DSC_0008  Hello! the weather has been so lovely out here, and almost getting quite hot! I was ranting earlier today on how I needed suggestions on a good sunscreen for dark skin (please if you have a brand you’ve tried & tested kindly let me know). My outfit today was casual, and I wore jeans which I haven’t worn in a while… My top had an exposed back, but thank God for designers who produce creative under-wears. (If curious, I’m wearing a bra with a clear strap, and you can buy one  here , Debenhams or at Victoria Secret). I also filmed a “Get ready with me” video on my look/makeup, 3minutes long. Watch & Enjoy.

Top: Floock

Jeans: New Look

Bag: Prada

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IMG_7812 2YES! I intended to confuse you! I’m NOT getting married lol, but apparently my  “look-alikes” are this weekend!! First lets discuss the couple on the right!

Sisi yemmie & Bobo! I first met Sisi yemmie via a comment someone dropped on my blog, telling me to check her out, the commenter felt there was a resemblance. At first I was like “here we go again”! But on checking out her blog ( I totally forgot why I was there, I loved her personality instantly! I reached out to her and we became virtual friends, its been a while now and honestly all I have is pure love for Sisi Yemmie. She’s been a big sister, blog mentor and very helpful in ways I can’t mention. Anytime I message her with a question, problem or enquiry she’s swift to reply and advice. I really wish I was in Nigeria to attend her wedding, my GELE would have been the tallest. I have been following her and Bobo’s story for quite a while, from her youtube videos, relationship tips and also till when they won my big nigerian wedding contest. This year has been a wonderful year for her career wise and I’m grateful to God that her personal life is also flourishing, and moving to its #permanentsite lol in her words……I’m so happy for her! words can’t express!

Adanna & David: couple on the Left , I first heard about the couple via one of my youtube stalking nights and they made me laugh so much, I subscribed to their channel, although then I didn’t see any resemblance. Fast forward, months later people started tagging me randomly on their instagram videos saying ‘ Tosin she reminds me of you”, ” Tosin see your look alike” etc. I then checked them out and followed, I still didn’t agree to the resemblance lol.  However, I recently posted this picture of them below on my Instagram page and the comments I got were hilarious! see for yourself!


IMG_4555 IMG_7276

I was then a bit convinced that maybe there was a resemblance. But do you think so? I’d really like to know! please drop a comment ^.^

I’m truly happy for both couples and I pray God blesses their home with his pure love and happiness!  I pray to celebrate more friends, family and blog readers IJN!



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This is a simple Green-fruit smoothie I filmed for you lovelies! I am on this 30day smoothie plan by @simplegreensmoothies on Instagram. Thanks to my friend Roseline for letting me in on it! They make amazing healthy and easy smoothies. I love smoothies but finding new recipes is the challenge, But now thanks to them I can now make loads of it!

This recipe is a bit different from what i’m used to.  i.e it includes Spinach, but trust me I couldn’t even taste it in the mix when I was done. It tasted great! and its very filling. Great breakfast choice. All ingredients used below

KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY(Choose 1080hd on the settings tab at the base of this video)


Two Bananas

A cup of Spinach

A cup of Cherries(Seedless)

A cup on diced pineapple

Almond milk (if preferred)

Sugar free fruit juice of your choice.

Blend all together.

preparation time : 2minutes



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Hello people!

How I love it when fellow bloggers tag me in posts, I feel very special lol! Thank you …..

Today I’d be doing a Blog tour! I was tagged by the beautiful and extremely witty Dewunmi of Koolstory Blog, She’s a fictional christian writer. Her blog is such a breath of fresh air, scented with intelligence and sheer wisdom….(permit all my flattery, she’s actually also my family friend, T.M.I ‘we attended the same primary school & university, and our mums are close friends’ ^.^ lol so you understand all the love now).  lets get right into the ‘Blog tour’

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Happy Sunday,

Hope you’re doing well and your day is going great! Here’s just a simple OOTD from today.

If you follow my blog, you’d know I don’t experiment when it comes to clothing, hence all my clothes are usually the same style i.e knee length dresses/blazer/pants/flared skirts…….I try to be stylish but edgy is not my thing, I hope I don’t bore you all with my choice of clothing lol cheers!

Dress: AX PARIS(size 8)  BUY HERE


Hair:  HERE

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Hello all!,

I filmed this video for all those who have natural hair but want to wear weave without the frizzed up look. This video is basically showing how I straighten, curl and install (PLUS BLOOPERS). Watch, comment and share ^.^

Kindly watch in 720/1020HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY(click the settings tab at the base of the video)

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