This “hollywood style” dresser has been a hit in recent years……from makeup studios to salons and even bedrooms! Every one wants one. It’s such a great addition to any personal space.

It specifically provides lighting when getting dressed and serves as a good focal point for decor.

I mentioned in my last post that we recently moved house and I’ve been decorating.

We converted one of the rooms to my office/vanity room. There, I have my dresser, office desk, rail, documents, printer, filming equipment, shoes and basically 90% of all my belongings.

I created a wish list on amazon on the things I wanted for the room and surprisingly 4 of my awesome friends decided to pick up the tab as a wedding present! Shout out to Yejide, Ibidun, Consolata, and Vanessa B!

Vanessa purchased the Chende vanity hollywood style lighting kit for me. I was so happy when she sent me the order details, I couldn’t wait to set it up.

I always wanted the ready-made store bought vanity light dressers, i.e the ones that come with the fixtures and are inbuilt into the mirror. But when I went online, I was stunned, the width I wanted cost about £380 and there was no way I was going to spend that on a mirror, especially as the price doesn’t include a table/desk/dresser.


From lulla bellz, mirror and light £380

So I went to youtube and found may DIY options that look just as good! However many of the videos involved drilling, nailing, sawing and other carpentry processes I just wasn’t ready to undertake. Finally I found a video that was straight to the point and easy!

For a white vanity light dresser: You’d need:

  1. A white desk with drawers.
  2. A white large mirror
  3. Vanity lights that come with stickers.
  4. A white stool or Swivel chair
  5. Flat pillow to dress up your swivel chair (also great for long use)
  6. A hand that’s steady and good with assembling flat pack furnitures.
  7. Manual screwdriver/ Screwdriver drill  (I recommend a screwdriver drill! saves you time)


Total time. 1hour or more depending on your tools.

Where to purchase: (click name to purchase link)

  • White desk  (Gift from Ibidun) exact one I have is sold out in this colour. Try this
  • White swivel chair (Gift from Ibidun)
  • White mirror: Mine is the Ikea stave mirror that measures 70X70cm (no longer produced), but similar is the IKEA Nissedal mirror measures 65x65cm so slightly smaller.
  • Chende mirror light kit : Gift from Vanessa B.


  • Set up your desk, this took me the longest to set up as it came in pieces -flat pack. I had to take my time to follow the instructions carefully. Also it came with a screwdriver but I suggest using a screwdriver drill instead. Saves times and saves your palms from blisters. I chose a drawer with drawers and shelves because it gives more room for storage


  • Place your mirror On the desk. My desk top length is 120cm and mirror is 70CM So there’s room on both sides for makeup acrylic storage units.


  • Now gently unpack the Chende light kit


The Light kit comes with:

  • 10 adjustable wired LED bulbs- Bulb Watt: 3W per bulb, Bulb kelvin: 4000K ( daylight glow ), Total Length: 351.5cm minus adaptor and plug.
  • An adaptor
  • Extra sticker pads
  • A one-touch sensor switch- to on/off and dim.
  • Instruction manual


Since it was ordered from amazon, It came well packed in a brown amazon carton, inside was the white ‘Chende’ box, that contained the above.


Also Vanessa attached a lovely gift note to the package. 5

Once you open the box you see all the bulbs, wires, extra sticker pads manual and adaptor.6


Everything was good quality, sturdy and I had no issues with the hardware.


This was a little tricky for me, but I finally figured out how to place it easily.  So, I drew up a pictorial manual for you incase you purchase this.

  1. Take a ruler and measure how far apart you want each bulb on the mirror. Since there were only 10 bulbs and I had 4 sides, I figured there would be four on each side and 2 on top. Also, there are transparent wires attached to each bulb, to control length (of one bulb to another) you can simply roll back the excess wire into each bulb.  DIY VANITY LIGHT MIRRORED DRESSER (4)DIY VANITY LIGHT MIRRORED DRESSER (6).pngDSC_1849.JPGDSC_1847.JPG
  2. Peel of individual back tape only when you are sure of placement. However, if you make a mistake, simply wriggle the bulb with a little force and the adhesive will come off, and you can re-apply to the mirror. DIY VANITY LIGHT MIRRORED DRESSER (7)
  3. Start placing bulbs from the opposite side of where you want your adaptor plugged . i.e if your wall socket is on the Left, start placing bulbs from the right of the mirror (and vice versa). This helps as the last bulb (J) is attached to the adaptor, which would be plugged to the wall socket (see my manual below). DIY VANITY LIGHT MIRRORED DRESSER (5).pngDSC_1838DSC_1842
  4. When done, step back, look at alignment and adjust where need be.
  5. Plug adaptor into the wall and touch the sensor switch to light up.
  6. To dim light: Hold down the on/off button.DIY VANITY LIGHT MIRRORED DRESSER (3).png
  7. Place swivel chair in front of mirror, organise your makeup and its ready to use!DSC_1855DSC_1856


  • Lights are LED and are VERY BRIGHT! photos below do not do enough justice.
  • Price: Affordable (£31.99+ FREE shipping)
  • Very sturdy and well made.
  • Light is whitish-yellow so gives a good iridescent glow.
  • Lights are dimmable.


  • Honestly my only con are the wires in between the bulbs. They are a bit tricky to align and depending on preference may affect overall aesthetic. Though once you’re used to the mirror you barely notice them.

VERDICT: They are Excellent! I would buy them again if I had to. They are lovely and really changed how the room looks. They look way better in reality than in photos. I struggled to get angle.


With lights off


and thats it!

Do let me know your thoughts on this!

Would love to hear from you…




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