dsc_1373I got three bundles of 18″ hair from St. Thames hair in January, I been wearing it since last month and thought tell you all  about it. I’ve curled, washed and rocked it enough to have full review! It came tightly curled like this …dsc_1375

but I combed it out by accident and the curl pattern loosened up a bit.

I took it to my wig guru McCarthy to make into a wig. My hair is natural so I decided to buy a closure. dsc_1380 The closure didn’t match but my stylist taught me how to thin-curl with a pencil. Basically you wrap some hair around a pencil and clamp your straightener for some seconds. It’s a DIY substitute for a thin barreled wand. 

This is how it looked initially on a wig, without being brushed/combed. Very bouncy. (Photo taken with a phone camera)

1. Texture: Very soft and lush.

2. Doesn’t shed one bit. Even when I washed it. (Though I was careful not to tug on the hair)

3. Excellent packaging.

4. Low lustre, but pretty.
5. For a wig, Medium maintenance, needs to be combed with a wide tooth comb. I mist it lightly with water then comb. However if you use a paddle brush like I first did, you’d disrupt the curl pattern. (Watch clip below to see how it looks on me now)

6. Curls reverted after wash, though not as tight as initial photo (should have rolled it to dry)
7. Gets prettier by the day, Received too many compliments.
8. Price point : Fair
9. Delivery: Nationwide.
10. Odour : Smells like regular hair.

Would I recommend? Absolutely!
Where to buy follow @st_thameshair on instagram , ,mail or call/whatsapp +2349077402356 to make enquiries, you won’t regret!

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