindly send your mailing address and contact number so we could send you a product from our new range. Otherwise you can pick up from our outlet at No. X, xxxx street, xxxx, Lagos.

You can reply this mailing address with any question you may have,

We anticipate your response,

Follow us on twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Kind Regards,

Toun Okoro ( xxxx company)

Notice the difference in the manner of approach. Both companies may/may not have a budget for this campaign, however if I were to do a free post/review/advert, the company I’d choose is clear. The first company did the following:

  • Addressed me with my name
  • Mentioned my blog and referred to a post (showed they went through/acknowledge my work)
  • Mentioned their target audience to show its in line with my readers.
  • Explained that they do not have a monetary form of remuneration currently.
  • Offered a substantial compensation, that could add value to me and my blog readers.
  • Left contact details and a website to learn more about them.
  • Asked/hoped if I’d be Interested, not assumptous.


  • Referred to me as sir/ma.
  • Did not mention my blog or name (makes it seem impersonal or was a mass email request)
  • Did not tell me about their campaign or where I could learn more.
  • Said I was ‘included’ as though it was something I applied for.
  • Assumed I had an obligation to publish their attached press release.
  • Overall message seemed imposing, instead of coming off as a proposal for consideration.

To bloggers what I’m saying is this, These companies approached you for a reason, they felt you could add value to them some sort of way, hence you should be seen as an asset to their company. As a blogger you fall under advertising and media, which is included in their yearly budget.

What you spend your time, energy and money on you value. So when these companies approach you, see yourself as an asset as well.

Many big name firms would approach you, which truthfully is a great opportunity, but in business there is no charity. Partnerships favours BOTH parties either monetary or not.

So as a blogger do not say ‘ WOW Apple contacted me to review their new watch” Instead think like this “I’m glad Apple reached out to me, it shows my hard work, online platform and audience base is well valued”.

Point is this, don’t sell yourself short. Freebies won’t pay for your internet data, camera or domain name maintenance.

I hope this post communicates my thoughts well, I sincerely do not mean to sound abrupt, I just feel Nigerian businesses have a lot to improve on as regards their business modules and marketing efforts.

The next post on this topic would be on ‘Budgets and Fees”. The money aspect of blogging.

Please Feel free to share, drop a comment and ask questions below.



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Funny how lately I’ve been on about people who are comfortable in their excesses. In the sense that some are aware of their bad personalities but are absolutely comfortable in saying “This is me, love me or hate me”.….. Well, when that could be applicable and justified in some cases, it’s often said by those with questionable attitudes.

This morning I saw this image below on Instagram and when this could also be the plain truth , I felt it would give individuals with unpleasant characters e.g (prideful, Overbearing, abruptly rude a.k.a Blunt) the justification to bask in their folly. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.07.31

With the above image, what happens when ‘YOU’ is just not nice.

I feel it’s not just OK to only acknowledge our areas of growth, it’s necessary to identify, evaluate and make corrections. It’s like repentance. You don’t only confess your sins to God, you need to turn away from them to be truly repentant.

I shared this scripture with a friend this morning, “Do not give your pearls to pigs…” Matthew 7:6

However, the hard reality is that sometimes you are the pig that no one should give their pearls to. We all need growth but some virtues are foundational. e.g integrity, humility, selflessness and walking in love.

No body can fix you except yourself and Jesus, And the moment we acknowledge our dirt and filth, the faster we get washing.
Give yourself time to find your self and know where you need help. Don’t Exhaust people with your emotions or excesses. Learn to be whole, happy and content alone before expecting a commitment from another.

People can’t always accommodate that which you struggle with. Don’t expect everyone to always understand that you need to grow.

Instead, Make a conscious effort to Grow ……..

God help us all.





How’s your day going….. Here’s an outfit post from today. My friend Henry came over to see me during lunch break and we took these photos. I’m getting used to people staring while I shoot blog pictures on the road……I love Nigerians LOL. Henry is super cool, He blogs at Thefashdiaries . Do check him out…

Today is my brother Jide’s birthday, and coincidentally I received some lovely cakes from Demi’s desserts, soo yummy! I would review them later so be on the look out…..

My outfit today was impromptu, I rushed out to the office this morning, but I guess it turned out good. I’m back to my hair.

Skirt: Blue Vanilla | Shirt: Primark| Shoes: Bumskii’s store| Bag: Therapy | Earrings: H& M| Hair: All mine LOL ^.^               IMG_4765

 Hope you’re doing awesome!  and Excited about the coming weekend?

Stay Happy



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So as promised here’s a post on this long Easter weekend! It was quite an eventfuLL one. On Easter friday I was home all through, but then I received a delivery from Twelve 03 meals. A huge tray of small chops. The customer service was absolutely efficient. They called me every step of the way and delivered to my mum. It was so much I’m still eating it till today. Worth every Kobo.

Let me wet your appetites ^.^ sorry!

Fast forward to saturday, I had a wedding to attend and also my friend Obum’s birthday party. I attended the wedding with my family friend Esther, It was a very intimate yet fun wedding. I got teary eyed at the father-daughter dance :(…..

Remember the Yellow Daviva Ankara I bought a while ago? that’s what I sewed my dress with. I made a simple off shoulder dress with the fabric.  IMG_3682 From there I went to Lekki for Obum’s birthday. I had a quick outfit change then went to the venue. Her birthday was at Lamba’s seaside bar. It was a nice party with barbecue to munch and drinks to gulp.DSC_1166DSC_1168DSC_1160IMG_4637DSC_1178DSC_1159DSC_1188 Obum’s party was fun and I got to meet new people!

On sunday I went to church, after which I wanted to go for SARO the musical, but something came up so I couldn’t attend. Instead I went for the Lagos grill and barbecue festival. I won a ticket from Chef fregz. It held at Muri Okunola park. Many people attended I saw a few known faces, such as Falz the badguy, BMpro, Toju Foyeh e.t.c. There were also lots of food vendors and I had some Mongolian rice and a smoothie. It got dark and started raining so I left around 6pm.

As I was leaving I saw the awesome SisiYemmie! it was so nice to see her, we would have to sit down properly to have lunch soon, we’d also remember to take pictures to prove or dispel our resemblance tales lol.

Yesterday was Easter monday, and I planned to go for a Pedicure but I caught a flu, been sneezing and all since yesterday, But hopefully nothing to worry about.

That’s how I spent my weekend! I had fun, lots to eat and met lots of people…….hope yours was as eventful too.

It’s Tuesday and we are back to work. Do have a fantastic week ahead.



Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

Missed my last post? READ HERE



Happy Easter! Hope you’re having fun and enjoying the long weekend.  Today I’d be sharing six beauty products I enjoyed throughout last month! Most of which are new additions.

1. E.L.F MAKEUP MIST AND SET SPRAY :  I bought this spray from my beauty joint haul last year, but I hardly ever use it as you see from the image below….. It’s a product I love but for some reason I abandoned it these past months, until recently. It acts as a setting spray after makeup application. I spray it at arm’s length, it first appears wet then dries up in about 30seconds. It keeps your makeup longer and leaves your skin dewy. I absolutely love it! Gets a 10/10 from me.DSC_1219

2. L.A. GIRL PRO CONCEALERS: Makeup lovers know this so no need to over explain. I bought three shades; Fawn, warm honey and toast. I use this for my brows every time I fill them and it keeps them neat and defined. I hardly contour or highlight so these small concealers tubes would last me a long time. For those in Nigeria you can purchase on Yanga beauty or accessoriesng.comDSC_1218

3. V05 TEXTURISING GUM: I posted this on my Instagram some weeks back. I bought it from Sainsburys in January. Used it once and hated it at first. Apparently I didn’t know how to apply it.  It’s one of those things you buy, throwaway and go back to. I revisited it 3weeks back and it had my hair on check. It makes my curls pop, and is best applied with your finger tips then you brush with a soft boar bristled brush. Naturalistas should try this. It costs about £6. Absolutely worth every pence.DSC_1216

4. RIMMEL MASCARA: I love eye lashes, just something them. This mascara Not as superb as my Lancôme but they are lovely for everyday wear. The formula elongates your lashes and the brush shape & size allows you to reach your lower lashes aswell. No hair is left uncoated. DSC_1214
5. GLAM’S NAIL LACQUER: I went to my aunt’s studio to get my nails done a while back and she suggested I tried this. constant fixing of acrylics make your nails weak. I bought this hardener for N1,200 I.e £5. It’s meant to be applied thrice a week. It strengthens your nail beds and prepares it for the nail fixing process. Works very well!DSC_1222
6. PONDS OIL CONTROL TALC POWDER: This product is straight to the point, and it’s been around for a while. I have some parts of my face that likes to produce oil more than others. E.g my cheeks and above my brows. I really don’t know why…… I’m yet to buy a primer,  so on days when I feel a bit oily and I don’t want to touch up with a Brown powder, I apply this lightly with my powder brush. It makes me look fresh and I don’t look white. I also like the smell, very nice. DSC_1221
These are all my favourite beauty products from March.  Are there any you’ve used amongst them? If yes, share your experiences below and if not tell me which product/s you’ve used, loved and you recommend!
Hope your Easter is going great? I’m coming with another post this evening on how I spent this mini break.
Have an awesome day ahead.

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

P.s. My wall paint is from DuluxNigeria in the colour Raspberry Bellini, it’s very bright and is a cross between orange and pink. The texture is Silk/Satin finish.



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How you doing? hope all is well and you’re getting geared for the easter celebration? I’m so excited! as I’ve ordered small chops for the weekend and it’s being delivered today. I love small chops! puff puff, spring rolls all those mede mede…..amazing!

Also I have like three events this weekend, and If I attend all three would definitely update you!

P.s don’t forget to vote for me to win the best personal and lifestyle blog in the Nigerian blog awards! It ends today and tomorrow! Follow this LINK to vote. Scroll to number 18, and choose Africanism Cosmopolitan! Thank you!

This video is about Emotional intelligence, as discussed in this POST . Do watch comment and definitely share.

Have a lovely day ahead.

I should come with more posts during the day!

It’s a public holiday today and most people are home! so ensure you catch up with all my posts from the month.





Sure your day is going well,  It’s past 5’0clock so I can pose and post…..

it’s also about to rain, can you tell from the images below? I tried not to look tired ^.^

I have on my wiggie today from RaefranHair because I rushed out of the house this morning (It takes effort to pack my natural hair, wigs are ever efficient).

Hope you’re doing great and prepping for the weekend….Don’t forget to vote for us to win HERE! (number 18|Africanismcosmopolitan)

Dress: BeFree Street || Brooch: H & M|| BAG: Therapy|| Shoes: TopShop

DSC_1108DSC_1115DSC_1107DSC_1106 2DSC_1113DSC_1106DSC_1112

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