Have you ever walked into a bank  just admired the wall clock display showing about 6 different countries and their current time. I’ve always loved this idea and thought to implement it once I have time.

We recently moved to a new space and I was more excited about decorating than actually moving in. If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat (@Lynnjaphet) you’d have seen snippets of my DIY creations.

Today I’d be sharing this easy and affordable Time zone art with you! Costs me £5 in total!

You’d need

  • Three of the same wall clock 🕑🕑🕑
    (£1 each from @poundworld) with batteries.
  • 2 sheets of Alphabet stickers (£1 each from @poundworld) depends on the cities and words, needed lots of vowels so bought two packs.
  • Small Nails or command strips to hang up.
  •  Hammer
  •  A pencil
  •  A carpenters tape/ruler and a good sense of alignment lol 
  • DSC_1800DSC_1803DSC_1807DSC_1795

How to: 

  1. Choose your cities/ your time zones. I chose Lagos, Glasgow and New York.
  2. Mark “X” where you want your first clock to go up with a pencil. Use ruler to measure the distance between the first Clock to the next, also mark “X” for alignment.
  3.  Hammer in your nails on the three X spots/ use command strips.
  4.  Set time and place clocks. Adjust alignment if need be.
  5. Now use ruler to measure endbase of clock to where you want the words to be. (E.g 3inches distance ).
  6. Now place stickers carefully on a straight line, using the base of lettering as a guide.


And that’s all! ❤️❤️❤️ cheap, easy and looks interesting on our hall way……

Good reminder of home.

Do let me know if you’d be recreating this and would like to see more DIY projects.




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