Hello everyone! Happy Sunday.

Here’s a quick outfit post from today. This is one of my favourite dresses. I have a matching shoe from a different store and it complements the outfit well.

Dress: Next | Watch: Next | Shoes:Topshop | Bag: Carvela | Hair: Anna HairUK  


This is the first sunday of the second half of the year, I wish you joy and favour in all your ways.




Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 18.37.44Hello!

This video was a request from Debbie, she was curious about moving back home and adjusting.

I made this video for everyone who may be moving back to Nigeria or just inquisitive about living in Lagos.

Please Do enjoy!





So lately I’ve been doing a lot of nude lippies which is very unusual knowing the fact that I’m pro bright lip colours.

I’ve found some lipsticks that work perfectly well on my complexion and thought to share. However, I feel most lipsticks can work with the right lip liner and application. I’ve decided to share 4 of these lippies with you.

1. Barry M 150 Pink suede lipstick: This lipstick has  so much moisture which is perfect for dry weather. It applies smoothly and the colour is gorgeous! I compliment it with a chocolate lip liner and I’m good to go.

2. Barry M 164 Everything Rosy lipstick :  this lip paint has the same consistency as the above, however the colour is much more towards the pink side than brown. It’s very rosy and makes you look summery. I usually wear this with a plum lipliner. 

3. Gosh cosmetics 150 Kitten pink Lipstick : this lipstick has a velvety finish to it and works very well with lipgloss. Although this image below looks orange it’s more on the baby pink side. It also contains Vitamin E which protects the lips from free radicals and moisturises it even further.

4. Rimmel kate No.14 lipstick: this is a very pale and nude lipstick, it works well for those who want a less distracting lip colour. The consistency is matte, so lipgloss is encouraged to be used alongsides. Also a chocolate coloured lip liner compliments it perfectly.

And those are all four. ! I’ve attached a picture of the lipsticks in regular lighting below. Do let me know what nude lipsticks you wear and if you have any brand favourites …….





Yes I’ve resumed Vlogging! check out my new video. I talk about life, travel and subsequent videos!

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Yesterday was my birthday, and it was lovely! It started out rather exciting then Blue then awesome. I got surprised at 12 midnight with some gifts and that was so lovely. During the course of the day I started sulking that my parents, Brothers and other friends were not here with me. I decided to go shopping that afternoon to make myself feel alright…….

Shopping outfit, felt like the sun ^.^

However, my sulking turned around quickly when my friend Tosin texted me that she had made reservations for me at a restaurant here in Glasgow. (I left London on Monday and I’m currently in Scotland).

I rushed back home from my little birthday shopping to dress up for my impromptu dinner. I wore this snake skin dress I bought from a Boutique in Nigeria. It fit well and I didn’t need too much accessory on it.

The restaurant we went to was a lovely Brazillian restaurant were they serve steaks and you get 15 different types of meats in the space of an hour. We were stuffed. I ate till I couldn’t take more, but my friends Tobi and Tosin kept on going till the last serving.

Afterwards the staff came over with a cake and sang me a birthday song. Even though it was a dinner of 5 people it was awesome. I felt so loved, ate well and took decent pictures.


A video posted by Tosin Alabi (@lynnjaphet) on


Tosin and I (namesakes ^.^)


L-R: Tosin, Tosin, Seun, Lolu and Tobi. We all attended the same undergrad uni. lovely people.

DSC_0722 DSC_0665 DSC_0674 DSC_0667 DSC_0709 DSC_0723 DSC_0712 DSC_0692 DSC_0734DSC_0666 IMG_8748 IMG_8749

Thank you all for the kind mails, comments, messages, posts and gifts. I’m so grateful, you all are awesome! I have a giveaway coming up soon for the heather lindseys book on my wishlist. Details of that would be up on monday.

Hope your weekend is going great…..

I’d keep your cake lol.




  Greetings People! 

How are you and how was the weekend? Mine was rather interesting. It started from Thursday when I went to the salon to get my hair done, and also visited the tailor. It was my friend Mimi’s wedding (remember her from her bridal shower, Read here). The chosen asoebi colour was purple, and I had this material I bought from Ajah market. I really don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a chic, slightly stretchy and inexpensive fabric. It comes already lined inside so it works just fine for dresses. I bought 5 yards at N1,500 per yard. I.e N7,500 for the whole lot.  

 My weekend had a rough start, my tailor was being a know-it-all by putting some padding into the dress after I specifically told her I didn’t want any. When I got to her store and tried it on I was disappointed at first. The issue was fixable but it would take time and I needed to wear the dress for Mimi’s traditional wedding the next day. 

I also wasn’t too thrilled about the hair I made, it was jet black and I wasn’t used to that shade against my complexion so I was just ranting to my friends. However, things just have a way of working together even when you least expect. On Friday(event day) I went to pick up my dress two hours to the party. I tried it on and it was Perfect!

 I decided to improvise an old brooch of mine at the mid section of the dress. I was pleased with the final look and the hair I was complaining about turned out complimentary to the entire look.  


The traditional wedding was awesome and my friend Mimi looked divine! Her makeup was done by oshewa beauty  who totally did justice to her face. See photos below.    


The couple had three outfits changes, but I was only able to capture this one on my phone. I was busy dancing away. I met a lot of friends from uni, and a lovely blog reader “oritsegbemi”. She was so pleasant and she introduced herself. Sad we didn’t  take a photo. It was an absolute pleasure. 

I also met my friend from highschool Yejide, it was also lovely seeing her, apparently she’s family friends with the groom. Small world it is. We took a few selfies ^.^.

Yejide and I

  After the event, I went home quickly to pack my luggage. I’m presently in London at the moment, I left Nigeria Saturday night, and I’m going to be here for a wee bit. *covers face*. Whilst I’m here I’d try to push out a few videos and blog posts. 

*Shout out to Ekene of the KinkandI Blog I met her at the airport last night, it was also a pleasure.*

I’d be spending my birthday here but it’s not an  excuse not to post me gifts or keep my cake LOL. I’d be back in Nigeria for you. 

Right now I just woke up from a long nap. Which I should be going back to as soon as this is published. 

I love you all and have an awesome week ahead! 


P.s happy Father’s Day to all awesome dads out there. You are loved!  

my dad and I

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below. 





I’m so excited about this month like I am every year…..It’s my birthday month. “Shout-out to all June Babies”

My last birthday was awesome! read about it HERE. It was weekend long(Thursday-Sunday). However this one would fall on a Friday and I’m glad I’d get to spend it with my loved ones. I don’t intend to do anything grand, but I’m planning to have a dinner with a few friends. Anyway since its exactly 10 days away, I thought to share my wish list.

1. BLACK LEATHER WATCH:  My current black strap watch has given up, but I’ve rocked it to the finish(bad habit). This particular one in this collage is from Triwa. The midnight lansen chrono watch. I totally love the simplicity and detail inside. It costs quite a bit, but I feel it’s worth every penny.

2. AMOUGE GOLD PERFUME: I’m a huge perfume lover, and for some reason I like masculine scents, most of my perfumes are pour homme. However this perfume is a winner even though feminine. I currently wear Gucci premiere, it costs half the price but still smells awesome. I consider Amouge purely luxury, but luxury doesn’t hurt *huge grin*.

3. THE RUNAWAY BRIDE: BOOK BY HEATHER LINDSEY: I have all Heather Lindseys books except this new release. I have read excerpts of this book and I think it would be a great read. I intend to buy this in two copies and give one away. But If I get it as a birthday gift I’d give away two copies. Although I noticed only the kindle version is available in the U.K. Anyone in the U.S can be a darling and post it to my U.K/Nigeria Address. I’d be so grateful.

4. NIKON 50MM F/1.8G LENS: I had this on my christmas wish list (see HERE) and I sincerely have just been doing ‘alaroro’ in purchasing this. Over christmas I had a budget on splurges, and I bought my phone, tripod and tablet over the Lens . However it would be nice to finally have this. Lets take blog photos to a new level!

5. BICYCLE: I actually love riding bikes, back in uni I had one to use. My flat-mate had one and I found riding so therapeutic. I’m thinking of getting one soon but not sure how functional it’d be for my Lagos life.

6. RUNNING SHOES: This is a must have, I have no proper gym shoes. I used to be an athlete growing up, in fact I come from a quite athletic home. Both my siblings are into sports. I love running and would like to pick that up back. The one in this collage is the Nike Airmax for women.

And that’s all! However, all gestures are welcome. I’m quite sentimental when it comes to presents, so anything thoughtful would put a huge smile on my face.

Shout out to my blog readers turned friends: Esther, Nike and Hannah who have all sent me presents without ever meeting me in person. I love you all, Thank you.

Have an awesome, fun and productive week ahead.




IMG_8941 copyHello there!

Hope you all are doing fine and winning in all life’s pursuit? Let me start by expressing my immense gratitude to God and the ardent readers of this blog. I acknowledge your comments and contributions so far, they have been helpful. However, I would like to know areas you would like me to talk about on this platform as regards ‘academic excellence’.

In today’s post, I would be discussing the key areas of focus during an assessment, simply put, ‘areas lecturers/supervisors look out for when assessing your work’. Stay inspired as I take you through these areas.

‘There might be nothing new under the sun of research however, your approach is what makes things new, it makes a whole lot of difference. The ‘how’ matters as much as the ‘what’. It’s easy to go round in circles when you are ignorant of the key areas your examiner wants to assess you on, it’s however easier to excel in research (as a student to be graded) when key areas of assessment are diligently worked on.

P.s This post is written strictly on my experience in my personal research works, feedbacks, and interaction with Supervisors (Lecturers). Please, also note that different strokes apply to different folks nevertheless I will be sharing what I find common so far as my work has been assessed in the past.

Follow me as I highlight these areas considered during assessment under each heading below:

  1. Your Abstract: This is a key selling point, the examiner can tell the quality of your work from the abstract. Therefore, your abstract should be clear, clearly set out the issue your work discusses (objectives, etc) and the key findings of the work.
  2. Your Objective & problem statement: Your Objective should flow from your introduction and motivation for the topic, by stating your motivation for the topic you’re recognising gap in literature thus ‘doing something new’. A clearly defined objective should point to a ‘problem’ aimed to be solved by your research.
  3. Your hypothesis/ research questions: Because you’re a student researcher, to show you have sufficient knowledge about what you’re hypothesizing on, its expedient to back up your hypothesis with theories from existing literature. This shows your examiner you’re not just ‘making the hypothesis up’ and that you have a proper understanding of the work been done.
  4. Your critical & analytical ability of literatures: The examiner expects you to juxtapose your ideas with existing literature, think outside the box of exiting literature thus raising questions that links to your identified hypotheses.
  5. Your methodology (why and why not): The methods used to analyse your data is an exposure of the level of depth you have about your topic. You’re expected to use the most appropriate method that carefully explains your observations in your literature review as well as robustness issues. A good understanding of your required data helps in method selection.
  6. Your language and Presentation: Your examiner expects you to adhere to length requirements (e.g 3000words), appropriate use of academic convention (e.g Harvard style, etc), accurate spelling (take time to proof read) and use of appropriate but unambiguous words to express your ideas.
  7. Originality: If there’s one thing that cannot be overemphasized in research, it is the originality of your work. They want to see you introduce something new in your work. The person assessing you has read literatures of wide range so they can perceive easily when there is a repetition, repetition bores them.
  8. Result explanation and linkage to existing theories or literatures: Because all chapters of your work are interrelated and interdependent on each other, the examiner wants to see you demonstrate this by not analysing your data result in isolation. In other words, as you explain your result the examiner wants to see you refer to the theories and prominent literatures of your work as identified in the literature review. This makes your work easily understandable, ‘catchy’ and makes the examiner refer to the chapter the points were explained in detail (the marker thus maintain full concentration while assessing your work).
  9. Recommendation and conclusion: The examiner is looking out for reasonable conclusions not ‘abstract’ that adequately summarize your work with acknowledgment to limitations in the current analysis and ‘workable’ recommendations that incorporates the highlighted limitations as strengths.
  10. Bibliography & Appendix: Here, the marker is concerned with your arrangements, recent articles used (not just using articles from the 90s), top journals referenced (e.g Journal of Finance). Your consistency of format used is also of great consideration, more often there’s a standard format (e.g Harvard referencing style)

A quick grouping of the above headings into chapters they fall within a typical research content

Point 1: Abstract

Points 2 & 3: Introduction

Point 4: Literature review

Point 5: Methodology

Point 6 &7: Overall content

Point 8: Results

Point 9: Conclusion

Point 10: References

I sincerely hope this platform has been helpful in several ways. I look forward to your comments.

Till I come your way again,

Stay Winning,


The Education segment of the blog is one where you can find resources as a student/prospective one to help you succeed academically. Periodic posts would be published ranging from advice to questions and resources, all of which readily available to help you. I wish you all the best in your academic endeavours- Tosin Alabi( editor)



Hope your week started off well, I had an eventful weekend as usual. It was my friend Mimi’s bridal shower. If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen pictures/video snippets of the event (also attached at the base of this post).

We (friends of the bride) have been planning this shower since April and it brought so much joy to my heart that all went well. The entire event was a complete surprise to the bride.

We hired a limousine to take all the girls to her house and pick her up to the venue. She was pleasantly shocked. Her Fiancé had told her to get dressed for an event at church but unknowing to her it was her bridal shower.

She changed into a party dress and we gave her the props before whisking her away to the venue at V.I. It was a lounge setting and the decor was angel themed.


I had totally forgotten I had my camera in my car at the start of the event but I got some pictures with my phone and camera later on.

It was super fun. We played games like

– How well do you know the bride i.e. 15 questions about Mimi.

– And a game called A-Z of weddings. e.g. A: Asoebi B: Bride C: cake all the way to Z.  I won that game, the only alphabet I didn’t know pertaining to a wedding was ‘X’. I received a nail file and buffer for my win. DSC_0613

All together we were about 15 girls. All dressed in white with Glitter halos and Wands. The bride wore a pink dress.

The event planner/MC hired for the shower was also fun, her name is MOE, she taught us a lot, bedroom tips e.t.c…. which I can’t really share here *covers face*.

Anyway there were lots to eat! Candy, desserts, rice , small chops, protein platters and more. We danced the night away.

At the end of the night we gifted the bride a lingerie set and books from the group as a whole. It was worth all the months of planning. DSC_0600


@solaolofin @_yewannie @jemiereku #barbieBobo2015

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#barbieBobo2015 #redCarpet#angelTheme @jemiereku

A video posted by Tosin Alabi (@lynnjaphet) on



Hope your weekend was awesome,

I’m so excited about this coming week, lots of activities……

feel free to drop comments or ask questions, I’d love to hear from you…




  Here’s an outfit I wore the other day to  a meeting. It was about to rain so I thought to take photos before it poured.

I wore nude makeup to compliment my outfit. Not bad for a nude makeup novice ^.^ .

I converted a necklace into the chains on my pants. I didn’t want the top part of my face/outfit busy, hence the improvisation.         IMG_7785


Hope your day is going well….



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