Happy Thursday!

Last week Thursday was a busy day! I had so many errands to accomplish including attending this event. i.e. the Black Up Beauty Master Class. It was an event that I had been invited 2weeks ago by the PR company who organized it.

The event held at Federal Palace Hotel and Casinos Victoria Island Lagos.

The instructor for the day was David Corason-Beaudu a french makeup expert for the brand Black Up.

I have heard about the brand Black Up before and people raved about their products, so I was delighted when I got the invite. Prior to this I had been to their store but the prices were a bit on the high end so I just didn’t bother.davidd

The event was stated to start at 4pm with a cocktail, but I got there 6:01 and they had not started. I met a few familiar faces at the lobby so I settled right in. Laila of Leylarh Cadne and Deola of Omoge Mura were there to keep me company and we had a blast chatting…


L-R: Oma, Laila, Yemisi, Me and Deola

About 15mins later the event started with an exhibit of some of David’s work on models. This part I really liked. I thought it was creative they used the models as Mannequins and they actually stood still all through the showcase. There were five types of looksBlack up 2

My favorite was the model with the Yellow Head gear there the atilogwu inspired look in the middle.img_7838img_7837

We then moved into the conference room, where we were educated about the brand and products via a slide show. David called up his muse for the night “Jane Michael” who had this thread hairstyle that absolutely inspired me. He gave a fast beat that matched her ankara dress.

While this was going on, samples of their products(Primer, brush, beauty blender and palettes) were passed around, I particularly loved their Kabuki brush and Gold eyeshadow palette. The brush was so soft while the eyeshadow was very pigmented.

black up 4black up 6

It was a good networking and learning event, I met new people like Yemisi of Nsure beauty studio, Sam Of Style Vitae, Jane Michael, and Joyce of Joyce Jacob up 9

We had finger food platters and soft drinks. I had the mini burgers and Suya Kebab which was Yummy….

Afterwards, we were given gift bags and had a photo session….black up 3

It was a lovely event all together. I’m yet to properly go through my gift bag, but you’d find out in my subsequent post.

Do tell me which was your favorite look and what you think of Black Up cosmetics….

I’d love to hear your thoughts.




7 USEFUL-2Hello!

Remember I started a blog series where I share useful tips and information for fellow bloggers. Check my previous posts HERE. Today, I’d be discussing gadgets and devices that have made my blogging life easier. All are affordable and I’ve added direct links for purchase.

1. Chromecast: This acts like a transmitter from your laptop to other screens. A traditional form of this is an HDMI cable. I bought this from Currys but hardly use it since I’m in Nigeria, however it’s so useful when I’m abroad with efficient and cheaper internet services. It’s very handy  if you spend lots of time streaming videos and working online. BUY THE NEWER MODEL HERE

2. Tripod : The DIY photography tool. Anytime I have no one around to help with a photo I simply set up my Tripod at my location and shoot my photos myself. For Video bloggers this is a must have, no need to set your camera on tables or shelves, just mount it on the tripod and press record. Which leads me to the next gadget. BUY TRIPOD HERE

3. Remote control : This is cheap and equally functional, instead of setting up a timer and going back and forth for each shot, I simply hide this stylishly in my palm while I click and pose for my photos. BUY HERE HERE 

4. iPhone case charger: if you’re not into power packs and always seem to forget them at home, this is a great buy. I was gifted this by my friend Sisi Ope. It’s very useful when I go out or I’m out of power. I charge it through the night and use it during the day. It lasts for about 3-4hours depending on usage. BUY HERE 

5. Windscreen phone mount: Awesome for video bloggers. Getting this totally was worth it. Ideal for google maps, FaceTime calls on the go, or my periscope broadcasts.  Affordable, sturdy and easy to use. BUY HERE

6. SD card USB reader : This is another great device, I particularly like this because my SD card port on my laptop got bad and I couldn’t transfer videos easily. I found this and all my problems were solved. This is also great for people with multiple memory cards who want to edit materials from both cards. You can slot one in your computer port and the other card in this USB reader. It saves time and makes life easy. BUY HERE

7. Mobile internet router: I made the mistake of buying a table top router which only works when charged. I was told it’d last for at least 4 hours without electricity, but that happened for only a few months. It suddenly stopped holding up. Getting this instead would have been ideal. This is much smaller, discreet and has a good battery life. If you work on the move like me with your laptop, phone  or tablet then this is great buy. Ask your Internet service provider for availability 
That’s all!

Do drop a comment below and let me know which of these you use or would be willing to purchase. I’d love to know



P.S. I’m finally planning a Blog meet up in Lagos soon, For a few blog readers in a serene environment, maximum of 30 people. We’d gist, share personal development stories, play Games, take photos, network and eat! To this note we’d need a venue, Finger foods, desserts and freebies for our gift bags. Brands and persons interested in sponsoring/supporting this event are welcome. Thank you in advance

Kindly mail me at 



BEAUTY-3 1.Everyone should be an Accountant: If there’s one thing my father has taught me its financial Excellence. Since I was little, I see my dad on his computer every evening entering his expenditure for the day. If he withdraws from the cash machine  he inputs it on his extensive excel sheet. The entry usually looks like this ” Cash Withdrawal N10,000, Ikota ATM”.  I used to find it hilarious and unnecessary till I realized it’s an attribute for financially excellent people. In fact even all the family holidays are documented.  My Father can provide all the expenses from all the trips in seconds. He has a sheet titled “Family Vacation”. In that document there are things like “Newark 2010″- Feeding, amusement ride, Shopping” etc.   Tracking your daily income and expenditure makes you more aware and sensitive to your finances. It allows you to note your spending habits, your saving culture and how you can be more prudent with your money. More so, it allows you to plan accurately for your responsibilities. Tuition, Tithes, bills and other recurring expenses will become staple in your books. If you’re someone who would like to create a budget this would also help you have a clear picture of how to draw up an accurate on. Read More



Here’s a new video I made over the weekend. Here I talk about different types of maturity and how it can be beneficial to you. 

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Hi guys, Hope your week is going well….A few days ago I got some questions on Twitter and Facebook and I decided to answer them. They are 30 questions ranging from hair to fashion to business, faith and tooth paste LOL. I had fun answering them and making this video. Kindly watch in HD and full screen for premium quality. 

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img_73961. Cantu Hydrating Cream conditioner for Natural hair: I love love this product! It gives my hair amazing slip and wakes up my curls. It’s very moisturizing too. I use it right after I’m done shampooing and it’s just lovely. I use it to detangle and add my deep conditioner to retain moisture. I leave this product on for a few minutes and rinse it out with cool water. The smell is great and is worth every penny!DSC_2034

2. Curl Care Rehydrating shampoo: This shampoo doesn’t lather as much as I’d like, and neither does it soften my hair, but I think its more of a cleansing shampoo. It’s free of sulfates and parabens and even though I’m not rigid with ingredients I’d use whatever works. When I was done washing, my scalp felt clean and had a tingling feeling. It’s fragrance is some sort of berry and mint.DSC_2050

3. NGT Tea tree anti-dandruff scalp protector: I’ve been using this product for a few days now and I actually like it, it has a menthol feel and is supposed to get rid of scalp flakes while preventing/clearing dandruff. I don’t suffer from dandruff anymore but my scalp gets  itchy, this is why I can’t keep a hairstyle for more than two weeks without washing. I think this product has been helping so far.DSC_2045

4. VO5 Texture rework putty: This is one of those products I have a love and hate relationship with. Some days its just bleh while some days I absolutely love the effect on my hair. I use this for my edges when I’m wearing a Kinky curly wig like in my previous post. For some reason it makes my curls more defined with a light hold so it blends well with the extensions. This is my second container so it must be doing something right.DSC_2039

5. Curl stretch: Oh I’ve been loving this! I bought this from Hair Majesty shop Yaba. I use this as a moisturizer before styling my bun. It helps my hair to be more manageable and it blends well with my other products. It has a watery custard like consistency.DSC_2062

6. Cyndy Crystal Hair Booster: This product is supposed to aid growth, I bought it simply because my friend was raving about it. Apparently its made of herbal roots and is an indigenous product. It also has that menthol effect, but very strong. The smell is so potent and not the most pleasant, but I really like the tingly feeling on my scalp. I apply it nightly every other day.DSC_2067

7. Moco de gorila snot Gel: This is the almighty gel for naturals, its so popular within the natural hair community and I don’t know why I’ve been sleeping on it. I got this from America about a month ago and I’ve been loving it. I use it  to style my bun instead of my eco styler. They produce almost the same results but this one lasts longer with a stronger hold, and a little goes a long way. It has an evo-stik glue consistency and comes in a huge bottle that would probably last me all year.DSC_2052

8. Cantu Co-wash: This product is just like any conditioner but can be used alone without shampoo. It actually removes scalp build up well without stripping the hair dry. Its moisturizing and smells good too. Go Cantu!DSC_2055

So tell me, which of these products have you used? or would you like to try? I’d love to hear from you.



Where to purchase items mentioned:

Products 1,2,3,7,8 can be purchased from Naija Naturals .

Products 5 & 6 can be gotten from Hair majesty beauty store Yaba.





Today I’m wearing: “Dress: Pied A Terre: house of Fraser || Belt: NewLook|| watch: Rovite || Mules: Boohoo|| Hair: Raefran Hair UK


I love Sundays…. Especially because I get to to go church, visit my friends, take blog photos, eat out and rest………..I always look forward to it.

So tell me! what do you do on Sundays?

*OOTD: outfit of the day

PhotoCredit: Alese Wura

Have a productive week ahead.



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img_8941-copy1Hello there!

Happy new year to all the readers of this segment. I salute you all, may this year bring us the best of the bests of God’s blessings, may our lives express the beauty of God every day and may the works of our hands propser.

A wise man said you never recover from a good start. The winner of a relay race is greatly a function of the person that carried the ‘first leg’. Why wait to the middle of the year to set goals and decide how the year would be when we can decide now and get better results.

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HEADER-for-Kids-RockEvery parent wants their kids to be comfortable while learning at school. While getting an A+ is every parent’s ultimate dream, and studying hard is the way to achieve that, it helps kids to learn better when they feel great in what they wear. Most kids aren’t aware of fashion until they are older, so it is the parent’s job to help them with what to wear every day.


First, it’s probably best to seek out some great looking jeans for your child. You can combine a lot of clothing just by having several pairs of denim jeans in your kid’s closet. Make sure to have some colored ones – not just the usual staple stonewashed blue jeans.

568350171_382 Read More


I looked online and there were not many videos on how to put a transparent photo watermark at the base of all your videos. Here’s what I mean below.

Notice there’s a little photo of me at the base of the video. This runs across all your content and you can choose the start time.Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.59.09 AM

I figured it out somehow and thought to share. It simply helps to protect your content and is a branding effort for your Youtube channel. Yours can be a picture, logo or just your channel name. This tutorial works for either of them.

Do watch, learn, like and share. Watch in HD for premium quality.

Website used: (NOT SPONSORED)

Enjoy your day,




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