Hi guys!

I’m back! but to think of it, I didn’t really go anywhere, I’m done with all forms of work for the year and I’m beyond excited! Today I had an exam and all I can just say is “Thank you God”.

Hope you all are getting ready for the weekend and the festive season. I love Christmas so much, and I’m excited about all the activities that comes with it. Today I decided to wear white denim but toned it down with a darker color because the White was so “WHITE”. Besides, White and Black are my favorite colors, Hence I exploit any opportunity to wear them.

GET THE LOOK:  White Jeans, Black Chiffon top, Black Blazer, Black flats, Black wedges, Bag:Mischa Barton.

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Hello all!
I’m so excited about this company because I’ve never heard or seen this kind of concept as an official brand.
So let me tell you about Jand2Gidi!
For my Nigerian readers you know we have coined the name “Jand” for the UK and “Gidi” for Lagos. Often, we want items from the UK, but can’t get it because we are busy or our friends and family can’t help in that regard. But worry no more!

Information below, but if you don’t like to read kindly watch video (Remember to watch in HD for best quality)

Jand2Gidi is a designated personal shopping company. They are here to bridge the gap. Quick and reliable courier services from UK) to your doorstep in Gidi (Lagos). Although Lagos is their main focus for now, they also serve routes outside Lagos.
So no more barrages of the question “Is any one coming from Jand??” on social media networks.

(Happy Jand2Gidi customer! Don’t you love how indigenous the brand is! I love their carrier bag too)

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VLOG: What is your god?

Hello people,

Here is a video I filmed over the weekend, Its a collaboration with my friend Dewunmi Adekanmbi of Kool story blog, she writes fictional stories but with a gospel message. 

Watch, share and also Read Dewunmi’s previous post on gods here.

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Hello! and Happy new month,

I’ve been really active with blogging lately (clap for me lol ), but i’m going on a hiatus soon, i.e for about 2-3 weeks I may not post anything, I have some obligations that would keep me rather occupied during that period, so I apologize in advance. This week has really been Good and God has been faithful, today was thanksgiving Sunday in church and also a very sunny day, I literally had to bow my head while walking, I promised myself I wouldn’t trust the weather forecasts any Read More



Hello guys,

I hardly post on Saturdays because that’s basically my only personal time during the week, but today was such a lovely day as I hung out with a couple of my closest friends here.  The weather was perfect and  the child in me came alive .

I realized that truly, laughter is the best medicine….

What I wore:

Marley inspired T-shirt (get similar here)

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Hi guys,

Hope you all are well? I finally filmed the lash tutorial video as requested by readers in my last Vlog, its 3minutes long, so please watch and subscribe.

missed the last post? read here 

WATCH IN HD: click settings tab at the base of the video and choose 720hd/1080hd

1.Apply adhesive on lash, blow air for 30secs till glue gets tacky.
2.Lift eyelid and place lash in the middle of your upper water line.
3. tap edges in place with tweezers.
4.Optional: Apply mascara.

Got questions, requests or comments? please leave a comment below.

have a blessed weekend,


DSC_0006 - Copy


Sure you all are well,  Its another Sunday and as usual I go to church, cook a large meal afterwards, and  blog while eating……(Isn’t life good).

Here’s today’s OOTD. The morning started off quite chilly so I had to wear a jacket over my dress, but everyday is a beautiful Read More

VLOG: Simple copper and Peach makeup+eyebrow tutorial

hi guys,

This is a simple eye makeup and brow tutorial, that you can wear on  a daily basis. I put this short video together based on request. product details below.

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eyes: sleek au naturelle palette, sleek contour kit(dark)

lip: sleek matte lipstick in papaya punch, lip shine gloss.

face: MAC NW45 and 46 powder, NW44 foundation.





Hi there,

So I have made it a habit to blog every other Sunday because its convenient  for me, and it also gives me something to blog on, plus  I noticed people prefer OOTD’S to random bants…..(as a blog reader myself I prefer OOTD’S when reading  fashion based blogs)

Today I wore this teal Green dress , and I really love this dress because of the length and fabric, its made of wool and cotton, hence the dress is quite warm and that’s perfect for this weather.  I paired it with black peep toes and Gold accessories.

Photo credits: My trusty Tripod and I.

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Hello guys,
I’ve been trying to be diligent with blogging, literally making a conscious effort to post as often as I can.
So today on my way back from church I saw this lovely car parked in front of my flat, I fell in love instantly and just had to take pictures with it (even though it was freezing cold lol) , besides it gave me something to blog about….. So here 🙂

What I wore :
Wet look faux leather Midi skirt:

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